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SR-EL sold....woooow!!!
posted by libux77 - 26th of march, 2013
Today a dream has become true!!! I have had my first SR-EL sell....it is or better it was an illustration. It has been sold for $400 and my revenue was $228 I thought it was impossible for me ....instead life is unpredictable!... More...
Again SelltheRights SALE !!!
posted by tmarchev - 2nd of march, 2013
First i want to thank you to all who supports me Dreamstime THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Thanks to all buyers and wish to all contributors success ! Today i have 2nd sale with SR license... first sale is: Approved On:... More...
Promoting Your Stock Photography - Social Networking Pitfalls
posted by transformx - 16th of december, 2012
I am new to DT and am pleasantly surprised to see that DT has in place a system for unauthorized usage. This begs the question of how and when to promote your own stock photography on other venues - particularly FaceBook, Twitter and... More...
Plain Stealing
posted by elianehaykal - 26th of october, 2012
So... I was informed yesterday by a dear friend that my husband's image is posted on Facebook: ArtPics Image It came complete with a "Wow! Please share this photo" description! It was credited to someone else, not to Georges... More...
I'm confused. Can you help?
posted by fantasyart - 17th of october, 2012
Sorry if my question is obvious, but I have not found an answer to this question. My question is this: What are the rights to be activated when you submit a photo or illustration? - Web Usage (W-EL) - Print Usage (P-EL) - Sell... More...
$600 Earnings Image
posted by iwhitwo - 29th of april, 2012
I received a surprising email from Dreamstime this week that read as follows: SR-EL sale - ID - Immediate action required Dear Ian, This is an automated notification informing you that one of your files has been sold under... More...
Exclusive Rights
posted by sunguy - 20th of january, 2012
Greetings Although my regular sales seem okay for a newbie ( 5 over the last week), it appears the real bucks are in someone buying the exclusive rights to an image. Does this happen very often or is it a rare occurrence. I would... More...
I hate it...
posted by cristalloid - 8th of october, 2011
using the google image finder one can find tons of watermarked images.... I hate it because many sites that use watermarked images are in hyroglyphic (non-arabic) fonts like Korean or Greek, have no contact adress, and if they have... More...
My first SR-EL sale!!!!! and today I celebrate 5 years with DT!
posted by titania1980 - 8th of september, 2011
Hi! It just happens that today I celebrate my 5 years in Dreamstime!!! I registered on 8th september 2006, but I started really sending images on the middle of 2007. My pictures that years weren't good ;-) I was just learning :)... More...
posted by rabac_liviu - 17th of june, 2011
OK. Now I'm confused. I'm a photographer mostly for weddings. I like to photograph other things but my main activity is weddings. I found today an image of mine (witch is here on dreamstime for selling ) on this site . An that guy pretends... More...
Sell the rights
posted by cristalloid - 30th of may, 2011
I am just thinking of enabling the SR-EL feature for some of my images. Before I do so I would like to discuss some questions with you. First: Is it a good idea for a part-timer (name it: hobbyist) like me to enable the SR-feature... More...
posted by tmarchev - 10th of february, 2011
Thanks so much to Dreamstime ! Logo file was like that here. Only that it came to architecture, but unfortunately I can not show it because I have right now.
The rights of photographers when in Australia
posted by flexigav - 14th of january, 2011
Although these laws come from the state of New South Wales, within Australia, they generally apply to the whole nation. First when it comes to privacy, unlike the USA, Australia does not have a Bill of Rights, so our laws are going... More...
Simple picture brings great satisfaction
posted by silverfish81 - 26th of december, 2010
Imagine my surprise a few days ago when I opened my Dreamstime account and my earnings balance was 180 dollars higher then the previous day! It was not hard to figure out what had happened: it was my first "SR-EL" sale. The picture... More...
Unfair T&C’s on Ellesse Photo Competition
posted by chunshine - 28th of july, 2010
A competition being run by Ellesse is grabbing the rights of all who enter for their own gain. How many of those who have entered this competition so far have actually read the T&C’s? How many of them actually... More...
My first SR-EL sale
posted by mihaiciolan - 28th of july, 2010
Today I had my first SR-El (sell the rights) sale on Dreamstime. It sure is nice to see $150 in your ballance for a single download :D
Stock Images needed vs. Selling the Rights
posted by phakimata - 2nd of november, 2009
I was happy to see that today I made my first SR-EL sale. I was curious to see what image it actually was. To my surprise it was a photo of one of our cats (similar to the one shown here) that sold 8 times over the course of 2 years... More...
Reasons for Rejection: Take Heed!
posted by jeniicorv8 - 14th of october, 2009
First off, please indulge me--I would like to announce my FIRST sale… hoooraaaaay! Finally! Oh, that felt grrreat! Now onto the real topic. I especially want to call the attention of newbies like me to not take for... More...
My first SR-EL ;)
posted by creativeapril - 18th of september, 2009
Hi All, I want to say thank you Dreamstime for My first (SR-EL "Sell the Rights")! I love you Dreamstime ;) Go ahead >>>>>>>>>
Rights for sell
posted by hiba04 - 30th of july, 2009
As creating illustrations is just a hobby for me so I've decided to start selling the rights of my vector illustrations. You're welcome to look into my portfolio & let me know if anyone is interested. Some of them, I post here:... More...
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