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My diligence have crowned success!
posted by rybalov77 - 26th of october, 2013
Earlier I have heard from many about scarcity of my portfolio therefore has gone to vacation to work above these lacks. And here finally I can share with you the first good results with me who though can that and will disagree, but... More...
My website
posted by angelaravaioli - 17th of july, 2013
Hi all, for about a month I made my website with those pics that normally microstock sites for good commercial reasons do not accept but that to us that we like and we fans, this is the link http://angelaravaioli.jimdo.com/ for anyone... More...
First model shoot!
posted by matthiase - 7th of june, 2013
My first model shoot images accepted and are now up and ready in my portfolio. This was my first shoot ever with a model intended for my stock business. I hope they gonna sell well, and im thinking of taking a lot of image with this... More...
Filtering: how much is too much?
posted by marceladmiraal - 2nd of march, 2013
Hey everybody, recently I uploaded this image which is one of my favourites of my recent shoot. It is the Capelo do Ferrel in Portugal (image ID 29327797). I added a slight filter on it to bring out the white of the walls and the... More...
Why do you travel ?
posted by hellen8 - 9th of january, 2013
What is the purpose of your trip abroad? Why do not like leaving your house? Are you afraid of the unknown? Share with us your thoughts on Dreamstime ... When I was small my father used to say: "Do not be afraid of anything... More...
Second opinion
posted by yoavsinai - 7th of september, 2012
Usually I accept rejections without a word and only learning from them for the next time. But one rejection I couldn't accept and send a message to the editors "photo was rejected for "Image is out of focus or too much of the subject... More...
The best camera
posted by georgecy - 17th of july, 2012
Sometimes people ask me about which camera I think is the best (No, i'm not an expert). Well, the way I see it, there is really no such thing. Yes, there are cameras that can put out good or bad images, but that is in image quality... More...
posted by gong777 - 12th of march, 2012
Hi! im a beginner here -i have very little portfolio and i wanted to know opinions of all types! please! give a mark from 1 to 10!Despite it FORMAT! Write on comment board!
New and confuse
posted by erogers30 - 5th of february, 2012
hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm quiet confuse about the license aggreement in the management area. Need some suggestion which one do I really need to choose. The following options are: ( ) Web Usage (E-EL) ( ) Print Usage... More...
Neirfy, winner of the musical contest, portfolio analysis
posted by nikitu - 7th of october, 2011
Neirfy, won our musical contest so now it is time for her prize to take form. We’re sitting at the imaginary round table, us Dreamstime Editors, our eyes transfixed on computer screens displaying an user portfolio. “- This... More...
A question re content...need your opinion please.
posted by laqhill - 30th of july, 2011
I have a question to anyone who has an opinion please. Out of my 162 uploads, only 44 of them DON'T have people in them. (they all have model releases attached). How are people pictures selling, or should I add more diversity of... More...
Two weeks already
posted by digikhmer - 7th of may, 2011
My experience of contributor has only two weeks’ time. In this short period, I submitted 41 accepted pictures, 14 rejected, 9 pending by today and no sale yet. I learned from the rejection of what DT wanted as pictures and what... More...
Do you use content filter?
posted by sarkao - 21st of april, 2011
I noticed existence of dreamstime content filtr before few weeks, when I began to upload some nude pictures and pictures from Amsterdam streets. I am not puritanical or religious, I draw naked peole at school, I take nude photos... More...
New Image Search in Google
posted by charlydamart - 23rd of july, 2010
Hi to all! Have you seen the new apparence of Images Search on Google? I think it is much better than before. You can ask just for type of image (photographies, illustration, etc). Give here your opinion!... More...
Presentation on DT
posted by mariaam - 31st of may, 2010
In my opinion a good presentation on DT is very important! I was dissatisfied with mine and made some changes on my DT start page: I added more information, changed the colors of the collections, dropped unnecessary text and, the... More...
Rejected image
posted by bobsphotography - 16th of april, 2010
I wrote a blog about a practise that is not good to do. I am not going to explane what I did, but I will tell you what you must do when a picture is rejected and you think it does belong to your portfolio. You must ask the editors... More...
100th Sale. Some opinions about DT.
posted by angelsimon - 15th of april, 2010
Well, I'd like to share with you my great joy: today I had my 100th sale. This is the photo: It is time for a little balance. I'm in DT for three months, I have a portfolio of 527 images, and a radius of acceptance of 62.4% due... More...
isolated on "BLACK" ?
posted by zenpix - 6th of april, 2010
What do you guys think of photos/objects isolated over a black background. I have a good amt of isolated on white but none on black, until now. What im wondering is it better ~ the same ~ or worse to isolate on black? . . . or... More...
Decline of sells
posted by cristalloid - 15th of march, 2010
Recently I realized that on the beginning of any given month many sells happen, and in the second half of the same month sells decline nearly to nill. I wonder if this is your experience too?! More...
march 2009- march 2010
posted by card76 - 10th of march, 2010
Hi to everybody In march 2009 I sold my first image on dreamstime After one year, yesterday I sold my 200th picture! Sure, one year ago, when I started my adventure with Dreamstime I thought to sell more images... More...
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