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Blue Hour in Frankenmuth MI
posted by helgidinson - 19th of october, 2013
Just want to share After a year posting these images , at last someone like and download it......The blue Hour in Frankenmuth MI, USA.
Ranking ?
posted by akvileja - 25th of july, 2013
hello everyone, lately I found that there are some kind of game called stock rank, I wonder what is it ? as I cant play it because of unknown problem, maybe because of the internet problem anyway. is it worth to play it ? More...
Rate my portfolio
posted by minervastudio - 20th of september, 2012
Hi guys, I want to have your opinion about my pf. I'm asking that since I have almost no sales here. I'd like to improve. Thank you =) My Portfolio More...
When you have to run to make your photos
posted by jdanne - 6th of may, 2012
Weather in April can be very changeable in Germany. From warm sunshine to heavy rain showers and sometimes even snowing - nearly everything is possible during this month. And the weather can change in a few minutes. I made this experience... More...
My first collection - Frankfurt modern city
posted by editor77 - 8th of december, 2011
Hello, I manage my first collection with photos from Frankfurt city. U can find the collection here: Frankfurt Modern City Collection If u like them u can buy it :) All the best.
93% of photo uploaded on 11.11.11 have been accepted
posted by editor77 - 15th of november, 2011
Hello I'm glad to see my work was well appreciated by reviewers and almost all photos uploaded on 11.11.11 (expect very few which i must resubmit again after i made all the corrections) are accepted here. Probably for me was a lucky... More...
Interesting stock rank badge
posted by arvacsaba - 7th of september, 2011
Today I played some stock rank and after a few games I received this: Printscreen Probably it was a bug or something like this, because after another game everything was normal. But I really liked that blue badge. Does this really... More...
For Those Who Love Reading Others Stats!
posted by morganoliver - 21st of may, 2011
I LOVE reading other contributors statistics and milestone they have reached. By comparing my sales and money earned to theirs, I can somewhat rank where I stand among the whole. Validation, you know. I know I am no Yuri_arcurs (idol)... More...
Play Stock Rank and Lose Your Self-Esteem
posted by ponytail1414 - 6th of march, 2011
It's been a while since I wrote a blog, but due to the hundreds of you clamoring for another one, I decided it was time. Well, okay it wasn’t hundreds of you. Okay it was my mom. What inspired my irritation this time was that... More...
Ruminations on Dreamstime Stock Rank game
posted by selitskiy - 10th of november, 2010
I've been periodically reading DT blogs, and recently noticed some kind of obviously ranking label - wheel with a wing. My curiosity made me click on it and so I discovered the game (or a training tool) of the Stock Rank. I could... More...
Golden Badge
posted by smartview27 - 18th of august, 2010
I love playing games on Dreamstime! Stock Rank. It’s so challenging and so relaxing! Choosing images, evaluating photos and illustrations in a few seconds... Today I thought: I only wish to be able to play at least... More...
Stock Rank-Won't Push My Luck!
posted by theblackrhino - 21st of july, 2010
Wowzah! I just got a 9 out of 10 in Stock Rank. I usually play it 2 or 3 times a day. But I think I'll quit while I got it good today!
SEO 101: Page Titles and Meta Elements
posted by jsternig - 20th of july, 2010
In our ongoing series on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’ve covered almost everything that you can actually see on the page and how it impacts SEO. We’ve gone over the development of keywords and content and choosing the most... More...
Have a Personal Photography Site? Tips to Get it Noticed.
posted by jsternig - 6th of july, 2010
As a photographer myself with a website of my own, I spent a lot of time trying to get my work to appear in the top results of search engines. Perhaps you've heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but don't understand what it's about.... More...
Stock Rank Addiction
posted by goldution - 8th of march, 2010
Friends, if anyone knows how to keep themselves out of stock rank game, please share. I started playing every day and it kills too much time. The game is clever and short. as it ends, i always pushing "play again" over and over again... More...
Most popular ?
posted by davulcu - 1st of january, 2010
I wonder about the measure of being a popular image in DT ..This one in my portfolio was in the second rank of "Most Popular Images" ! ( 12288541 ) Can someone explain me about the popularity rating of DT Thank you very... More...
My first assignment file
posted by fcarucci - 30th of december, 2009
On the 31st of December. Hopefully this is a good omen for the next year. Happy 2010 everyone.
Stock Rank Milestone!
posted by mani33 - 27th of september, 2009
Today I made a milestone on the Stock Rank Game! 3000 Games played with 74% Score! (Not gaining from it but learning from it!) When I had my 2000 games in the stock rank game I made a Blog - 2000 Games - Lessons to help understanding... More...
Stock image ranking game suggestion
posted by goodcontent - 6th of september, 2009
Hi I am suggesting that there be one option the player could check when playing the game. It would be for illustrations on or off, then we could compare apples to apples (photographs to photographs) only, rather then... More...
3 Reasons I Love (play) the Stock Rank Game
posted by laffin - 7th of august, 2009
Many of you have now played the Stock Rank game and I have discovered three reasons I love (or at least play) this game. 1) This game is great at getting a better idea of what sells and what doesn't. I am fairly new to the stock... More...
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