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Big Dreams
posted by vinitaseyecandy - 30th of august, 2011
I decided to start a little blog on here. I am an Illustrator/Artist and play around alittle with photography. I work from home doing my Art so that I can take care of my little girl who is 5. My goal is to have enough illustrations... More...
Publishing Pictures with People
posted by mherman - 7th of august, 2011
I have some beautiful pictures of people from around the world that I'd like to publish, but don't have a model release. Is there anyway around getting the individuals release, or any other recommendation? This would include travel... More...
Pictures without model release form
posted by lucianox - 22nd of july, 2011
Alright, so I have some nice pictures or at least I like to think they are, of people fishing, fixing nets, kayaking,, etc but I don't have a MR for them as I took most of the pictures abroad and I never suspected some day I would be... More...
How to get property releases for soical media networks!
posted by lovephotography79 - 23rd of june, 2011
Hi everyone, I am a new member at dreamstime and at this level in the stock photography business I have much to learn about what is acceptable in order for an image to be approved. I recently posted a Social Media diagram and it... More...
New Model Release for same model?
posted by solidsdman - 25th of may, 2011
Hello: Do I need to submit a new model release for the same model taken a few weeks after the date of the original model release? There is no area on the model release for "Shoot Date," just the model's signature and date. More...
Model release form for all agencies
posted by alistaircotton - 31st of january, 2011
Yuri has had an excellent model release form available on his site for a while now. However, when I tried to use it towards the end of last year there were some problems and DT and another agency rejected the form. I've updated... More...
Finding your model with a cheap way
posted by 1000wordsimages - 11th of january, 2011
>Finding a model can be easy. You can ask your friends or your family. If you explain how the images will be used most of them will sign you a release. But what if you need some new models? You can pay for expensive professional models... More...
Licences and how to obtain them for my art work, help!
posted by buffaloartist - 29th of december, 2010
I went yesterday from being totally excited to have a new source for my art. I bought several photos that I would love to paint. Then I realized there are difference kinds of licenses and I might not have bought the right to paint... More...
Iphone APP for Model Release for Photographers
posted by aughty - 14th of november, 2010
I carry my cell phone with me all over the world and along with it are 100s of useable apps to make organizing my lifestyle easier without relying heavily on my laptop to keep notes, etc. There are now electronic model releases... More...
Property release on architectural constructions
posted by dorvard - 7th of november, 2010
Dear colleagues, I suggest to share the information and experience when on certain architectural constructions the photobank demanded from you. For example, at me once haven't accepted a photo of illuminated Tour d'Eiffel, having... More...
Series of mistakes drops acceptance average
posted by visceralimage - 26th of august, 2010
Hopefully my experience will help others here on Dreamstime not make the same mistakes I have made during the past month. This is not a critique about DT, it is to help others not make same mistakes. Prior to this month, I had submitted... More...
Let us all shares
posted by alitvfilm - 14th of june, 2010
There are still many things to learn, to know, to understand and to share in DT.And hopefully this articles will at least help us to solved a few misunderstood, problems, questions, etc, by sharing this to all DT members who are more... More...
MR library info - do check it !
posted by sebcz - 14th of may, 2010
This short reminder is directed especially to photographers shooting children (as the problem is more common there), but of course applies to all photos where people are involved. You probably know that our Dreamfinder has a nice... More...
Property released
posted by ciska76 - 20th of april, 2010
On May 12 I complete one year that I am enrolled to dreamstime and with the time beginning to understand better as to do for getting greater visibility. Looking on the site I have seen that in some illustrations with people or objects... More...
Do you pay your models for submitting photos here?
posted by amnemcova - 31st of march, 2010
Do you pay your models for submitting photos here? Or some kind of profit?
As time goes by, models get older... Thoughts about Model Releases
posted by rosedarc - 12th of november, 2009
I'm very impressed by the powerful search engine DT provides to designers; so many little details that make one's job easier and give everyone a chance to find the right photos for the right project. For instance I like the fact... More...
When do we need Property Releases?
posted by jonvitalija - 10th of november, 2009
Hi guys I always worried about property realeses and that is what i found: In theory if is for editorial you allowed to upload almost everything because is for educational purposes, as we living on a free country. However Cuba... More...
How to use everyday models
posted by amitai - 18th of october, 2009
One of the biggest obstacles you have, when you want to develop your stock photograhpy portfolio, is model release from people you photograph. I found a solution, it may not fit everyone, and some may see it as exposing too much... More...
Model releases are real? Really?
posted by valerii - 29th of september, 2009
Yesterday I met my friend and told about DT, about stock photos, about all issues and about necessary for sale of a photo documents (Model or property release). And He asked me "How managers of DT or buyers of you stock photo with... More...
New assignment
posted by aginger - 20th of august, 2009
Wohoooa, at least, a perfect one for me! Sea, sun, fun...And be prepared, I'll be the model :) - I hope, DT will approve my pics, I'll upload them today's evening (or as soon as I can)...if I'll be lucky, I'll let you know, but till... More...
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