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To crop or not ?
posted by indianeye - 19th of january, 2010
In practical condition while shooting many times it is not possible to frame your subject as one is visualizing the shot. There may be number of reasons like the situation doesn't permit, limitation of lens zoom, the shortage of time... More...
My first executive image sale in DT
posted by davulcu - 19th of january, 2010
At the end one of my executive images has been sold in DT and I am very glad for that. My download counter shows 1 however ... Can anybody explain this ?
My best model
posted by fcarucci - 15th of january, 2010
She's a born model :) Some technical details: all shots are with camera right umbrella, and sunlight used as rim light to separate the subject from the background. But technical details mean really nothing, what counts... More...
New Collection - Editorial India
posted by chrisrawlins - 2nd of december, 2009
I've put together some wonderful pictures from India. The collection focuses on people from India and is a series of naturalistic portraits and people in their environments. Please, take a look. The collection has only just... More...
Blond or brune
posted by nata_rass - 1st of october, 2009
I am happy to admit that my photographying and photoshopping skills are getting better with time. As a proof of my claim I demonstrate two photos. The left one is "old", made at the early stage of my work with portable light. The... More...
Photographer on a budget
posted by ladykassie - 11th of september, 2009
Just a helpful hint... I finally got up to speed and bought a studio lighting set, and also backdrops...particular the green screen. So.. I am more into shooting portraits and why would I need a huge backdrop if I am shooting from... More...
Working with Children
posted by azurelaroux - 6th of august, 2009
A strange mix of adult human and small pet. They can be cute, charming sweet and adorable. Or they can howl and bite you every time you get within reach. Children are one of the most sellable subjects to photograph while simultaneously... More...
Skin retouch
posted by jordanrusev - 6th of august, 2009
Here is a another quick and very useful photoshop tip for retouching a skin. 1. First open the picture of-course. I will use this picture for example . 2. Duplicate the layer (CTRL+J) 3. Median filter on the duplicated layer... More...
Introducing the G20 Portrait Collection...
posted by wingnutdesigns - 29th of july, 2009
I'd like to introduce you all to the new collection of illustrations that are now available on Dreamstime... G20 PORTRAIT COLLCECTION This unique collection of hand drawn illustrations includes all 19 world leaders and the 3 EU... More...
new portaits series
posted by morgancapasso - 29th of july, 2009
i create an new series of portraits stock oriented with the model anna i will like your opinion morgan
my cute baby
posted by eprom - 2nd of july, 2009
My cute baby is 6 months now. Do you like him?
Corrective Techniques for portraits
posted by creativei - 7th of april, 2009
Here is the first part of my blog, which I promised will share here, this is a Exclusive Bobby Lane's Class. The successful portrait photographer realizes that his principal aim is to obtain characteristic likenesses of his subjects.... More...
My Inspiration For Portrait Photography
posted by indianeye - 18th of march, 2009
Today I am going to share with you about my inspiration for the portrait photographic work. I have no shame to tell boldly that all my portrait photography work is highly inspired by the master in this field Manny Librodo. I always... More...
posted by toynutz - 23rd of february, 2009
Dogs make great models, but before submitting any dog photo to Dreamstime, consider obtaining a model release from the owner, particularly if it is pedigreed, and especially if it is a registered champion. I've had at least one dog... More...
Self portrait
posted by mildegard - 10th of january, 2009
It must be very common among unexperienced artists to make self-portraits (from old photos usually). Nothing wrong about it when you're too shy to ask someone to be your model. So, that's a pencil drawn portrait of me how I looked... More...
Zoo or Portrait Studio?
posted by lifesazoo - 25th of november, 2008
Some times after I have been out at the zoo taking photos and I am at home reviewing the photos I took that day I am amazed at the outcome of some of them. Some times the pictures look like they had to have been taken in a portrait... More...
Dog Photography - 5 Tips for Improving Images
posted by sgcallaway1994 - 14th of october, 2008
Photographing man's best friend can be challenging. Below you will find 5 tips which could help you improve your images: 1.Camera Settings: Dogs are moving subjects. They rarely stand still for pictures. Select short shutter speeds... More...
12 Inspirations of Portrait Photography
posted by lhj - 5th of october, 2008
Whenever you are going to take portrait photos, please remember to look into this blog again. It might help you a little ………….. 1. Working with PhotoShop The wonderful latter part of work might bring you lots of new ideas,... More...
Boy - New Collection
posted by creepers888 - 14th of september, 2008
Hello, I´ve made a new Collection named Boy. Please, let me know, what you´re thinking about it. Thanks a lot and have fun and a nice day! More...
My favorite model : expressions, sensuality and emotions
posted by mgvuvan - 13th of september, 2008
but it's also pleasant to work on particular EMOTIONS like happiness, sadness, madness... Depends on the model, our feelings are different and I... More...
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