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Unbelievable - photo made with smartphone on stock assignment!
posted by alvera - 20th of november, 2012
Four years ago, when I start uploading stock photos, I upgraded my Panasonic bridge camera to a dslr, special for this kind of photography. I would not believe that, four years later, I have one photo made with a phone, in assignment!... More...
One view one sale, you never know
posted by jackbluee - 15th of november, 2012
I found an old picture of waterfall and submitted it. Buyer downloaded it at first sight in a few days. You really don't know what is going to sell and how long it would take. Just submit everything you have and.. that is it! Here is... More...
Milestone - 1st $100!
posted by mangalika - 6th of november, 2012
Feels great to see today's stat! I was waiting for this eagerly... 77 downloads out of 160 files and the latest download giving me my 1st 100th :) After I started in last year Feb I was not following DT as initially the stat... More...
Dreamstime goes mobile
posted by costa007 - 5th of november, 2012
Despite our diversity, most of us have a lot in common. I'll only close in on two aspects: we love mobile phones and we love the Internet. We also like sharing our experiences and see other people doing that as well. That's Social Media.... More...
posted by toynutz - 23rd of october, 2012
Whether they generate fear or fascination, bees are crucial to the survival of everything. Without their function as pollinators, plants would not propagate, and we would not have fruits and vegetables - or anything else, for that matter... More...
500th sale
posted by libux77 - 19th of october, 2012
Finally I made the 500th sale: It has not been a walk in the park. Nonetheless I feel like I still have to begin. My latest uploads seem to be close to this business....I have lots of expectatios on them. Looking back I realized... More...
Transfer earning from my DT to account in Bank of China by Moneybooker
posted by zhuanghua - 13th of october, 2012
In 2years, I've earned about 500 dollar in DT, this time I transfer it to my account in Bank of China. This is the second time after I transfered it 2 years ago. The time and action as follows: 10/09/2012 DT to MB 10/10/2012 MB receive... More...
Milestone - 800 sales !
posted by tmarchev - 11th of october, 2012
Today I made the 800th sale and Total revenue: $1,761.15$... I want to thanks to Dreamstime and all buyers. Dreamstime helped me to buy the new Intel i7 3770 processor and a bunch of other things that I need to grow in the future.... More...
Milestone - 50 credits for one sale!
posted by friday123 - 10th of october, 2012
My best sale on Dreamstime in my life! Today I sold this photo (from my holiday in Croatia) for 50 credits! Sometimes simple composition and nice light makes miracles. I am very happy and... More...
College Life Donations!
posted by krazykushonfire - 5th of october, 2012
100+ uploads
posted by candleblood - 30th of september, 2012
Finally, after about 5 months of having 99 uploads (I was forced to take a stock-break), I crossed the magical number 100. Not a big thing actually but seeing 103 instead of annoying 99 makes me happy - very happy. :D More...
1000 Dollars Milestone
posted by arim44 - 28th of september, 2012
Hi Everyone! I would like to share with you a big milestone of 1000$ revenue. I never thought that I'll go so far and earn 1000 dollars from photography. I'm an amateur photographer that joined DT in 2009. I learned a lot through... More...
2000 pictures! wow
posted by noamfein - 27th of september, 2012
I have reached 2000 pictures, wow. I started few years ago and it was just a hobby (and still is), and I never thought I would reach 2000 pictures. This site is great and every time I sell a picture, even for very little money -... More...
My first "salary" from DT
posted by peppenero - 25th of september, 2012
Hello! Let the numbers speak: I am here from 2009. I reached the first 50 accepted pics in 2012 March. (I was a bit lazy to upload more..) I went exclusive and more active. I had 2 P-El sale in the end of march I got 46 dollars... More...
My 200th Download
posted by solidsdman - 23rd of september, 2012
I'm so happy that this is my 200th download. The model and I had so much fun during this photo shoot. We laughed till we cried.
It's the economy stupid!
posted by peanutroaster - 19th of september, 2012
I made these images with the U.S. election season in mind and the state of the struggling economy. Whether you're skiddish about the stock market, investments or your retirement account or if you're a fat cat with money stored in... More...
3000 Sales
posted by bcritchley - 15th of september, 2012
After joining in 2009, started uploading in April 2010 I have now just hit 3000 sales. A big thanks to all the buyers and DT for the platform on which we all showcase our work.
3 milestones for 2 weeks
posted by igordabari - 2nd of september, 2012
I passed three important milestones for last 2 weeks: 1) 2000th $ in my pocket coming from DT (August 22nd). 2) 1000th day with DT (August 24th). 3) 1000th sale (2nd Sept, right away). Is not it a good chance to say me: "Great,... More...
$100 in one year
posted by flyingdolphin - 1st of september, 2012
I have just requested my first payout, when this one sold, after exactly one year. I never thought it would happen when I started, but it was quicker than I thought. I know it cant compare with most, but I am pleased. More...
At last... 50th image is up!
posted by acosmin - 28th of august, 2012
After almost a year of inactivity and driven by a few sales I decided to start uploading new images on Dreamstime. This month i doubled my portfolio and eventually reached image no 50 but I'm still wondering should I become a Dreamstime... More...
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