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Religious Freedom
posted by ellenboughn - 27th of september, 2007
Religion has been much in the news over the last couple of weeks. Some of the flurry surrounds Christopher Hitchen’s best seller: God is Not Great and the tenth anniversary of the death of Mother Theresa. Organized religions down... More...
Seems dangerous...
posted by thorken - 28th of march, 2014
On my last trip to Indonesia I have taken some photos that may seem to be dangerous. First was underwater with a beautiful and kindly posin moray with widely opened mouth. And the second was a crocodile posing in similar way. The second... More...
Hunting manta rays on Manta Dropp-off
posted by thorken - 19th of august, 2013
Briefing for the dive was the most precise I've ever experienced. And that was why. All it would enough was the slightest mistak and a diver was pulled down by a strong current in the sea depths. On the dive we went just two divers... More...
Gray cards are NOT interchangeable!
posted by alvera - 17th of november, 2012
Gray cards are NOT interchangeable Good to know: Gray cards are NOT interchangeable! So, accordingly to video below, "18 % gray cards" (grey cards) are used to measure exposure AND "white balance gray cards" are for custom white... More...
posted by mightymogwai - 14th of november, 2012
Hooray! 100 photos in my portfolio! Want to make it to at least 500 until the start of the year 2015. Feel as sunny and happy as this photo of the Hudson river waterfront that was the photo number 100 accepted by the editors of... More...
Collections Contribution Request Part XII
posted by elianehaykal - 12th of september, 2012
New collections saw the day and need your contributions to make them more awesome than they already are! Let's start with the diet-wrecking Cheesecake Galore: Then get amazed by fantastic Mythical... More...
Pictures with the X-Ray film. How to increase the sales and not to be
posted by banol2007 - 27th of august, 2012
The X-Ray film (XRF) is popular subject on medical pictures. It can be used alone, with people or for emotional enhancement. Photographer can play with XRF as he likes without taking care about any regulations if image is illustrating... More...
Milestone! my first sales!
posted by maybefalse - 23rd of may, 2011
3 subscriptions of extra small resolution...I got $0.32 for each after being taxed... Anyway, I am excited, only 17 pics on line after all. Hope it is a good start:-) These are my own bones.... More...
posted by cristalloid - 20th of february, 2011
Hello folks, I have just accepted a new image for my X-Rayed-collection Have a nice Sunday :-)
Wadi Wurayah becomes the UAE’s first mountain protected area
posted by zash - 5th of february, 2011
Wadi Wurayah - one of WWF Global 200 Ecoregions April 2009: Wadi Wurayah Fujairah has officially been declared the UAE's first protected mountain area by His Highness Shaikh Hamad Bin Mohammad Al Sharqi. The decree comes after the... More...
Black and white - converting and editing
posted by risto40 - 7th of january, 2011
As we know there are a lot of different ways how to turn your colorful pictures into black and white. We also know there are several ways to edit gray tones in black and white. One way I sometimes use (in photoshop) is the following:... More...
Symbol Sprayer ...
posted by davulcu - 25th of september, 2010
I decided to share an Illustrator tip with you . For repetitive figures Symbol Sprayer is a great tool. Just try this; From the tools menu choose star tool ( it is in the same section with rectangle tool ) Draw a star to... More...
Smoking kills. Quit now!
posted by risto40 - 20th of july, 2010
While i was bored during my vacation i decided to clean up an old shed in a hope to find something interesting. And i did! What i found was one weird but very cool ashtray that i have never seen before with my own eye nor in TV or somewhre... More...
posted by blackneroli - 21st of march, 2010
Spring came with the case. Everything is melting, floods. Gray, foggy, humid, but remain warmer.
First Objective Reached ! Woohoo !!!
posted by jdazuelos - 8th of march, 2010
Yesterday I reached My first objective, get an image in level 2 !! yeah ! I've almost reached my second one (get 100 images on-line) It's now time for spring cleaning and good resolutions for the summer. my next objectives... More...
Hooray! My photo has been approved in assignment!
posted by tanyae - 13th of december, 2009
Hooray! My photo has been approved in assignment! For the first time! Good luck to everyone! Don't lose hope!
The Street Cat-Beggar
posted by ihsankhairir - 25th of november, 2009
I was having lunch with my family at a small town restaurant when I saw several street cats begging for food. One of them was successful in procuring a half-eaten piece of fried fish. I had my D60 on hand so I thought, I took some... More...
i shoot people for fun and money..
posted by tan510jomast - 10th of october, 2009
That's the official name of my own private blog side here in the city of my tentative business . I started using this title "I shoot people for fun and money" as my logo and motto for my business cards ,etc.. How I decided to use... More...
Converting to Black and White
posted by risto40 - 23rd of august, 2009
So...my first blog, ever. Wanted to start blogging with something useful.. and Photoshop came in mind. After few secs on thinking, i decided to share few B&W conversion methods I use to get rid of colors. First of all, I'm using... More...
Colored pencils (crayons)
posted by mildegard - 19th of january, 2009
Drawing with crayons is a usual child business, isn't it? But I tried them again, not long ago and can say that very interesting effects can be made that way, and it's really worth trying. So there are some tips from me if you... More...
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