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Adobe Illustrator - Fighting Again With Pixels
posted by inspirationgame - 11th of november, 2013
Hello Everyone: Long time no talk. To make a long story short, I have been inactive on Dreamstime for quite a while after the loss of my sweetheart in 2011. But life's worth living, and I am back with plenty of inspiration. As I wrote... More...
A beautiful illustration of a girl - no views
posted by fengai - 29th of april, 2012
My artwork has no one seen. I want to ask you the correct name. for a long time drawing this illustration (3 hour) and do not see it!! or do I need to draw fairies and princesses? how much to work in the portfolio so that the image... More...
The Long List of Great Advice From DT'ers
posted by livingstonatlarge - 12th of july, 2011
This is a blog documenting the responses to a thread where the question was asked “So far ive only gotten one picture accepted and ive submitted 10 or so more with no luck. SO i was wondering what type of pictures does DT... More...
What's the future of microstock industry? Where is microstock going?
posted by titania1980 - 9th of july, 2011
I would really appreciate your opinions on this matter, fellow dreamstimers (contributors, photogs, illustrators or admins). I have some thinkings that I can't get out of my head... Stock photography began around 2004, when the... More...
my first 1$...yeah!!
posted by atahack - 6th of may, 2011
I've been registered to dreamstime since 2007, but I've started uploading last month. I thought it shouldn't take too long to earn a dollar, but I was wrong. It took a whole month. Now I wonder, should I continue with stock photography?... More...
Wishes for my portfolio
posted by silent47 - 27th of april, 2011
Things seem to be simple when you see someone else's portfolio and like what you see.You think: I can do this"but in fact is very hard to do. After hours of search for inspiration we realize that we are never satisfied with our work.... More...
What is Digital Art? Understanding the new medium
posted by anatomyofrockthe - 15th of july, 2010
To be successful as an artist, the general public must be able to value the craftsmanship of my work. The purpose of this Q&A article is to help people who are unfamiliar with digital art, understand how to accept and appreciate this... More...
All about Assignments
posted by martinedegraaf - 8th of june, 2010
Participating in the (more or less) monthly assignments on DT is great fun, and challenges you to go beyond your regular photography. It is rewarding in several ways: - your accepted images are escalated to level 5 at once, wich will... More...
Why... Classic Kids Questions
posted by maigi - 19th of november, 2009
Have you ever wondered, how many questions fits into the 5 year old's head? Why don't all the fish die when lightning hits the sea?Why is the sky blue?Why is the grass green?Why can't people leave other people alone?Why are birds not... More...
Questions for administrators of Dreamstime: a suggestion.
posted by davidwatmough - 3rd of october, 2009
It would be good in my view, especially for those relatively new to Dreamstime if there was a box on the management site where we could ask questions and get quick replies. I did a property release for instance on my own workshop but... More...
Editing advice needed!
posted by javashots - 17th of april, 2009
How many of us worry constantly not of our composition, subject matter, or ideas. but rather, we worry about "did I apply too much color saturation? Not enough saturation? or the dreaded "Image over filtered" rejection? poor lighting... More...
How About Abstract Style Photoes
posted by black-white - 16th of november, 2008
Recently, I had uploaded many photoes in abstract style to DT. These are almost suitable for background. After a certain anxious waiting period, two ones were accepted as well as the others refused. The case made me do some further... More...
Everyone has a question !!
posted by mi624352921 - 5th of october, 2008
Do you have a question?Do you get lost sometimes?or ,Do you run into trouble?ok,Here,my pictures will give you the answer. Search for the question.Question sign combined from hundred dollar banknotes. More...
Global Warming is a serious problem .
posted by sivanagk - 3rd of july, 2008
What is the part played by you to avoid this? What are the remedies to be taken to avoid this?
Happy New Year!
posted by madartists - 31st of december, 2007
Wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! One of my resolutions is to gain weight. Yes, gain weight, so that I'll be more comfortable sitting in this hard chair at the computer for long hours uploading to Dreamstime :) What'... More...
The big blog question blog
posted by dnf-style - 23rd of august, 2007
Do more of you have questions you can not directly find an answer to? Do you have remarks about blogging you can't get answered or don't get answered. Ask them here please. I'll start of with my own and build it up in the comments... More...
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