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  • Yay 1st P-EL Sale!!

    by Cleaper | 5th of September, 2008

    Really pleased this morning to see a jump in my sales - I thought it was a mistake but then saw that I had my very first P-EL sale!! I wouldn't call it one of my best shots but it just shows that it is worth acting the tourist for the day and photographing places of interest... More
  • Go Local!

    by Cleaper | 3rd of September, 2008

    These little trips at the weekend are very cost effective too as most of my sales on Dreamstime have come from tourist locations such as Norfolk, Suffolk or Kent and it costs me very little to get to them. Yesterday I sold 5 images of Norfolk in a couple of hours - maybe... More
  • Search for suggestion.

    by Sanshams | 29th of August, 2008

    Here is one of my sales. I thank the creators of DT, and all the people who help it to became what it is today, and for have given me the opportunity to be aboard. I love to take photos and I'm very happy that so many people can see them. I'm a newbie to stock photography... More
  • 500 sales

    by Linqong | 29th of August, 2008

    I have reached 500 sales in 9 months,however, I am not particularly satisfied with this result.I thought that I should be possible to do well. I also prepared to adjust my Portfolio during the year,continue to add new and more creative themes. More
  • Portfolio Diversification

    by Marilyngould | 27th of August, 2008

    In reading the numerous blogs and message boards offering advice on how to increase sales many of the seasoned Dreamstimers suggest diversification. Often said is try something new, shoot something different, be bold, be creative, invent! So, with that in mind here are my... More
  • 6000 Sales of 2000 Upload

    by Rcmathiraj | 21st of August, 2008

    Hi everyone! I am new to photography. Basically my professional is Graphic designer. I learn every day (time) the photography through you in Dreamstime. Thanks to all of you. I really exited and enjoyed the thrill of shooting and uploading to get the result of my works.... More
  • Stock or personal photos?

    by Bradcalkins | 15th of August, 2008

    As I've started to get some sales, I've started analyzing my downloads to make sure I focus (at least as far as uploading) on what I'm selling, to some degree. What I've found surprised me: my sales are evenly split between photos I take specifically for stock, and those... More
  • My 100th sale

    by Photomyeye | 11th of August, 2008

    Thanks to all that purchased my images I am gratefull # 100.......................sale See Article
  • 100 sales!

    by Cleaper | 8th of August, 2008

    I'm having a good day so far...just reached 100 sales which I am really pleased about. I'm still quite new on Dreamstime and I am trying very hard to improve, I just need to make more time. I am well under my target of 100 uploads a month but I will keep aiming for it.... More
  • From school....

    by Studioceja | 7th of August, 2008

    The following images were just approved; They are rendered illustrations of projects I designed in Architecture school. I find it awesome that I can submit them on Dreamstime. Its nice to see that they may someday be used for multiple purposes.... More
  • The first earned 1000 dollars!!!!!

    by Indos82 | 7th of August, 2008

    Hi all. Today I would like to share with you the pleasure! Having woken up in the morning I have found out that I have earned first thousand dollars!! It is a little history :) Approximately one year ago I have heard about Dreamstime and that it is possible to earn money... More
  • hard to reach the first 100 dollar pay out mark

    by Ladyminnie | 1st of August, 2008

    does someone have suggestings how to improve my sales? I thinks I have a variety of photos old pictures are being removed in a while cause quality improves after time but I still dont understand, are it the keywords, is it something else if you have poitive critism... More
  • First payout

    by Talanis | 30th of July, 2008

    I'm all excited because I just reached my first payout at Dreamstime with this photo. I started last fall with a small portfolio but really got into it in may this year when I tripled my portfolio in that month. The effects of this massive upload started to show in june... More
  • 500 sales!!!!

    by Indos82 | 17th of July, 2008

    I would like to share with you the pleasure! I had today 500 sales. I actively to upload files of the beginnings in January, 2008 I like to draw illustrations but in my portfolio there are a few amateur photos. Also that the most interesting, to the most popular I... More
  • 100 sales

    by Dcwcreations | 16th of July, 2008

    I have reached one of ny goals of having 100 sales. This is my 100th sale. I know many people upload hundreds of photos each month and would think nothing about 100 sales, but we all celebrate our goals achieved however small they are. I have learned a lot and... More
  • Who says the more the better...?

    by Curciomk | 12th of July, 2008

    Proposal This is a proposal to improve the quality of the service, hence the reputation of Dreamstime, the satisfaction of the community, the profit for all. This originates from the observation that images are being added with exponential rate, i.e. 100.000 every... More
  • Assignments, Assignments! The GOOD and BAD!

    by Studioceja | 8th of July, 2008

    Ok ... so I submit my images to this weeks assignment: up-Very-close I think I had the opportunity to submit up to ten images and sure enough I did. I was not surprised when they were refused/rejected. I was sad because I was very fond of my images :-( However, upon a later... More
  • My first Dreamstime sales!

    by Bugsy | 29th of June, 2008

    I'm elated to say that I have made my first Dreamstime sales. I've been busy digging through the archives of photos to upload in the last couple weeks. After browsing other stock photo sites I am thoroughly convinced that Dreamstime is ahead of the game and the best out... More
  • Feeling of first sale!

    by Lsr792000 | 29th of June, 2008

    Wow, still rem vividly when i sold my first file in dreamstime! The feeling was sooo satisfying! Its something like "hey, someone appreciate what you have taken"! Indeed, i have never expected my photos to sell online. But my first sales changed everything about online photo... More
  • My first Extended License sale!

    by Sil63 | 27th of June, 2008

    I was really happy today to find out I had my first Extended License sale :) with this image: It was a P-EL sale so I imagine my image will go on a printed material of some kind... Hope many more sales like this one will follow :)! Thank you DT for this opportunity!... More

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