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One of the four
posted by joezachs - 22nd of may, 2010
The Charminar in Hyderabad (India) was build in 1591 to commemorate the end of the plague in the city. Only when you stand close to the Minar will you realise the colosal height of it (180 feet) I clicked this (the one below) on... More...
The Practical Keyworder - did you mean…?
posted by hatcheckgirl - 5th of may, 2010
I got a call from an upset customer one day - he had been looking for glamour shots of women's legs for some kind of ad campaign and his search results were coming up with some very strange stuff. Instead of images of female legs, he... More...
Mona Lisa Beets and other tales
posted by adeliepenguin - 2nd of may, 2010
I started uploading to Dreamstime about a year ago. Like many of you, I have a day job that doesn’t involve using a camera. Thus, I set my goals easy…15-20 uploads a month, with no expectations of sudden wealth. So far... More...
Arbor Day and May Day
posted by noonie - 29th of april, 2010
We have some more "Days" upon us. Here is some info about the special dates from "The Old Farmer's Almanac". April 30—National Arbor Day As editor of the Nebraska City News, Julius Sterling Morton proposed the first statewide... More...
The Technical Aspects of Photography
posted by petarneychev - 15th of april, 2010
1. You can have the latest and greatest product of any technology but what good is it if you don't know how to operate or use it? 2. The vast majority of today's equipment still functions on the basis of (very) old and well-known... More...
My first Tiff Sale
posted by morphers82 - 14th of april, 2010
So I have only been at this for a few months and with only a few downloads and not even a single level 2 image. I just got my first Tiff download of a heavily modified image of a lightning picture I took in 2009. I took the picture... More...
skip spring jump into summer
posted by tan510jomast - 13th of april, 2010
I am strictly a summer person. A fair weather friend, ha!ha!... what is summer to me? it's the season for good food, fresh sea food hot sun, sweaty bodies,.. and to the rescue , cold melting sweet treats of ... ice... More...
Alligator Farms-perfect place for photography
posted by visceralimage - 12th of april, 2010
In Florida (USA), we have the perfect climate for Alligators, those scaly reptiles with big powerful jaws and long tails-a reptile that has been alive and prospering since the dinosaur age. In a couple cities in Florida, we have... More...
mention artist in credits of publication
posted by claytonwright - 5th of april, 2010
Hello, I would like to know how I can send a message to a contributor that I used the art downloaded. Or, mention artist in credits of publication, like in the credits page of a CD. There used to be a window on dreamstime that... More...
Monthly Report - March 2010
posted by davulcu - 30th of march, 2010
Thanks to DT I uploaded more than 100 images at March. ( 132 while I am writing these lines ) It was really a hard work for me. Meanwhile my acceptance ratio reached to % 48, a level of uploading 7 images a day. I suppose it is... More...
posted by blackneroli - 21st of march, 2010
Spring came with the case. Everything is melting, floods. Gray, foggy, humid, but remain warmer.
Formula 1 & Lovely Face
posted by creativei - 6th of march, 2010
Well past 15 days was really busy, attending Second Abu Dhabi Yachts Show, attending Indian movie premier, meeting Indian movie stars. The busy schedule kept me hooked to DT as usual. You might have viewed my previous images of Indian... More...
posted by cristalloid - 19th of february, 2010
I am wondering in which format I should save and then submit illustrations made with Inkscape. The DT-faq say: I am an illustrator; do you accept illustrations? We love illustrations! Vector files should be saved in raster format,... More...
The mysterious "n/a" searches
posted by katn1999 - 11th of february, 2010
How do you suppose that an image is found and purchased by someone who doesn't appear to have searched for any key word? How can someone find a picture of yours and purchase it if they never searched for a key word to begin with?... More...
A free program for additional format eps
posted by lesnivila - 3rd of february, 2010
Dear members of dreamstime, sometimes I am reading, that the additional format was not accepted. You can fix this problem, if you are using the open source program GIMP. It is an image manipulation program and it is free. You... More...
posted by cristalloid - 29th of january, 2010
My girlfriend just asked me if I would like to take some photos of her hands... now I am brainstorming about the gestures and the light set-up... if I come to make some good shots maybe I will load them up to DT :-) More...
My first TIFF sale
posted by jinlide - 22nd of january, 2010
Just a week after the announcement of TIFF availability, I opened up my account and got a pleasant surprise: one of my image got a TIFF sale. It was among my favorites. Taken in a alleyway in a historical downtown at sunset.... More...
is there a formula to successful downloads?
posted by tan510jomast - 20th of january, 2010
Hello Dreamstimers, hope this new decade started on the right mood for you as it did for me here on Dreamstime. now that i got my first taste of a payout, i am getting greedy and want to see the next payout sooner, and more... More...
posted by cristalloid - 15th of january, 2010
Recently the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 opened it doors. Come to the Ruhr area and have a look what has been made from one of the biggest industrial regions in Germany. There are many things to discover for us photo-... More...
My First Tiff Format Sale
posted by indy2320 - 13th of january, 2010
On the same day that Dreamstime announced that Tiff Format images would be available someone purchased one of my images in the new format.The image sold for eleven credits or $5.74 in U.S. currency.That is really cool and i hope everyone... More...
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