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The Do Nots of Successful Keywords
posted by ellenboughn - 13th of march, 2007
Over the next week or so, I'll continue a short course in keywording the Dreamstime way. I can't promise that our guide will take all the tedium out of the job but if you follow it, the time you spend in adding data to your... More...
My new website- "Pics Thru Lens" in a new avatar ....
posted by subhra2jyoti - 24th of december, 2013
Dear Friends, Wishing you and your families a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR ! On this festive occasion, with celebration and happiness in air, I invite you all to visit my photography website relaunched (though... More...
Property Rules
posted by peppenero - 8th of may, 2012
These are the Chinese Sharpei property rules :) Because I like it, It's mine Because it's in my mouth, It's mine Because I had it a little while ago, It's mine Because I can take it from you,... More...
Shooting Landscapes
posted by akulamatiau - 1st of september, 2011
I shoot mainly landscapes. And there are a lot of blog postings and articles in the internet advising us hot to take landscape photos. I learned that we should always have a foreground, middle ground and background elements to give... More...
I have a question re images of old cars.
posted by laqhill - 27th of june, 2011
Could anyone tell me what the rules are when taking pictures of old cars? I see on DT everything, some with the name/kind of car and some without. What exactly should I be concerned with when submitting photos of cars, boats, etc.... More...
Taking photos on military base in Afghanistan.
posted by scaramax - 18th of june, 2011
If you will see my pictures, there are - due to my profession - almost all from some kind of military environment. Being repeatedly stationed on military base in middle of nowhere somehow predefines the topics of images taken :). Although... More...
Children photography
posted by petin - 14th of may, 2011
Recently I reached level of 150 pictures on-line here on DT. Mostly I upload pictures of active children, in their natural children world. I really enjoy it ( I remember my happy childhood ) because it brings me some kind of calmness... More...
how to stop the exclusivity?
posted by 3dm1983 - 6th of may, 2011
I am interested in how to break the exclusivity? Does anyone know? Does anyone have experience with these? What are the rules?
Checklist photography
posted by p0temkin - 27th of july, 2010
.... Exposure? Check. Rule of thirds? Check. Noise? Check. Focus? Check. White balance? Check. Boring? For sure. Im a photo newbie, so the above checklist is usually quite time consuming to get past. And getting the photo... More...
The rule of thirds
posted by imaengine - 8th of june, 2010
The rule of thirds in photographic composition is one of the very basic rules and taught to budding photographers and entry level aspirants in the stream. The rule of thirds is a fundamental rule in photographic composition. Basically... More...
Breaking the rules of photography: before you break the rules!
posted by imaengine - 8th of june, 2010
I was having a casual conversation with a renowned photographer. And he proudly said that it was all about breaking the rules – he never follows any rules. He said he does that because if he followed the rules he would never have... More...
Kiss !
posted by davidwatmough - 3rd of june, 2010
I remembered yesterday the Kiss principle.... 'keep it simple stupid' and it clearly is a rule worth following in Microstock submissions. And of course, when all is said and done, its the quality which counts when it comes down... More...
What You Is Doing? (A straightening tip)
posted by noonie - 16th of november, 2009
He was a cute kid standing on the side of the road holding a plastic ball and bat. He saw us riding by on our bicycles and grinned really big. We slowed down to say "hello" and he asked, "What you is doing?". Well, sometimes I have... More...
What about composition?
posted by alexhor - 11th of may, 2009
Hi to all! Here is your amateur adviser again:) I was encouraged with fact that my last article about shooting objects on white came up on "Useful articles" section. I don't know how those lists work but I think enough of you clicked... More...
Photography ‘grammar’
posted by lightbrush701 - 4th of march, 2009
There are lots of talks about stock photography and the special ingredients to make it sellable. Like everything else photography has its own grammar, such as contrast, lighting, composition, and other aspects to make a good photo.... More...
posted by lazar_x - 24th of november, 2008
Thirds The most frequently quoted rule of composition is of use of thirds. Imagine your picture being divided equally into nine rectangles, three across by three up. The main features of your image should be placed not in the center... More...
Model Release for editorial images
posted by agripina - 27th of october, 2008
Hey people!!!! Would you be so kind to explain me this thing with editorial images.... As I could see from others you dont need to have this. Yeah, I can imagine myself breaking my way through the crowd to get some VIP/star/... More...
Museum Etiquette
posted by lifesazoo - 25th of august, 2008
This past weekend my husband and I went to two different museums. Saturday we went to the Computer History Museum and on Sunday we went to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Each museum has there own set of rules when you are visiting... More...
No more smoking!
posted by motadacruz - 14th of july, 2008
In most countries you can't smoke in bars en restaurants anymore. But for the Netherlands this rule is new since July 1st. Friends of mine told me they already smoked allot less then before that rule. For most people this new... More...
Breaking The Rule of Third
posted by indianeye - 5th of december, 2007
As I discussed in my first blog Creating Eye Catching Images! very soon I will try to share my thoughts on breaking the rules of composition. The rules of composition are just some guidelines about making good, attractive images by... More...
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