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Cool Experimental Shot
posted by dkstroke0512 - 28th of september, 2007
Sometimes great image come from an experimental shot. One month ago when I was in a camp, I tried to take a picture of bale fire. The result looks so ordinary. An idea come out on my head, why I'm not try to do an experiment with using... More...
The Friday blog: what's the difference between pictures and photographs
posted by nikitu - 28th of september, 2007
Did this question ever come to your mind? What is the difference between a picture and a photograph? I consider pictures to be all those images we take out on vacations, family reunions, meetings with friends, snapshots that don't... More...
Happy Halloween!!
posted by kenneystudios - 27th of september, 2007
I just wanted to take a moment to share some of my recently selected Halloween pictures, along with a brief history of Halloween and its traditions. Halloween traditions are known to have began over 2000 years ago with the Celts. The... More...
Writer's Break
posted by bluerabbit - 25th of september, 2007
A freelance writer, I spend most of the week in my office in front of a computer monitor. I enjoy my work, but I do need to get away from it, sometimes. Fresh air and sunshine are the best medicine for the overworked. My escape of... More...
Profile Pic Question
posted by kenneystudios - 19th of september, 2007
This may be a strange question, but I am going to ask it anyway. :) Since our profile picture isn't anything someone can download (right-clicking options set aside), am I assuming correctly that we can use an image of ourselves that... More...
Somebody help me !
posted by pescarus - 13th of september, 2007
Yesterday I was looking on Dreamstime for a picture. After three pages I have seen one with an old beautiful building with big windows, with bot and balcony. The building had decorations like in old architectural styles.... More...
American Flag
posted by dcwcreations - 13th of september, 2007
The flag makes a nice picture with all the colors against a blue background, but I can't look at it without thinking how the symbol of the flag has changed meaning for me through the years. When I was in highschool I was Mr. Patriotic,... More...
When I get some time free
posted by sophiesourit - 12th of september, 2007
When I have some time to spend I like to surf through the microstock to see image from the other. I pretend it is for inspiration, but in fact that is also to travel... I'm amazed by the quantity and variety of images that I can... More...
The funniest images on dreamstime- top 3
posted by artaniss8 - 3rd of september, 2007
The funniest pictures around ?... here there are: The Sumo wrestler (number one) End of level monster (number two) Wrong ! Never bite your tongue when sparring ! (number three) THIS IS A CHALLENGE.. if you find... More...
how to take cloud pics?
posted by one8edegre - 2nd of september, 2007
searching for images of clouds i came across these images , i dont know how you artist , photographers capture these! how you do it!! i am just so curious to know please share with me regards! More...
The DT Team!
posted by thefinalmiracle - 29th of august, 2007
Many times we see the admins in their portfolios. We see their personality from their messages. We see love some and we hate some. And we give time for all this because I guess we are like a family here. But then hey! is it for real?... More...
Easy way
posted by lukasztymszan - 28th of august, 2007
Hi. I found this movie quite interesting and usefull and what is your opinion? It is so simple to get your images well covered with light. The link is here Greetings More...
Pictures of Thunders
posted by dolby1985 - 25th of august, 2007
I tryed to upload some recent pictures from a storm that was in my last trip in Croazia. There's some nice pictures of thunders with a nice view. I used a tripod and my camera in pose Bulb mode. The result seems great.... More...
Hi everybody!
posted by dolby1985 - 22nd of august, 2007
Hi everyone this is my first blog article. So if u didn't see my website go to: www.d0lby.eu U can find lot's of picture of my recent trips and a wonderful gallery. Bye
What do you think about most when taking a picture?
posted by limeyrunner - 20th of august, 2007
It amazes me everytime I line up a shot what a mental process it is. There is so much to think about...the light,framing of the photo,camera settings,the subject,foreground,background,the weather,attention span of your model(s)...and... More...
Holding real pictures in my hand
posted by limeyrunner - 10th of august, 2007
Recently I entered a photography contest that required 4" by 6" prints. I put some images on a disk and headed off to the local Kodak machine to print them out (my printer is not quite up to the job!) Only when they came out of the... More...
posted by stuartkey - 1st of august, 2007
I don't know about other photographers, but since I joined Dreamstime and started to receive sales, my outlook on my photography has changed drastically. Before Dreamstime (BDT!) I would describe my approach to my photos as being... More...
web 2.0
posted by taichy - 28th of july, 2007
I got feeling that web 2.0 is killing the need for high quality images... Slowly u can see that real images dissapear from redesigned sites what are "web 2.0 " ... Almost every costumer wants someting "trendy" ... Last design I've done... More...
Look for areas of need and fill the gaps!!
posted by homeriscool - 22nd of july, 2007
hello everyone, I have been on Dreamstime for nearly 1 year now, and have spent a lot of time browsing.I create images and take pictures when I have the time. A tip to all photographers and illustrators out there is to look for areas... More...
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