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2012 in review
posted by tangie - 31st of december, 2012
The year which is about to end has been full of events: from the Olympic games to the US presidential elections, from riots and strikes to much debated bailouts, from record artwork sale to Felix Baumgartner's fearless supersonic jump,... More...
A trip to the bookstore (Part 1)
posted by ellenboughn - 16th of february, 2007
We all get "stuck" in a void of inspiration sometimes. I find that my best ideas often come out of the blue when I'm NOT consciencously trying to think of something creative. When that kind brain freeze sets in, try just taking... More...
Popularity of food images
posted by chuckplace - 10th of december, 2013
Within the past few weeks we have uploaded food images that are selling extremely well! We appreciate DT's simplicity in uploading images and obviously their presence in the image market. Thanks, Dreamtime! More...
Animal lovers spend the day with your pets, don't forget the camera!
posted by lifeontheside - 11th of october, 2013
Hi Everyone, It has been awhile since I have done a blog, so here goes. If you have been sitting around scratching your head for ideas of what stock photos to shoot, while around you your precious cat is doing somersaults... More...
Why image is more popular
posted by malajscy - 21st of november, 2012
Hi, want to ask your opinion about most popular images from your portfolio. I have 2 very similar images in my portfolio, and I'm curious why one is very popular and one is not... I'd be very grateful for your ideas and examples... More...
Earnings Analysis - Which photos have the most potential
posted by peanutroaster - 13th of march, 2012
Remember back in high school when the seniors voted for most popular and most likely to succeed? Where are they now right? The most popular has been married four times and the most likely to succeed works at the supermarket bagging... More...
DT popular searching keywords during the last year.
posted by banol2007 - 16th of february, 2012
To get success in the micro stock business we have to take into consideration that different stock agency has different style, approaches & preferences. I did not find information what DT buyers are looking for & decided to collect... More...
Dayton Is My Most Popular at Dreamstime
posted by stockagogo - 11th of february, 2012
I was reveiwing my portfolio here at Dreamstime.com and noticed the most downloaded photo I have is a shot of the city of Dayton, Ohio at night. I would have thought it would have been my football isolated against white, but that... More...
Most popular images!!
posted by epstock - 23rd of june, 2011
hello friends, posting our most popular images on Dreamstime in categories fashion, lifestyle, landscape, interiors, technology and food. best, ep stockphoto team More...
What sells best these days?
posted by epstock - 30th of may, 2011
hey all, what do you guys think are selling the most these days? fashion and beauty is really slow sellers... we are about to expand our interior and architectural collections. looks like they sell best in many libraries? any... More...
The importance of rekeywording - is it true?
posted by dark3y3s - 8th of april, 2011
Since I've started uploading photos on stock sites, I've been constantly reading articles and learning more about this whole industry. In the last few months I read a lot and learnt about keywording. When I first started uploading... More...
One photo with 100 downloads!!
posted by annieyek - 27th of july, 2010
Today, one of my photo reached 100 downloads.. It is none other than my "Pizza" photo. Why Pizza image are so popular? Anyway, thanks for those who like my Pizza..:))
My first 100$ !!!
posted by huating - 21st of july, 2010
Today I sold the picture that brought me to 100 $ !!! I joined DT on Sep 24, 2009, now 188 on line,66 sold. I am very happy to see that my work has results ! Have a nice day, here is the Most popular images More...
12 Most Downloaded Construction Collages
posted by maigi - 6th of july, 2010
People are always builders. We like to create, invent, make things better, more beautiful and more comfortable. We like to build things up, to tear them down, and build them up again. No wonder images about builders and construction... More...
Slow going
posted by cooper5022 - 3rd of june, 2010
Its slow going getting through the levels. I guess the quality of your pics dictate the speed and number of downloads. After 8 months I have one level 3 and one level 2 pic. Hopefully the others will also be discovered soon. Are... More...
World Expo 2010 mascot Haibao
posted by ferguswang - 6th of may, 2010
In China today. Is popular, to Shanghai to see the 2010 World Expo. A few days ago, I harvested a World's Expo pictures. That is Shanghai World Expo 2010 mascot Haibao. Everyone to support. : ) More...
How to appear at the top of a search?
posted by heywoody - 26th of april, 2010
(confused) It’s fairly obvious that if your image is on page 1 it has a better chance of being downloaded than if it appears on page 1527. So, what to do if, like me, you’re working with limited tools and even more limited... More...
So close, yet so far...
posted by katn1999 - 14th of april, 2010
I often read about people reaching their milestones (which I love because you can hear the excitement in their blogs), but I thought I would shake that up a bit by talking about a personal milestone that I haven't met: a Level 3 image.... More...
Most popular images - why, when, how
posted by nikitu - 30th of march, 2010
Every person who is at least half serious about microstock will, at some point, open the page that lists the most popular images on Dreamstime. It is a well known fact we inspire from each other's success images but what works for... More...
your most popular color?
posted by tan510jomast - 17th of march, 2010
they say that color can affect your emotions. that is why in fast food joints where they do not want you to hang around, bright bold uncomfortable color scheme are part of their interior decoration. other colors are said... More...
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