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Getting IPTC metatags to work
posted by digitalg - 3rd of may, 2011
For those who don't know what I'm talking about... IPTC metatags allow you to embed textual information into your jpeg files. You can embed right into your image files the title, description, keywords and even categories in some cases.... More...
I love to shop in DT
posted by starblue - 2nd of may, 2011
Hi all - I must share with you a very pleasant experience with DT. My sister-in-law needed some images of dancers for her invitation card which my husband and I prepare for her. So we have bought the subscription set and... ...... More...
Dreaded "No Sale" Weekends Finally Broken
posted by morganoliver - 13th of february, 2011
Ugh, I dread the weekly 2-days of no activity. I only rate my success from Monday-Friday because Saturdays and Sundays usually produce no sales. But yesterday...a gloomy winter Saturday, I made a subscription sale...the 0.42$ made me... More...
Poor January
posted by mangroove - 17th of january, 2011
After an incredible December with lots of big credit sales, January disappointed me : I have 90% subscriptions and 1 credit sales :(. I hope this soon will change. Does anyone experiences the same? PS: I'm setting the subscriptions... More...
Keyword list optimization
posted by seraphoet - 27th of november, 2010
Recently I've marked for myself, that the leading in sales pictures not depend on the "fullside" keywording. You may add 80 keywords to your picture, optimized as well as you can, using the experience of the most popular jobs, but..... More...
Now I like Subs
posted by komar - 14th of august, 2010
Well I like them today anyway. I currently have 141 images online. Can you imagine my surprise in getting 8 sales in one day? All of them subscription sales and all of them images of Bali. I can assume it's the same buyer, but you never... More...
My quickest sale so far
posted by heywoody - 26th of july, 2010
This one went on line last week but only actually appeared in my portfolio / searches since about Friday. Kinda pleased as it was for my own amusement and I had doubts about stock value :) Wonder should I change the title to... More...
Tags way
posted by polarisvideo - 1st of april, 2010
Here is the question: Which is the way you choose tags for your images? Think more about the concept or image description?
So happy!!! I am getting approvals immediately after submission :)
posted by goldution - 19th of march, 2010
Like many of you, I am the one who has an internet dependance problem :) I used to sit long hours on dating sites, and when I first uploaded few images here, i realized that DT becomes a new friendly place in the web that turned... More...
Oh dear! What can the matter be…….
posted by shutterbestiole - 13th of march, 2010
Hi! I'm an avid photographer and photography is my part time hobby. I've been an active DT member since 2008 and have currently reached 50 uploads in my account. Recently, I have noticed several problems that I’ve faced in DT whereby... More...
Arabic More Accessible!
posted by mani33 - 19th of january, 2010
Most of the images that were created in the Arabic language are artistic & sacred calligraphy, almost nothing about how to write it in normal script, the way the natives write it on their day by day or what does it mean!!! No it can... More...
Descriptive title of your images
posted by peter.kirillov - 10th of december, 2009
The title of your image is quite important if you want to promote your work and let it be found by a customer. Try to make a title and description as much relevant and descriptive as possible! Dreamstime engine allows you to... More...
Title & Description, (very important, read my experience)
posted by creativei - 18th of november, 2009
Sorry I'm in hurry else would have explained the complete experience I had today, I have just covered some important aspects, following which I guess you can increase sales. Bottom Line, pay more attention to title and description its... More...
I haz a sad face
posted by denisebeverly - 1st of july, 2009
My sales are slow..totally my fault... haven't been submitting lately. but...I haz a sad face because my last two sales are subscriptions. Lowest either one had ever earned was 50 cents waaayyyy back in 2007. The highest... More...
The Art of Planning Your Photo Shoots
posted by petarneychev - 15th of june, 2009
Have you ever wondered how long it takes for a pro (team) to produce a series of stunning shots (and why)? If not, then I'm sure you've at least wondered why your shots aren't (always?) as good looking as they are in your head. The... More...
Understanding search engine visibility
posted by alexhor - 22nd of may, 2009
Recently I spent some time to do a descent research to improve my (today's and future) image visibility. DT web site is very well optimized for search engines (SEO). This means that whatever we do with our image title, description and... More...
posted by markantonydavid - 3rd of may, 2009
having uploaded a number of pictures recently i was at first over the moon to have two of them downloaded within the first month, but that feeling was short lived when i realised that all i made from these two sales at maximum resolution... More...
6883 fonts and still going...................
posted by creativei - 1st of april, 2009
Hello, Today I was just managing my fonts, then I realized that I have over 6883 fonts in my library collected & purchased for the past seven years since I started designing. I'm using Suitcase Fusion (very useful software) to manage... More...
subscriptions and average image sale price
posted by bigpressphoto - 11th of june, 2008
Italy June 2007 7 $0.90 July 2007 16 $0.93 August 2007 7 $0.86 September 2007 13 $0.87 October 2007 8 $0.96 November 2007 21 $0.86 December 2007 7 $0.75 January 2008 14... More...
Subscriptions? Yes, thank you!
posted by roberto1977 - 29th of may, 2008
Sometimes I happen to read posts on the Message Boards talking about subscriptions and the disappointment of seeing your own image sold at only 0.30$ or 0.36$. I always consider every sale with satisfaction, like a personal success... More...
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