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Progress update
posted by positiveflash - 16th of october, 2013
I thought I would share an update with everybody on how my year and a half with being on Dreamstime is going. It has been a tough year and a half and I can report that I'm still here. I didn't quit like I wanted to back when I... More...
First $100 Cashout, 268 Images Online
posted by suyerry - 30th of april, 2013
My story for other newbies like me. I started out wondering... Could I actually sell stock photos? What photos are considered stock? What photos should I submit? Can I really make some extra cash doing this online? I decided... More...
Editing can be hard - getting a second opinion can help
posted by wordplanet - 5th of december, 2012
From time to time I enter the various assignment contests here, usually adding anywhere from one to a handful of photos. Much of the time, they are rejected because the editors were looking for "something a little more elaborate."... More...
Other images accepted
posted by alexa_adrian2001 - 1st of november, 2012
Hi there, I have been under great expectations in these days as I had about 14 images under pending status. Almost a day or two some were in 'image under review' status. Very strange :) However, I was very disappointed when I... More...
No rejections, what's wrong with my photos?
posted by jdanne - 10th of january, 2012
Last Sunday I downloaded 11 editorial photos and the next day all were accepted! NO REJECTIONS! AND: Nothing to learn!!!! It's the first time I made this experience! No - bad light - that's not what we are looking for - not stock... More...
Another DC Shoot Accomplised
posted by indy2320 - 18th of november, 2011
In my last article,i wrote about my next mission to Washington DC.After several rejections and more approvals than i expected the mission is complete till the next time.It turned out to be a really nice day and night and there was... More...
Avoid useless rejections for the assignment
posted by fra73 - 28th of march, 2011
A few tips if this is the first time you participate to the assignment. If you picture is refused for the assignment it doesn't mean that the picture can't be accepted as a normal RF image. If your picture doesn't have technical problems,... More...
Why do I like DT...
posted by igordabari - 3rd of march, 2011
We all are human beings. We all can be tired. We all are not able to be always right. But we all can speak to each other politely and constructively trying to explain what we think and what we want. Respecting each other. And DT, on... More...
One year in DT, some considerations
posted by fra73 - 2nd of february, 2011
A year ago I bought my first reflex. I had everything to learn. I joined just to have some free advises about my pictures from professionals. After some rejections due to all kinds of technical problems I understood how to improve the... More...
110 Approvals in 10 days
posted by bcritchley - 28th of october, 2010
After a great 14 day trip, time to chill out, relax and get away from everything I decided to upload a few shots on my return and see how things went. To my delight I have now had 110 images accepted in the last 10 days with an... More...
It's a Rough Road at first!
posted by jurphotography - 1st of september, 2010
Geeeeezzzzz... Ok So has been a rough road here for me at dreamstime. Some really harsh rejections from the admin peeps. A super low approval rating, not many downloads, and a huge reality check. All of witch have contributed to... More...
Attitude is EVERYTHING!
posted by novembergale - 15th of april, 2010
After nearly two years of dabbling in stock photography, I finally feel like I've made it through the learning curve as a contributor. My acceptances and sales are picking up and I decided to work exclusively with Dreamstime.... More...
Poetry for the Struggling Microstocker
posted by komar - 2nd of april, 2010
If we submit images, inevitably we are going to get rejections. From these rejections we learn how to improve and our acceptance ratio over time, should start to increase. However, this process for many of us is a tough one, as there... More...
Anxiously Awaiting That First Dreamstime Sale
posted by gilmourbto2001 - 19th of november, 2009
My experience here at Dreamstime is somewhat unique in comparison to those who either contribute to all the major microstock sites or those who choose to be exclusive contributors here at DT. Don't worry, this article is not meant... More...
Reasons for Rejection: Take Heed!
posted by jeniicorv8 - 14th of october, 2009
First off, please indulge me--I would like to announce my FIRST sale… hoooraaaaay! Finally! Oh, that felt grrreat! Now onto the real topic. I especially want to call the attention of newbies like me to not take for... More...
Do you feel rejected and don't know what to do?
posted by nikitu - 24th of august, 2009
Stock phototographer's biggest issue with the agencies where he submits to is rejections, after which comes revenue and other factors. So, I am going to talk a bit about this otherwise forbidden subject and I hope that when I... More...
An Editor point of view... Too many flowers!
posted by demonike - 18th of may, 2008
As the image editors (not entirely correct a statement - we're more like... well, reviewers only) review up to a couple of thousand images per day - each - then they most likely see the big picture, when it comes to balancing the various... More...
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