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My first 100$ payment
posted by kosika - 10th of july, 2013
The first is found after 42 sold photos 100$ my earnings the stock photographer in a trade! I managed to reach it under 8 months, but was worth it, I advise it for everybody, that perseverance! :) This was my drawing with what... More...
3000 dollars
posted by mangroove - 22nd of may, 2013
Hello Dreamtimers :) A few days ago I reached 3000 dollars here on Dreamstime. I am happy with this result, considering that I have only 492 pictures online. I do stock photography as a hobby, only in my free time, and this... More...
Vacation with DT Money :)
posted by mangroove - 22nd of april, 2013
Hello Dreamstimers :) I am so excited so I want to share this with you :) Today I made a payment of almost 1000 dollars from Dreamstime and today I booked a vacation in Turkey with this money :) So Friday me and my family,... More...
Earned $100!
posted by kphotos6411 - 16th of february, 2013
Finally sold $100! with this picture. It was the image's 7th sale. Most of my sales have been by subscription. The $100 would have come sooner if buyers used credits.
My first $100 after seven long months !
posted by danielc1998 - 9th of february, 2013
Today I reached my first $100 royalties. The minimum needed to request a payment. Hope the number of sales increases in the coming months. How are you people promoting your portfolio in DT ? Do you have a website ? use facebook... More...
Microstock is not enough, but (luckily) it helps!
posted by gheburaseye - 23rd of october, 2012
Today I received another payment from dreamstime. I congratulate with the site for the great speed of payments (in less than 24 hours I had the required payment, really good). It is not a large amount, however, in a work environment... More...
My first 100$ payment from Dreamstime!!!
posted by m4rio1979 - 19th of july, 2012
And here it is...after one year and two months. With only 167 files online, I have 64 sales and my first 100$. Thanks to all buyers and to Dreamstime also. I feel great. I used this money to buy myself an amazing Minolta 50mm 1.7... More...
I have got my first payment
posted by katrien55 - 7th of june, 2012
I have got my first payment! I am so exciting about it. It is also the first time that I have tried paypal system to receive my money. Originally, I had no knowledge on the technology of photography at all before I worked for dreamstime... More...
Second year on DT :)
posted by dianabahrin - 2nd of june, 2012
Wow! I can't believe how fast time passes by.One year ago I was writing that I have 16 pictures online and 7 sales and I was really excited about that. Now I have 25 pictures and 76 sales:) I'm 3,5 $ away from my first payment and I... More...
taxes for Polish citizens - help!
posted by ewamewa2 - 6th of march, 2012
Please, Polish people, help me! So there is a time to pay taxes. Last year I had only one and my first payment (188, 63$). How shall I pay the taxes for it? Shall I receive any document from DT? What amount of money should I present... More...
$104 in 16 days! :)
posted by twindesign - 15th of february, 2012
February is going to be a great month!!! Already $94 for February and its just half way down this month! I collected my 5th payment yesterday in 7.5 months of uploading images. Last payment was on January 29 so it took me 16 days to... More...
100 pics online, 0,78 dollar away from my first 100 dollar...
posted by kinsjeroen - 17th of november, 2011
After a nice sunny weekend in the Ardennes in Belgium (and a bit in northern France), I uploaded my 100th picture on DT... Another milestone is coming, as I just need 0,78 dollar to reach my first 100 after 1 year and 2 months photography.... More...
Another tif to first payment
posted by multilisks - 23rd of may, 2011
An important milestone for me. Six and a half months,233online,45download. And another tif help me to reach the first One hundred dolars. Con! The tif
How long did you take to reach the first payment?
posted by multilisks - 18th of may, 2011
The first payment----One hundred dolors. How long did you reach it? One year?half a year?A quarter?A month?A week? As an amateur,I spend seven months in DT as exclusive.Online 230 and download 42.But I have not grasp the target.... More...
First payment!!
posted by xiaofeng123 - 13th of april, 2011
Thanks DT. Today I request my first payment. And at the same time,I find a interesting thing. Every time after I upload new picture,there will be new download after that. Enjoying!! More...
I have got my first payment!
posted by kimren - 25th of march, 2011
I have got my first payment! Thanks to the buyers! Thanks to the DT!
From 537 $ to 0$
posted by mangroove - 21st of february, 2011
Hello all, I just requested payment for the first time :) I was used to see different numbers in my earning balance and now it is so strange to see 0.00$ :)) Hope this will change soon :) So my first money from DT (537 dollars)... More...
Payment In The Lightspeed
posted by maigi - 1st of february, 2011
Wow... Payment requested: Feb 1st, 2011 15:15 Payment received: Feb 1st, 2011 15:23 Can you beat it? ;) Thank you Dreamstime for the excellent service!
Finally the first 100 $
posted by fotosonar - 27th of january, 2011
After three years here on dreamstime finally the first $ 100. I finally managed to reach payout with 376 pictures online and 165 sales. Since last year began to work more and send more pictures. But, I'm not happy.:(( Maybe I expect... More...
Requested "Christmas" payment
posted by meryll - 23rd of december, 2010
Today, one day before Christmas, I requested my 100$ payment, a nice Christmas present, thank you DT, thank you buyers! These pictures made it...
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