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211 images online
posted by montylola - 24th of august, 2012
Wow! this is great I now have over 200 images online. Here are a couple from my latest approved batch. And yes I am concentrating on my locale, the Opera house plays a big part. And a little InfraRed More...
Free Gift for Y'all, Dreamstimers!
posted by elimitchell - 23rd of december, 2011
Hey, Dreamstimers! In the giving spirit of Christmas, I have a free gift to give away that all of you will enjoy. Over this past week, I've spent many hours programming an extension for Opera Web Browser. Now it's done. It's hot off... More...
4 sales of my operating room series!
posted by malajscy - 17th of may, 2011
I'm new here and I'm very glad to see 4 downloads of pictures from my operating room series. It's encouraging to keep uploading.
Chinese traditional drama, part one: Beijing(Peking) Opera
posted by photoexpress - 23rd of february, 2011
Beijing(Peking) Opera, also called Pihuang, originated of two basic tones of Xipi and Erhuang from Anhui province, and some other local tones from elsewhere in China. Peijing Opera appeared in circa 1790 in Beijing, it reached the summit... More...
Bright Sky in Sydney
posted by madajimmy - 28th of july, 2010
I was lucky enough to visit Sydney when the weather is very good, couple of weeks ago. There are no clouds at all over the city of Sydney during this winter. The blue sky is always interesting to be photographed and I am glad that... More...
Bad few weeks, but on the up.
posted by chunshine - 7th of may, 2010
As some of you will know I have been recorvering from an operation and have been totaly out of the photography arena for a couple of months. Good news is I am finaly on the mend and should be able to get hold... More...
What do you do when you can't operate a camera?
posted by chunshine - 22nd of march, 2010
I am recovering from an operation on my right shoulder and can't even operate a kettle let alone a camera! I am 1 week into an eight week stint in a sling and then another 10 months of physio to get me back to as normal as possible,... More...
Canon features
posted by bradcalkins - 19th of october, 2009
I suspect that almost everyone who is serious about photography has had to decide among the major brands. Whether you ended up with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus or another brand (I'm talking DSLRs here) you probably entertained... More...
A quick one, need your help.
posted by creativei - 24th of september, 2009
I have a question, I was with my photographer friend today, discussing about Operating System, He is Pro Mac & I'm Pro Windows, but I do work around 10 hours a day on my Mac, but windows is cool man.......... (what's ur fav OS) Well... More...
The knowledge of Beijing Opera facial makeup (One)
posted by pyfriend - 14th of march, 2009
Drama mask in my photos is one kind of multicolored makeups for actors in the Chinese traditional dramas. This facial makeup is used for the roles namely "Jing" and "Chou". They have different and special formats in patterning,... More...
Security warning for Opera users !
posted by rallek - 6th of march, 2009
Although most of us use Firefox or Internet Explorer there are some people using the Opera browser for their daily work. Enough for me to give a little advice. Regarding versions prior 9.64 Opera is prone to several vulnerabilities:... More...
Operation Photo Day
posted by ladykassie - 11th of july, 2008
It's 3:30 in the morning.. my mind thinks so much. I got the tail end of the Glenn Beck show last night and Ben Stein started to talk about his best friends, he did name a couple of names.. but then he stated that his real best... More...
Sichuan Opera
posted by fenghui - 4th of april, 2008
China has an abundance of 1300 local operas.Sichuan opera is one of Chinese oldest local operas and is popular in Sichuan.It is the most sigificant and most interesting opera form from Southwest of China. As a stage entertainment... More...
National Centre for the Performing Arts
posted by sunmdm - 3rd of april, 2008
The National Centre for the Performing Arts,formerly known as National Grand Theatre ,and colloquially described as The Egg,is an opera house in Beijing,China.The Centre,an ellipsoid dome of titanium and glass surrounded by an artificial... More...
Monkey King
posted by shupian - 24th of february, 2008
Monkey King: Fahao Freelander is the major disciples Tang Seng, 72, will change the clouds. A pair of eyes that can see through Jiaomoguiguai camouflage tricks, a Jinzhu up thousands of miles apart can be used weapons wishful Jingubang... More...
Homage to Pavarotti
posted by hosae - 10th of september, 2007
I would like to take this space to pay Homage to Luciano Pavarotti. The man who brought opera to the masses. Only once in a while such great artist are born, people whose art goes out to touch lives. Though I never understood the... More...
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