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Steady and Slow but Good result
posted by pixelartistic - 10th of november, 2013
I started photography and graphics work in 2010. I never know about stock at that time. One of my friend me that he is using some other stock agencies for selling his work. I didnt believe him. But from internally I started to open... More...
Progress update
posted by positiveflash - 16th of october, 2013
I thought I would share an update with everybody on how my year and a half with being on Dreamstime is going. It has been a tough year and a half and I can report that I'm still here. I didn't quit like I wanted to back when I... More...
Keep shooting, Keep improving
posted by vcarmstrong - 24th of july, 2013
This is a theme that you hear not only in photography but in stock photography as well. I can attest that this is the case if you put forth the effort. Things were rocky when I started about two years ago. My first month were... More...
My best month
posted by streager - 1st of september, 2012
In August 2012 I reached my new maximum monthly earnings. $ 42.38! ! ! For many of you, this is nothing, but I'm making progress and this is most important. :-) Greetings
100 Sales!
posted by celiaak - 24th of august, 2012
I finally made 100 sales! I never thought it could be so fast. This is the 100th image sold: It took me 9 months to fail uploading, understand what was wrong, upload more, start selling, build portfolio constantly, and now I have... More...
Milestone 100 sales!
posted by vcarmstrong - 19th of april, 2012
Many people in the Dreamstime community repeat the wisdom "Keep uploading, the sale will come!". It really is true, slowly but steadily I see my sales increasing and as I continue to learn and try to produce more concept photos... More...
Dreamstime progress part 5
posted by twindesign - 10th of february, 2012
It's been a wile but I finally reached 250 images. I have many more to process so getting to 275 will be easier if I can find the time to process them in Photoshop. Images are already made. :) I shoot in the weekends and think of... More...
One Year In
posted by llareggub - 1st of january, 2012
I guess it is really two years in, I initially submitted some photography in January 2010 but failed the submission process and I go t a little demoralised so I wwent away and did a 365 Project to force me to learn the nuances of my... More...
50 files online and new possibilities
posted by anastasiap83 - 15th of december, 2011
What a happy day!!! Finally I have 50 files online. I feel that I’m moving forward. I tried myself in drawing cartoons. I think this new experience is very useful to me. My favorite cartoon is "Happy and satisfied dragon after a... More...
Four hundred!!!
posted by nikmd - 11th of november, 2011
Hello DT ....just wanted to share this great moment....my 400th download.....didnt even think I would get this far when I joined DT last year in March. I took me 11 months to reach my 200th download and now it has taken me 9 months... More...
70 online and 8 sales
posted by kphotos6411 - 1st of november, 2011
This Editorial image has now been sold 2x - today we made 42 cents. I am very thankful that my husband and adult son are doing the scanning while I do all the labeling. Husband and I were using slide film for 15 years so we have... More...
My First Level 2 Image
posted by hotmidhun - 11th of october, 2011
Hi... After a 'not so great' September, there is one good reason I can say cheers right now.. I got my first Level 2 image. It was tough guessing which one would make it to Level 2 first as the gap was nil till the former... More...
Dreamstime progress part 4
posted by twindesign - 15th of september, 2011
I wont make it to long this time. I wanted to show my progress again when I had 150 pictures online. I finally got there. I did not find the time to shoot more often because of my daytime job that also becomes a night job lately. I... More...
A welcoming community
posted by erinpackardphotography - 24th of august, 2011
I have never really given the idea of stock photography much thought, but over the years I've amassed a huge collection of photographs and finally decided to give stock a shot. I first looked at a few other stock photo sites before... More...
My Dreamstime progress part 3
posted by twindesign - 3rd of august, 2011
I finally got my 100 images online. 103 actually at this moment and still 3 pending. And I am adding more tomorrow so hopefully reaching 110 before the weekend. In the mean time things went above expectation. I have 18 sales and... More...
Passing the 100 pictures barrier on DT
posted by marugod83 - 19th of july, 2011
Finally, I've managed to pass the 100 photos barrier on DT and I'm very happy to announce it. :)) It's true, for many of us it's may seems hilarious bragging with this number, but for me it's means a lot. I'm a greenhorn in photografy,... More...
My Dreamstime progress part 2
posted by twindesign - 18th of july, 2011
My last blog article was on the 6th of july. My target then was to get 100 pictures online but I did not reach that goal. I have 72 at this moment and some files pending. It's not that I got less enthusiastic or less inspirited but... More...
My Dreamstime progress
posted by twindesign - 6th of july, 2011
I am a Dreamstime member for some time now. But until recently I was only a buyer. Just a few weeks ago I got the idea to upload some images of my own. I first started reading blogs and websites about stock photography and found out... More...
Statistics! The Hidden Evaluation Tool
posted by midosemsem - 8th of june, 2011
It's my favorite tool on DT by which I can evaluate my progress and see if I'm on the right way or not. I use it mostly to check: - My Sales - My Acceptance Ratio - My Revenue Average Through the above three points I can... More...
Be zen, zen and zen !
posted by digikhmer - 10th of may, 2011
I think that "Zen" is a keyword for all contributors of the dreamstime community. Because, whatever you think about your picture, you have to accept the judgment and go beyond the frustration. And this is the picture that I am really... More...
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