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Stock Photos Are Created, Not Taken
posted by vcarmstrong - 24th of july, 2013
If you have been around stock photography for any amount of time and paid attention to forums and blogs you undoubtedly have seen the phrase "Stock photos are created, not taken". Does this mean that you have to set up every situation... More...
My First Photo Shoot With a Model
posted by mudplucker - 28th of march, 2013
First Photo Shoot with a model: Well, I’m certainly glad to get my very first people shoot out of the way, but I did make a few mistakes ...AND it was quite a learning experience. I’m hoping that this blog will reinforce (to... More...
A Pre-Shoot Checklist
posted by mike2focus - 11th of november, 2012
Three weeks ago I drove down to the beach for a shot at some sunset photos, the clouds were just right and the sky was full of color. I was pressed for time so I got there right when the sun was hitting the horizon. I hopped out of... More...
What i was and what i got
posted by justmeyo - 2nd of november, 2011
Today for some reason i said to look through my portfolio and search to see what photos i've sold more and which not .But doesn't matter that to much because i saw something that i liked more ...i saw sold photos from each session... More...
How Can a Model Be Both Sexy and Ugly?
posted by wisconsinart - 12th of june, 2011
I had some recent sales lately with two images, each using the same model. They keyword search for one was UGLY and the other was SEXY. In looking at the images, it's obvious as to which one and why. While this may be amusing, there... More...
Wildlife Photography: Planning Your Strategy
posted by visceralimage - 27th of january, 2011
As a wildlife photographer, we typically take pictures of the same animals everyday. It is important to have a plan or strategy for your photographic outings. Let’s assume you have a cooperative bird or animal that you can spend... More...
Long time coming
posted by bradcalkins - 21st of january, 2011
One of my recent shots was a very long time in the making. I started making waffles for breakfast when I was 8. I'd get up in the morning and mix up the batter, put it on the waffles iron and then wake my parents up with 'the waffles... More...
Planning a stockshoot...
posted by fotosmurf02 - 6th of october, 2010
I can still remember that very first time I had an official "stockshoot". It must have been close to 6 years ago and I had just discovered the existence of microstock. I seriously did not have a clue what stockphotography was at the... More...
Question of Creative Exposure
posted by photoshow - 25th of august, 2010
Recently one of my workshop attendees reguritated an often overused and frequently misunderstood cliché “See the light shoot the light” Many photographers both professional and hobbyist alike have been led to believe that this... More...
I'm planning to do DT exclusive.
posted by ferguswang - 26th of april, 2010
I'm planning to do DT exclusive. Delete my photo in other site .Remove image is a very painful thing.But I can do. To it. My latest pictures here. Release before three minutes
Get serious!
posted by alexh - 8th of october, 2009
Does your stock production need a check up? I've been thinking a bit more about my microstock efforts recently. I have a modest to middling portfolio here that I've built up somewhat haphazardly over time. It performs ok, I get downloads... More...
posted by smartview27 - 27th of september, 2009
…today…it is night actually, I am working to some new projects: autumn season, Christmas stuff…concepts, ideas, research. What I want to tell you is I really like stock photography! Why? Because it gives me freedom and also... More...
Planning, Preparation, Patience: The Key to Successful Wildlife Photography
posted by melonstone - 15th of august, 2009
Earlier this year, whilst visiting Utah, I had my first real opportunity to photograph small-scale wildlife such as birds and squirrels. I thought I just had to pick a good spot, be unobtrusive and be patient, but after failing... More...
My personal agenda in July
posted by tanyae - 1st of july, 2009
June was the second month of my uploading on DT, and I discovered some important things, which will help me (as I hope) to improve my presence here. First of all (and actually the most important) - there was a sharp reduction of... More...
The Art of Planning Your Photo Shoots
posted by petarneychev - 15th of june, 2009
Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a pro (team) to produce a series of stunning shots (and why)? If not, then I'm sure you've at least wondered why your shots aren't (always?) as good looking as they are in your head. The... More...
Planning ahead
posted by teekaygee - 20th of january, 2009
Some days it seems as though I can't come up with a single idea. When that happens, I end up just sitting around feeling frustrated because I really want to be taking photos and uploading. I browse the forums and check my stats a zillion... More...
Concept to completion
posted by bradcalkins - 8th of december, 2008
Every once in a while I have an idea that takes some time to pan out, arrange and execute. This image, of tying a tie is one of those. I've been thinking about it for some time and finally got around to doing it. I'm happy to see... More...
Things Do Not Always Work Out As Planned
posted by lifesazoo - 10th of october, 2008
Well I am back from my trip to Florida. It was fun because I got time to spend with my family and my nieces. I had high hopes of coming back home with lots of photos to use from my trip but it did not turn out that way. I mainly... More...
Beijing CBD
posted by linqong - 10th of march, 2008
The abbreviations of CBD i.e. English CentralBusinessDistrict, evolve from U.S.A. of 1920's first, Chinese is translated into the commercial centre district. Famous CBD district as follows, in the world New constellation, Manhattan... More...
Party Planning Project
posted by leisadc - 10th of december, 2007
I got great photos (as usual) here at Dreamstime for a party planning website project Go To Website. Below is just one of the photos I used for this project. Thanks again Dreamstime and Photogs! More...
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