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protecting your child at school
posted by inyrdreams - 12th of june, 2013
I was happy to have one of my images accepted in this months assignment, this was really a fun one! I did enter 10, but was happy with the choice they picked. I think what makes this image, is the little girl's expression... I did... More...
posted by chanevy - 3rd of june, 2013
You may have heard that we have had bad flooding in parts of Iowa this Spring. I am very fortunate, I only had a few puddles in my basement. Some neighbors have reported having several feet of water in their homes. I am a bit... More...
Tips for safer photography sessions
posted by enigmacypher - 13th of december, 2012
I just read a recent article about a woman who was killed by a train while photographing another train coming from the opposite direction. It is a tragic situation that could have been avoided, but this woman is certainly not the first... More...
Tips for shooting on windy days
posted by psmpics - 28th of june, 2012
Taking photographs on blustery days presents a number of challenges, including: - Getting a sharp image - Getting a clean image - Protecting your gear - Protecting yourself Getting a sharp image Here are... More...
my first level 5 image
posted by huating - 1st of december, 2011
Hi! this is my first level 5 image. It got to the level 5 today! this image arrived level 5 spend 16 months, it bring me $180 until now. thanks DT and all friends here!! good luck to your all! More...
Silver Lining To A Traffic Ticket
posted by jeniicorv8 - 10th of september, 2011
We enjoyed a three-day weekend here in the US in celebration of Labor Day. An opportune time for me to complete my Traffic School (joy!) especially because it is due in court this coming Monday! [The side story to this is yes, I was pulled over because allegedly I did a rolling stop. I fought this via written trial but was found guilty anyway. If you guessed that I strongly disagree with this conviction, you are right, bu More...
posted by dgphotographic - 22nd of august, 2011
STOP ! What ever you are doing NOW ! Hope that got your attention ? As part of a safety poster competition for the company I work for I was lucky enough to get Mimi to pose for me, she is a full time professional model and just an hour... More...
Safety and you
posted by joezachs - 3rd of march, 2011
“Ha ha ha, me and poetry? Ha ha” That was my first reaction when I was asked to write a poetry for a competition that was held for the forthcoming National Safety day. Incidentally that is tomorrow (the 4th of March) The fact... More...
Safe & Wonderful Holidays Everyone
posted by aneese - 24th of december, 2010
Just want to wish everyone at Dreamstime a write your text here. Safe Travels where ever you are. Merry Christmas Everyone! Aneese =)
Keep Your Camera Safe
posted by davewebbphoto - 21st of june, 2010
For outdoor and adventure photographers like myself, keeping digital gear safe and sound is always a priority. I take my equipment fishing, skiing, motorcycling - you name it. Here are some tips I've picked up along the way: 1. Keep... More...
Sharpening your images
posted by antoinettew - 26th of november, 2009
The other day I came across an article on the internet about sharpening your image in a safer way in stat of using Unsharp Mak. One reason for this is that the Unsharp mask operates on the actual image pixels and it makes changes to... More...
To upload or not to upload, that is the question
posted by gmargittai - 23rd of august, 2009
I am an amateur photographer, exclusive on Dreamstime, this is my second year. I have about 250 photos uploaded on the site. I had my share of rejections and acceptances. By now I kind of know upfront which images will be accepted... More...
Safe DreamsTime
posted by mani33 - 29th of april, 2009
As piracy has reached some photo stock sites, like many other subjects (No News!), I made many searches to see how safe DT photos are... I know that nothing is totally safe on the net but I have noticed that DT is the photo stock... More...
Happy Easter
posted by dcwcreations - 12th of april, 2009
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Be safe and happy wherever you are in the small world we live in. Dcwcreations
Use Hand-Me-Down Equipment With Caution
posted by karenkh - 31st of january, 2009
I learned a valuable lesson yesterday when one of my lights exploded. I was given some old used lights and have been using them for my stock photos, not giving any thought as to their age. I ended up with bits of broken glass... More...
Children in India
posted by davidwattsjr - 5th of february, 2008
I was visiting India during the month of November 2007. I am always intrigued by the children of Indian - how industrious and clever they are. And at the same time, they (and their parents) seem to have little regard for the same safety... More...
A new year
posted by digitalreflections - 26th of december, 2007
Please let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2008. May all your uploads be accepted and may all your images be best sellers.
SAFE ! best news i have gotten in months
posted by denisebeverly - 3rd of november, 2007
photojay , who has been serving in iraq as a soldier with the US Army is safe and on his way back home !! my good friend, jay, who is my mentor in the stock world is finally on the last leg of the journey home from Iraq. Jay... More...
Model Release - A Security
posted by thefinalmiracle - 5th of september, 2007
Seen on this blog are pictures of my relatives which comprise a lot of percentage in my portfolio. Recently I had to disable a picture of a beautiful cousin of mine after a controversy that sparked off wild reactions in India involving... More...
What to take when traveling
posted by naturevision - 21st of august, 2007
We all love to travel, it provides us with new locals to challenge our creativity. But if we travel outside our own state, province, county, or country how do we keep ourselves safe and healthy? One great peril to our safety is our... More...
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