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Few tips for a cold weather photography
posted by risto40 - 20th of february, 2011
Here in Estonia, the hard winter usually arrives in February and may last a month or even longer. So is this year. Near the sea, the temperature is usually -25 to -30C at nights and -10 to -20C during daytime. On the other side of the... More...
No bridge necessary !
posted by kimson1972 - 7th of january, 2011
...the cold continue in north Europe and Scandinavia and the bridge between Zealand and Scania can perhaps having no use if this go on...!
Nearly 50 photos, but only 2 sales
posted by omine77 - 3rd of january, 2011
They are by now six months that public photographies on Dreamstime and, between high and low, nearly have arrived to the fatidical threshold of the 50 photographies. Unfortunately, although I receive appreciations for the photographies... More...
Camera protection in the cold winter weather
posted by dcwcreations - 3rd of january, 2011
Although summer offers rich colors and warm weather that makes taking outdoor photos a pleasure and can be done in comfort. In some areas of the world it comes to an end. The other extreme is Winter. We can hibernate in the... More...
Collections Contribution Request Part II
posted by elianehaykal - 10th of december, 2010
I'm again asking for your contributions to my following collections. Even if you don't have anything to contribute to these or to the ones mentioned in this past blog, you'll enjoy looking through them :)... More...
Getting started
posted by dgphotographic - 9th of december, 2010
Hi ! My first blog entry.........I'm still in the shallow end of "Stock Photography" although I have been photographing things for over 40 years there is still a lot to learn when it comes to selling images. It has been a quiet week... More...
Gold Market!
posted by mani33 - 30th of november, 2010
Just thought of sharing this image in use... Decorating the front of a small shop in one street of Lisbon for Gold and buying values... Click here to see the final results... Of course with all the shop info removed! Hope... More...
My first sale on Dreamstime :-)
posted by natal8 - 11th of november, 2010
Suddenly I realized that it had sold for the first time an image on Dreamstime I am happy :-D
You Don’t Have to Break the Bank
posted by adeliepenguin - 6th of november, 2010
You don’t necessarily have to “break the bank” to buy good photographic equipment. I bought my camera used (on-line), and did very well in my pricing. I shoot a Nikon D300. I bought my favorite Nikkor lenses “new” 10-... More...
Car boot sale and photography.
posted by davidwatmough - 18th of october, 2010
Readers will think there is little connection between the car boot and photography but let me try to persuade you otherwise. There is a car boot sale every Sunday morning in our local football stadium often with 100 sellers offering... More...
posted by miluxian - 2nd of october, 2010
This is my 2000th picture sold on DT! Took me almost two years since I have opened my account here, but worth it. I've been away for a while, focused on my new job and my new house in a new city, and I was surprised to see how... More...
posted by dmitrytsvetkov - 28th of september, 2010
I can't understand what is happining, all my last sales are na. why it is so?) Only one sale this month was searched with keywords and it was on 1st of September) Another strange thing is thst not only new files or editorial photos... More...
First 100 sold !
posted by archangel72 - 24th of september, 2010
Yes, my first achievement in "only" 9 months on Dreamstime. Well, it could be definitely better, but for now, and with my present humble equipment I am satisfied. The result will be improved next year with my next camera purchase.... More...
My bestseller
posted by shopartgallerycom - 20th of september, 2010
My bestseller is a picture of Rome: Has 9 sales with 65 views. Another one sale and reaches the third level. But today I had an wonderful surprise with another picture of Rome, uploaded one week ago . Had two sales of it today with... More...
New achievement-3000 sold files
posted by justmeyo - 10th of september, 2010
Few minutes ago i just sold this photo and my total sales are 3000 now. I am truly happy to know 3000 of my photos purchased from Dreamstime were used or are in use somewhere and gladly to find periodically my photos in use.... More...
The Centurion
posted by laffin - 6th of september, 2010
I have reached a big milestone for myself. I just sold my 100th image. I would like to celebrate by sharing with you some of the things I have learned while reaching this milestone. 1) Upload, upload, upload. When people post... More...
Interesting Facts About Moon Photography
posted by noonie - 31st of august, 2010
Interesting article by Randy Miller from the Old Farmer's Almanac: One-hundred-fifty years ago, on the night of September 1, 1849, the nearly full Moon appeared over the town of Canandaigua, New York. At 10:30 P.M., Samuel... More...
Golden Badge
posted by smartview27 - 18th of august, 2010
I love playing games on Dreamstime! Stock Rank. It’s so challenging and so relaxing! Choosing images, evaluating photos and illustrations in a few seconds... Today I thought: I only wish to be able to play at least... More...
Dreamstime helps
posted by yuritz - 5th of august, 2010
I started my journey here around an year ago,got to upload few pics and even to sell quite good thinking I'm a newbie,not only on this kind of world,but even on photography. Enjoyed my time here,understood some rights,but know that... More...
Church Of Densus
posted by manearaluca - 4th of august, 2010
Church of Densus a city in the country Hateg is located at a few kilometers of Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetusa and still keep secrets.. so that no one can say with certainty when it was built. Certainly 1 thing: this is currently the... More...
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