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Women (want to) RULE...
posted by ellenboughn - 3rd of september, 2008
Truth in advertising requires ads to present the benefits and qualities of their products in an honest fashion. Of course, advertising has a very loose relationship to reality especially in the manner in which women are pictured. Advertisers... More...
Gay Pride
posted by ellenboughn - 6th of september, 2007
I have written about certain demographic groups that are important to marketers and advertisers. One of these is the gay and lesbian population. Figures show that approximately 10% of any population falls into the gay/lesbian/bisexual/... More...
It's All There in Black and White
posted by ellenboughn - 22nd of august, 2007
Advertising screams, ‘We want color photos!’ and galleries yell back, ‘Only black & white matters.’ That was the past. Yes, it’s certain that color images dominate in print and web advertising and that classic photography... More...
The RGB of it all
posted by ellenboughn - 10th of august, 2007
Or is it the CYMK? (One matters online; the other in print). Do you dream in color? Did people dream in black and white before the invention of black and white film? If so, how did they know what the world looked like in black and white?... More...
Masters of Light
posted by ellenboughn - 30th of july, 2007
Lots of blog talk lately about what differentiates a pro from an amateur. If an image has what it takes, I don’t care who took it. Could be a top photographer or my Aunt Nellie: it’s a professional image. But on the over all career... More...
Keywording is your name....
posted by 1000wordsimages - 13th of january, 2014
> Importance of relevant keywording. I understand that this topic is covered well and that we all know that keywording is important for our search ranking to create extra exposure. Clients will find your images faster and the... More...
I have 21 images online - Why ain't I a millionaire?
posted by peanutroaster - 18th of december, 2012
As a contributor who has put a lot of effort into learning about stock photography, studying my craft, investing in equipment and building my portfolio over the past two years, I think there is nothing that gets under my skin more... More...
beautiful drawings better than much
posted by fengai - 3rd of september, 2012
earlier I tried to draw for filling portfolio raise the level of their own sale turned out to be that this not so. Now I shall draw only the most beautiful drawings, on such drawing care much time, I did not see else that in such quality... More...
posted by williamardrey - 6th of july, 2012
I'm looking to upgrade my digital SLR to a more professional model. I have looked at some cameras online and like (on paper) the Sony alpha A850, and some of the Nikon cameras. I would like suggestions as to what would be a good camera... More...
The joy of photography
posted by razvanxr - 2nd of july, 2012
A good professional photographer has to be an amateur photographer at heart. The origin of the word is “amator”, which means lover. ]So the amateur to me is the passionate one, the lover of the art who does not do it not for business. The pro should have that same love and passion, and happen to do it for work as well. I love taking photographs, because it enables me to connect with the world on a deeper level. When More...
Professional vs. Amateur Photographer
posted by crazydaizy99 - 11th of may, 2012
I have been scouring the blogs lately and I have seen a certain wall between professional photographers and amateur photographers. I have read the arguments that anyone with a digital camera can now snap a decent shot and upload "stock"... More...
Study and improvement
posted by nelsonpeng - 16th of december, 2011
I am not professional photographyer, but an amateur. So I will purchase some books of photography, and then practice and submit the pics. go go go
100 downloads and else
posted by photoexpress - 15th of november, 2011
16 months, 342 pictures uploaded, 100 downloads, 51 dollars gained. It is not a great score, I still insist doing it. egg, egg, eggs..., that's the result I have to met most of the days. If my pictures are not so popular, I must... More...
If Your Camera....
posted by livingstonatlarge - 3rd of september, 2011
"If your camera can make a phone call, you are NOT a professional photographer" Heard at the bike races tonight. Way too good not to share with all of you!
Be A Stock Photographer Without Alienating Your Friends and Family
posted by livingstonatlarge - 23rd of june, 2011
Let me start by saying…..I know you all know what I am talking about here. You go to a family event and spend the whole time behind the camera not just document the event but, look at the way those candles light the cake, aunt... More...
Very interesting article on Slate
posted by gmargittai - 21st of april, 2011
It is about amateur photographers armed with professional knowledge made possible by websites like Strobist. Good reading Article
Wildlife Photography in Russia
posted by visceralimage - 15th of january, 2011
A couple months ago, I promised to write about why I (an American) moved to Russia. I started my wildlife photography business in 2005; I have been a full-time photographer now for five years; part time for a bit before that time.... More...
This, That, or The Other
posted by williamardrey - 17th of september, 2010
I have decided to upgrade my basic equipment by Christmas, but don't know exactly what to do. I currently use an Olympus E-510 DSLR and I love the kinds of pictures it takes. However, the resolution of a lot of the pictures is not... More...
Pay attention about DETAILS!
posted by mani33 - 19th of july, 2010
I know that the world of photography is full of imagination & unreal things (wow yes I do!), this is one of the greatest things about it, no limits & none stop creativity! But when it comes to our daily life & professional work, we... More...
How to improve your illustration skills. - Advice from a pro artist.
posted by anatomyofrockthe - 16th of july, 2010
1. PRACTICE: My best advice for developing your digital illustration skills, is to illustrate often. I make a conscious effort to illustrate almost every day. I'm madly infatuated with being creatively productive, and that is the fuel... More...
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