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November Sales BME
posted by mollysauro - 1st of december, 2008
These are just a few that were Downloaded I can't wait to see what December will bring for each and everyone of us. More...
Trends in sales
posted by saniphoto - 30th of november, 2008
After reading an interesting posting by Iofoto (aka Ron Chapple) in a microstock discussion group I gave a look at my personal yearly trends. It was an interesting discover especially to analyze the year trend broken down by month.... More...
300 Sales!
posted by hot99 - 29th of november, 2008
Importance of professional photography skills in stock photography
posted by yarchyk - 26th of november, 2008
Are professionally trained photographers more likely to have better sales than amateurs who make wonderful photos as well? Is it really important to know all the skills and secrets of photography to become a successful stock photographer?... More...
Relationship between portfolio and sales
posted by saniphoto - 24th of november, 2008
I want to share some data and analysys that I think can be of some interest to all. In this 2008 alone, I've raised my portfolio of almost 100% to a total of 2690 images online (and the year is not over yet!). I can testify that... More...
Write your blog to Increase your sales
posted by asaliro - 23rd of november, 2008
How to increasing sales in DT? that's the question in my mind. Then i just thinking, Write your blog!!! don't forget using your image or other photographer, why??? First thing, with blog in DT, visitor will see our profile right?... More...
Despondency turns to elation
posted by fultonsphoto - 21st of november, 2008
Well I am now up to the 3 sales mark in just over 24 hours and climbing, no matter that it was my fellow photographers that bought 2 of my images, thanks guys/gals, it has done wonders in transforming my despondency (not that bad... More...
Crop Factor, can ruin sales.
posted by creativei - 20th of november, 2008
Hi, I would like to share something with DT which I guess will be very useful for everyone on DT, I don't know if this subject is already covered, if yes, sorry for my ignorance, but anyways I'm continuing to write this at least newbies... More...
200 Sales!
posted by cleaper - 18th of november, 2008
Whilst I haven't quite kept up with my somewhat over ambitious goal of 100-150 uploads a month I am pleased to say that my sales seem to be quite steady. I have just reached 200 sales in around 10 months. Although my limited experience... More...
Celebrate my first 10 sales
posted by zhiyuli - 18th of november, 2008
I am so happy today that I have sold 10 pictures in dreamstime.
Why oh Why?
posted by astargirl - 12th of november, 2008
Why is it that every single time I near the $100 payout mark my sales slow waaaaay down? I've been selling 1-3 photos almost every day for awhile UNTIL I had earned about $95, and then...almost nothing. I'm less than $2 from payout... More...
How to make money with DT-1
posted by korat_cn - 12th of november, 2008
I'm a freelance illustrator. Illustration is not just a hobby for me, it's a job. I'm used to have clients who want this, that, and that one. Clients that have ideas, but not clear ideas, and your due is to find something in their mind... More...
200th Down load....
posted by jaboardm - 10th of november, 2008
A sign of improving... It took me 6 months to reach my 1st 100 down loads, and a mere 39 days to reach the 2nd hundred down loads. I have also uploaded more images and even managed to get a few in that aren't sports related. (... More...
First 100 sales !!
posted by stockshooter - 9th of november, 2008
Reached the first sales milestone ...100 sales ..This one was the 100th..
All of First 100
posted by lftan - 6th of november, 2008
100 uploads, 100$$, 100 downloads, 100 messages...many many 100. Few months here, Tuesday finally my first 100 downloads at Dreamstime. Hope my next 100 uploads, $$, downloads will come faster. Thanks to all of the DT Team and the... More...
100 Sales!
posted by zhangjian - 27th of october, 2008
Thanks to the each buyer!
50 Sales!
posted by tdmartin - 26th of october, 2008
Hit the 50 sale mark this afternoon! It took over a month and a half to reach the 25 mark, and only 23 days to reach the 50 mark! I didn't believe that sales would jump to new highs every month even though I've been slowly uploading... More...
My 1st blog, yippee
posted by amast606 - 23rd of october, 2008
Gonna work hard to reach a 1000 sales this year. Okay, maybe I'll hit that number in 2009. Who knows?! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks, Dreamstime ..and to all the buyers out there who leave nice comments on sold photos, you guys... More...
When are you serious?
posted by studioceja - 21st of october, 2008
I just responded to a blog posted by a new member with words of encouragement.... however, I was left pondering one question: When do you consider your Dreamstime involvement serious? Is it when you achieve your first $100 USD... More...
Pizza again!
posted by annieyek - 15th of october, 2008
Luckily I have this pizza, otherwise I have no sales at all.. 16 uploads, 9 downloads from the same image "Pizza". Why my other images are not sellable? Welcome your comments or suggestion. Thanks! More...
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