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  • Finally, 20 uploads!

    by Annieyek | 20th of October, 2008

    Many pictures have been rejected. Finally, I have 20 pictures online. Still long way to go.... needs to upload for 30 more pictures in order to become an exclusive photographer in DT... Aim for it! My recent upload picture: More
  • One picture short story.

    by Yuris | 10th of September, 2008

    Some pictures have interesting stories. This one may be interesting for dreamstimers. It was before last Christmas. I heard a sound of a strong blow in my window. Coming out I found a bullfinch lying in front of the window in the snow without showing any indication... More
  • Advice for Young Photographers

    by Lhj | 5th of September, 2008

    In fact, I do realize this blog might not gain any credit for me since it is kind of copying and pasting. However, I sincerely recommend everyone who would like to be a photographer to read the below contents carefully and follow those classic roles to do practice everyday.... More
  • New Message Forum

    by Ladykassie | 5th of September, 2008

    Envision your World has a new message board. If photographers would like to join Envision your World photography club, and live in the surroundings areas in Florida. (Trying to keep a close member area, 2 hours from tampa, N-S-E-W.. ) please sign up. I am hoping that this... More
  • Landscapes sesion soon

    by Tomas24 | 27th of August, 2008

    I can't already wait for the Saturday trip to the neighbouring county on the session in the terrain. We go the whole group, we making our private Photographer's Day :) We have a huge plan. We start 5.00 from sunrise do 9.00 to sunset. Between this hours we have about 12... More
  • Photographers of the world: Let's be all stars! (or a funny way to promote each other)

    by Moonwalker | 5th of August, 2008

    Hi all! In my previous post I shared with all of you a video I created with Animoto. Well, I've just had an idea. Wouldn't it be cool if up to 80 of us (that's the number of pictures that fit in a average length song) appeared together in a video, doing what we like the... More
  • I wish I had more time...

    by Photojay | 21st of July, 2008

    Since I have kicked my other agencies to the curb (minus the 35 images that I am waiting to be eligible to be deleted at one agency), I have more time to do other things. So, why do I STILL wish I had more time? Because I know I could make a living doing photography. Problem... More
  • DC area meetup?

    by Notebook | 9th of July, 2008

    Anybody? This weekend? Next weekend? Night out on the mall? Morning in Old Town? DC area people... I know you are out here! See Article
  • Are You a Thirsty Photographer?

    by Petarneychev | 19th of June, 2008

    Photographers have good days and bad days. Good are these that are full of inspiration, glorious ideas, self-sacrificial models and weather that makes the cute lady from the news drop her jaw to the floor. On the other hand, bad are the days when you feel that the same... More
  • Tips for an Outdoor Photo-shoot

    by Rebeccaosborn | 7th of June, 2008

    Ok, so I headed off yesterday with my camera on an outdoor photo shoot and I quickly learnt a thing or two that I thought might come in handy for anyone that is planning an outdoor photo shoot in the near future........ 1. Keep a notebook. Recently this was suggested... More
  • I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com.

    by Pengdevey | 1st of June, 2008

    "I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com".I saw these words on mine page.For me ,This is a good matter.I may upload more images ,Let me even more diligently .I will obtain more exercises for this.let me worried is my English is very bad.Therefore the keyword... More
  • Photographer: you are welcome!

    by J6789 | 27th of May, 2008

    As you know, China is a broad geographical countries. At the same time, is also a long history and cultural relics and scenic spots of many countries. For a photographer, China is a fascinating place. In the past 30 years, China's economic, social and cultural development... More
  • Online Free Lessons of Photography and Photoshop

    by Ligio | 17th of May, 2008

    Hi! I found a really interesting website of a Canon professionist photographer from Italy: Juza. The website is also in english language, and here you can read about lessons of photography, Post Processing with Photoshop, Equipment And Technique... Really useful website!... More
  • Voicu Bojan

    by Stanicat | 3rd of May, 2008

    Today i want to present another romanian photographer I admire. I met him on a photo workshop organized by him and I now that his photos are the mirror of his soul. You also can admire his work HERE. Now I bring to you another image of mine I like it very much. More
  • twohundred sale!

    by Dabobabo | 23rd of April, 2008

    HI, you know, I love that milestone, I've reached the 200 sale! And I've done with a photo, this one And I would like to talk about photography right now: I'm anyway a better illustrator than photographer , but I LOVE to shoot..I really want to improve my technique.... More
  • Become exclusive photographer in DT

    by Boostlee | 22nd of April, 2008

    It's very exciting that DT adminstrator approved my exclusive photographer application. I'll keep shooting and uploading more and more useful photos. More
  • From the designer's perspective

    by Charlesoutcalt | 21st of April, 2008

    Last week, I was deeply involved in a project in my 'day job,' working on a presentation for a consulting client. I needed a few specific images to illustrate what I was trying to say. I checked out clip art, thought about looking on the web, and then I realized: Dreamstime!... More
  • Olympic Games

    by Pengdevey | 16th of April, 2008

    The Olympic Games are a grand gathering of all mankind.This Olympiad will be held in Beijing.As a Chinese, I feel very happy. Because there are many foreign friends to come to China,We will learn a lot of them.We will become friends and we will strive to work. Welcome!... More
  • Photographer to designer

    by Nightangel666 | 13th of April, 2008

    It's been a real long time since I'm a contributor over here. Working with photos but also providing fantasy background for photomanipulators and designers. But I recently got on the other side of Dreamstime ! That is to say that I've been using some photographs from here... More
  • I'm a jackeroo!

    by Ddmxln | 9th of April, 2008

    I have been enjoying photography for several years.Lots of photograph in my hard disk.Isn't it so glad to put them on the dreamstime! See Article

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