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  • 4+ Months for the first 100 DLs

    by Lcjtripod | 29th of June, 2009

    I am happy with the results on DT with 100 DLs in just over 4 months here as a new member. A little more than 500 images on line now and I will be adding more. I also have earned my first paycheck on DT in less than 4 months. This is the image sold as number 100.... More
  • New Trend in n/a Sales

    by Sgcallaway1994 | 29th of June, 2009

    I'm noticing a new trend: 1. 75% (6/8) of my last downloads are from n/a sales 2. I don't have any photos in the free section 3. ALL of my photos are in both private and public COLLECTIONS What does this mean: (My Conclusions)? 1. The search engine has changed... More
  • How to Use Dreamstime Image Collections to Market Your Stock Images

    by Laroach | 27th of June, 2009

    If you sell your stock images on Dreamstime as I do, you can take advantage of a great marketing tool: Image Collections. This is a technique of grouping together images with a specific theme or criteria, which are then accessible on the Dreamstime site. It's the perfect... More
  • 4 more to go....

    by Rebeccaosborn | 23rd of June, 2009

    I've got 4 more sales to go before i reach 100 sales! (which i'm well excited about!) I haven't been very active at all the last few months on here, but the more sales i'm getting, the more its urging me onto getting out there and getting some new snaps! Good luck... More
  • My first sale.....:)

    by Nicophaser | 18th of June, 2009

    This is my first time in the DT on the picture to download, thanks to download it, I hope more people like my pictures, and download them, and so I am free, I will upload as much as possible more more picture. See Article
  • My first photo on dreamstime

    by Nicophaser | 16th of June, 2009

    This is my first photo on, I should like to commemorate. At present, I have only 17 images online. Than others, this is a very small number. My English not very good, but I would like to find out how to improve the sales picture. More
  • How do you encourage your referals to upload more?

    by Robisklp | 15th of June, 2009

    I have my own blog about microstock business with some referal links. People that are new at microstock will soon forget to upload photos, if they dont get any downloads. You know all that with first sales comes great encouragement to upload more. What i do personaly- i download... More
  • Oh happy day, finally made 50 images online!

    by Alaskaparks | 14th of June, 2009

    Please check out my portfolio, I think i'm finally getting the hang of it! See Article
  • Reached 1000 sales in two years

    by Robisklp | 1st of June, 2009

    It took me 2 years to reach 1000 sales in DT. Now i think that i'm really getting better at doing illustrations on the last months, but it's still much to learn. Now i'm going to slow down on doing illustrations and will try to learn something new. Would like to get more... More
  • My Dreamstime sales back up over $100 per month

    by Litifeta | 28th of May, 2009

    This month saw a boost to my sales even though I have not submitted for a while. The benefit of Dreamstime as a micro is that your sales continue to grow even if your portfolio stays static. My average sale price has rocketed up to $1.75 each which to me is very very good.... More
  • The Fun of Making Collections

    by Julia161 | 14th of May, 2009

    Hi, Friends. I noticed that after making a photosession on a certain subject my interest to this subject get's much higher than before. I immediately become curious what others did on the same matter and how other photographers see the same object or a concept. After some... More
  • 5th Sale

    by Breenicole | 10th of May, 2009

    This image is of the White Desert in Egypt. It is my first sale in over a month. See Article
  • My first ten downloads

    by Ioanasandulescu | 8th of May, 2009

    I never believed in this way of making money, but it seems that the wheels are in motion. My first 10 downloads ever...I didn't take the pictures especially for sale, but I'm happy that I had fun while making them and other people liked them too. I hope in the future my... More
  • disapointment

    by Markantonydavid | 3rd of May, 2009

    having uploaded a number of pictures recently i was at first over the moon to have two of them downloaded within the first month, but that feeling was short lived when i realised that all i made from these two sales at maximum resolution was $0.70. can anyone please tell... More

    by Michaeljung | 3rd of May, 2009

    After 15 months doing stock photograhpy, finally reached 5000 downloads, it's not great but it's a mark. my first sale on stock photos: my 5000th sale: See Article
  • 3 Photos 3 Sales in 3 Months GREAT!

    by Alberm | 29th of April, 2009

    Dreamstime is abolutly great I just uploaded some Photos and they turn to sale. The Userinterface is a great experience! Check my Portfolio. Maybe I can pay my next trip with this:) See Article
  • Exclusive sales

    by Aginger | 24th of April, 2009

    Today's suprise is two new sales from my exclusive images - thank you!: In my opinion, exclusivity is not the best way on any stock sites. Maybe some of you will disagree, but I think I'm not good enough for exclusivity. :) However, the option in Dreamstime that... More
  • So Busy, So Much Good News - Including my First W-EL!

    by Walleyelj | 22nd of April, 2009

    Between my day job, the holidays, my first two photo assignments and getting ready for our trip to Alaska next month, I haven't found time to post. The last time I posted I said my next goal was to hopefully sell $100 in a month. The end of Janaury I finally broke the... More
  • Just hit 2,000 Sales!

    by Travismanley | 22nd of April, 2009

    Just hit 2,000 sales recently. Im pretty excited, hopefully many more to follow! Here is the 2,000th image I sold. See Article
  • My first 100 sales!!!!!

    by Sekdo | 18th of April, 2009

    Oooohhhhh my first 100 sales. Compare from some others, I am a bit slow, but happy. Thanks Dreamstime! Thanks a lot those like my images. And.... sorry for my bad english! :P The 100 sold image is a moto in sunset!! See Article

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