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Please Vote
posted by alexpollard - 5th of september, 2012
Being a young photographer and still in my first year of photography it would be nice to go out with a bang and win a competition this year. So i would really appreciate it if you could vote for my image called "YP_163_When Time... More...
Product review
posted by robseguin - 31st of august, 2012
I recently picked up a light tent for small product photography and wanted to share my initial tests. The one I purchased was the Dynaphos DPL-005L 24x24 LightCube. It packs really small and comes with 4 different backdrops (Black,... More...
(A Little) Advice For Microstock Newbies
posted by angelaostafichuk - 19th of august, 2012
After reading over the message boards I realized there is a lot of frustration coming from new photographers who are dipping their toes into the stock pond. Take heart and make note, we all (or most of us) have been there before.... More...
Can photography change us?
posted by acosmin - 15th of august, 2012
Thinking about photography made me realize the implications of this strong word. Apart from pictures or photos, photography has a greater and deeper meaning, it has that little extra which sometimes can make you shed a tear or laugh... More...
My drug, photography
posted by alexandru86 - 4th of august, 2012
When i start to think about photography, all kind of things start to run trough my head. I never thought that i will ever be so addictive about thins thing. When I started, not a long time ago, i really had nothing in common with... More...
A simple trick for Hummingbird Photography
posted by physi28 - 26th of july, 2012
Those among us who have been trying to get decent pictures of Hummingbirds in flight, know about the difficulties involved: some species exhibit a rather (relatively) slow flight between their stops in the air, allowing you to focus... More...
Perfect photography
posted by silent47 - 25th of july, 2012
When most of us we can achive this perfection? Amazing portfolio This i guess is my best natural photo and even if i like it is not even close to the photos within the link up What is your best natural image? More...
My next victim - Peter Adams
posted by shadow69 - 25th of july, 2012
Hello again, Based on the reactions to the last blog (Abell concise and me ranting), it would seem that people actually enjoy it when I rant. That, however, does not seem to include my wife who has made it absolutely clear, that all... More...
Interior photography
posted by yellowind - 24th of july, 2012
Well this article is for a newbies. If you have some information to fill up, I would be thankful. So what you need to interior photography? First of all your camera :) Then it is helpful to have lens at about 10-20mm angle diapason.... More...
Mont Blanc, a provocation that deserves to be lived
posted by photodesign - 21st of july, 2012
Written by Simina Cernat (member of Satwa Guna 2012 - Unknow Vietnam project) The idea of climbing Mont Blanc came in my mind last year, in Ladakh. I was on a pass over 5000 meters and I was thinking…now we are on a higher altitude... More...
Eternal Italy (Unknown Vietnam 2012- Satwa Guna project)
posted by photodesign - 19th of july, 2012
Written by Simina Cernat (member of Satwa Guna 2012 - Unknow Vietnam project) We entered Italy…a child near me whispered, with a sad voice: ciao Italy. I asked him if he lives in Italy and he answered no. Do you like Italy? No.... More...
The best camera
posted by georgecy - 17th of july, 2012
Sometimes people ask me about which camera I think is the best (No, i'm not an expert). Well, the way I see it, there is really no such thing. Yes, there are cameras that can put out good or bad images, but that is in image quality... More...
Milestone - first $1,000
posted by peanutroaster - 16th of july, 2012
Now here is a milestone worthy of marking - I just reached my first $1,000 in sales. This month also marks my one year anniversary with Dreamstime, 600+ sales and 1,354+ uploads. And importantly my acceptance rate has gone from about... More...
Snap out of It and Get a Career in Photography
posted by zofia123 - 15th of july, 2012
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between people with successful careers in photography and people that just dream of being photographers? Is it simply a matter of talent? I don’t think so. I think that, often, it’s... More...
Taking pictures in the Best Amusement Park in the World
posted by grisho - 9th of july, 2012
In 2009 I signed up for a 4 month student work-and-travel program in the United States. There was a list of places I could chose from and I was more than thrilled to see that Cedar Point, the amusement park, which has been awarded for... More...
The joy of photography
posted by razvanxr - 2nd of july, 2012
A good professional photographer has to be an amateur photographer at heart. The origin of the word is “amator”, which means lover. ]So the amateur to me is the passionate one, the lover of the art who does not do it not for business. The pro should have that same love and passion, and happen to do it for work as well. I love taking photographs, because it enables me to connect with the world on a deeper level. When More...
Satwa Guna project - Unknown VIETNAM 2012
posted by photodesign - 2nd of july, 2012
Preparations almost finished The departure date approaches and we are in a hurry. We got out in time from the bohemian state in which we had lost ourselves to apply for the Vietnamese visa. We thought that we could apply online and... More...
Turn That Hobby Into A Career In Photography
posted by zofia123 - 2nd of july, 2012
The average American work year is made up of 2080 hours. For someone who is in the workforce from the ages of 21 to 65, that’s… (Carry the one…) a lot of hours! That’s too many hours to spend doing something you don’t love.... More...
Abell concise and me ranting
posted by shadow69 - 29th of june, 2012
Hello again. It has been a while since my last blog. Things have been rather hectic. But, here I am again back on the trail of discovering how to become a better photographer through the gems of wisdom imparted by some well-known... More...
My Story, 1 year, 400 on line, 150 sales
posted by vcarmstrong - 28th of june, 2012
My microstock story started a year ago, I suppose one could argue that it started when I first picked up a camera, but for this story a year ago was when I opened an account with Dreamstime. I started my journey, just as this baby... More...
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