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Mommy LOOK!
posted by ellenboughn - 1st of june, 2007
Everybody loves a baby...unless they are screaming in the seat next to you on a cross-country flight. And almost everyone has a baby around the house at one time or another. But beware...babies and children can be like little flowers:... More...
Doctor in the House
posted by ellenboughn - 27th of march, 2007
With an explosion of medical advertising and health care issues often in the news in print and on the web, there is an increased demand for images of medical professionals. To produce images of doctors and nurses, it's not necessary... More...
Not Just a Pretty Face
posted by ellenboughn - 9th of march, 2007
Facial expressions send strong messages about what an image is trying to say...what the image is about. Unfortunately, a model's lack of expression can sometimes cause the photo to say next to nothing. One expression to avoid... More...
Model Releases
posted by jormonago - 21st of august, 2013
I have many shots in my personal portfolio that I have not been able to use here mainly because of people reluctant to sign model releases. Due to this I've started taking self portraits and I'm having a lot of fun with it :) Much... More...
I'm grateful...
posted by igordabari - 27th of july, 2012
I have just started the people photography. It's still an 'undiscovered' area for me. Still lot of things to learn starting with proper lighting and finishing with helping model to establish a proper mood. And lot of issues in between.... More...
Self-advocacy and rejected images
posted by lostarts - 1st of february, 2012
Self-advocacy refers to an individual’s ability to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate or assert his or her own interests, desires, needs, and rights. It involves making informed decisions and taking responsibility for those... More...
Beauty In a Box
posted by junpinzon - 14th of december, 2011
It is often suggested that beauty shoots should be lit with big, soft lights. But what if you can't fit those big light modifiers in the room? As was the case for this project. With space constraint, I decided that I can use... More...
A Quickie Shoot with a Household Name
posted by junpinzon - 14th of december, 2011
Once again, my apologies for being quiet for a while. I've been spending my downtime sleeping 'cause it's been really busy the past months. Anyway, if you're from the Philippines, I'm sure you're familiar with the brand name Mama... More...
Simple Color Scheme
posted by junpinzon - 12th of december, 2011
When my writer and I walked into the stadium where we will interview and shoot Smart Gilas Coach Toroman, I knew right away where and how to shoot him. The red seats on the bleacher would make an excellent element for the portrait.... More...
Winter & Christmas images
posted by dark3y3s - 23rd of september, 2011
According to various statistics, winter & Christmas images are already searched for and they'll reach a peak in the upcoming months, so here I am, sharing again with you my two related collections: Winter portraits and Christmas portraits... More...
The sharpest Tokina 11-16mm and its chromatic abberation
posted by deechhom - 18th of march, 2011
Note : whatever I am discussing here applies iff (if and only if) you are going to print bigger than 12x18 sq. inch size of a photograph. Below that size you just need a DSLR and any lens, yes I said any lens. And that will give you... More...
More results and a thank you to DT
posted by bcritchley - 20th of january, 2011
This month has seen a few minor milestones for me and I would like to shares these with you. I have found the last 9 months on here has taught me so much about photography, microstock and where I want to go with the whole thing.... More...
New Collection - Editorial India
posted by chrisrawlins - 2nd of december, 2009
I've put together some wonderful pictures from India. The collection focuses on people from India and is a series of naturalistic portraits and people in their environments. Please, take a look. The collection has only just... More...
Working with Children
posted by azurelaroux - 6th of august, 2009
A strange mix of adult human and small pet. They can be cute, charming sweet and adorable. Or they can howl and bite you every time you get within reach. Children are one of the most sellable subjects to photograph while simultaneously... More...
new portaits series
posted by morgancapasso - 29th of july, 2009
i create an new series of portraits stock oriented with the model anna i will like your opinion morgan
Corrective Techniques for portraits
posted by creativei - 7th of april, 2009
Here is the first part of my blog, which I promised will share here, this is a Exclusive Bobby Lane's Class. The successful portrait photographer realizes that his principal aim is to obtain characteristic likenesses of his subjects.... More...
Dog Photography - 5 Tips for Improving Images
posted by sgcallaway1994 - 14th of october, 2008
Photographing man's best friend can be challenging. Below you will find 5 tips which could help you improve your images: 1.Camera Settings: Dogs are moving subjects. They rarely stand still for pictures. Select short shutter speeds... More...
Important Photos for Life
posted by micspix - 18th of january, 2008
The last few weeks at work have been quite thought provoking. You see, I make part of my living restoring photos. In the last several weeks I have had the unfortunate job of working on a number of photos of people that have recently... More...
My First Blog
posted by ronibgood - 12th of january, 2008
The blog is new to me. LOL I am trying to get my work out there, sell it and make some money. Share with others and get different points of views. I just would like to me people and do better. I love animal, children, wildlife,... More...
fantasy photos
posted by egorr - 6th of august, 2007
I love fantasy photos. I love fairies and their beauty. You can see some photos of fairies in my portfolio. Possibly, you will love them too. George Mayer (egorr) More...
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