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Don't mention your interest in photography
posted by mark6138 - 23rd of april, 2012
Everyone I meet believes they are an expert photographer. It seems that the ownership of a camera and the expertise to use it appropriately can both be purchased from the store at the same time. Sadly, I didn't get the joint package.... More...
Beware of Empty Praise
posted by peanutroaster - 23rd of april, 2012
Maybe it’s a generational thing but I really have a distaste for empty praise. I really cringe at the thought of getting praise for work that I know is subpar. Maybe I’m too hard on myself but I truly believe one can not advance... More...
Arnold Newman's art
posted by shadow69 - 17th of april, 2012
Although my approach has become popularly known as environmental portraiture, it only suggests a part of what I have been doing and am doing. Overlooked is that my approach is also symbolic and impressionistic or whatever label one... More...
1000 images
posted by bogdan - 16th of april, 2012
Maybe for many of my fellow photographers 1000 images is already a milestone of the past. It is for me now as well. It is however an important milestone as it took me about 8 years to reach it. According to my current production rates,... More...
Sunny Spring Days
posted by mark6138 - 14th of april, 2012
It's a beautifully bright and sunny day today where I am. The sun is casting a lovely yellow light on the buildings whilst clouds are floating by in a beautiful blue sky. It is days like this when photography really does translate... More...
Making your own photographic equipment
posted by bitesize - 12th of april, 2012
If, like me, you're on a budget, any innovative ideas to create your own equipment for next to nothing is worthwhile looking at. Diyphotography.net has a huge resource of info on photography as well as DIY projects that can be made... More...
Photography and Peace
posted by creativei - 9th of april, 2012
The world that we live in was designed to be a peaceful place by our creator through submitting our will to His commands. However when we look around at our surroundings we see that a majority of humans are chained in agonies, misery,... More...
Great Shots Are Possible with Point and Shoots
posted by peanutroaster - 9th of april, 2012
While I wouldn't rely solely on a point and shoot to capture stock images, it is possible as long has you have a quality point and shoot with a good lens. I originally settled on a mirrorless compact camera (Panasonic Lumix G2) because... More...
I Found My Boyfriend's Face on a Dating Website
posted by peanutroaster - 6th of april, 2012
I'm on a errand to buy some new jeans with some department store "play money". You know the freebie rebate your wife gives you after she's gone on a shopping spree and says "Look how much we've saved, here is thirty dollars in... More...
Gaining & Losing with Stock Photography
posted by mark6138 - 6th of april, 2012
One of the joys of an interest in photography is that you start to notice things that previously went unnoticed. An interesting Latin engraving around the edge of a church door and the interesting carvings on familiar landmarks seem... More...
IR Photography, any other way of creating this?
posted by bitesize - 4th of april, 2012
I read an article on Infrared Photography aka IR Photography. Filters are difficult to get and very expensive. Has anyone achieved a similar, although probably not as perfect, effect with software or using other equipment?... More...
7 months, 300 images on line
posted by vcarmstrong - 4th of april, 2012
After 7 months of Dreamstime, I met a milestone of 300 images with this photo. It is encouraging to meet another milestone. If you just keep plugging away, you will reach goals and milestones. The trick is, don't give up and keep... More...
Choosing a good tripod
posted by shadow69 - 3rd of april, 2012
As I just bought a new tripod today I thought I would share with you a few tips on what to consider when choosing a tripod. You may have spent a significant amount of cash on buying the latest and greatest camera and the thought... More...
Taking the final step to my dreams!
posted by godfer - 30th of march, 2012
After taking slow and erratic steps into this wonderful world of photography and after seven years of determination I have finally decided to leave the financial comfort of my "real job" and dedicate myself in full to photography and... More...
My photography month... random musing.
posted by dgphotographic - 29th of march, 2012
After last month’s disappointments, March has been rather good. Starting off with the Vicious Kittens calendar shoot in my studio. VK is web page set up by Pixie Suicide A group of Alternative female models handpicked for their beauty... More...
How to improve the pictures in the "DT" sales?
posted by hanbaoluan - 29th of march, 2012
Registered to a few years in DT, but sales of very bad, now the sales are less than $100, would be ashamed! Please DT senior member of, to my photo see, and give advice. Thank you!
Difficult is to sell photos
posted by yareta - 26th of march, 2012
That is difficult to sell photos, even for us amateur photographers this is a large window to the world to show our work, we complicated the concept of commercial photography. To my capture a photo is stop time, translate into... More...
posted by davewebbphoto - 26th of march, 2012
When modern, digital HDR photography hit the scene a few years back, it quickly became all the rage. It was now an easy prospect to capture gorgeous sky-scapes and dramatic still life images; balanced lighting was not just the arena... More...
My First Uploaded Photographs
posted by aandersonb - 23rd of march, 2012
I am happy that Dreamstime editors allowed my first 2 photographs to be uploaded finally. 127 hours of processing sure took a long time. lol. But patience is virtue. I am excited to start working exclusively with Dreamstime. I know... More...
A new appreciation of money
posted by gmargittai - 23rd of march, 2012
I am an active photographer for more than 40 years now, always been an amateur. My parents encouraged me to spend their money on equipment. Later on when I started to spend my own money I continued the trend, never really thinking about... More...
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