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Cool! Stock Rank Game
posted by goodcontent - 29th of july, 2009
For people new to Dreamstime, take a look and try the Stock Rank Game. Or in the message boards, just click on the circle with a wing on it to get to the game. This could be a great way to have images that are submitted be reviewed... More...
Would you actually give money for your images?
posted by petarneychev - 27th of july, 2009
From an image editor's (generalized) stand point there is three categories of images we deal with: good, average, and such that simply leave you wondering. In spite of the (by now countless?) microstock tutorials, blogs, forums,... More...
Text into images is not always that good
posted by saniphoto - 27th of july, 2009
A new post in my blog is dedicated to the theme of text into photos or illustrations. I found out that the English words, despite being absolutely the most accepted worldwide and also the most known, not necessarily are the best... More...
My photo in Estraveller magazine
posted by emicristea - 24th of july, 2009
Hello. Searching on internet i discover one of my pictures on a travel magazine from Estonia. A pleasent surprise for me. I know that large part of my portfolio is with touristic destination so i am glad that the travel agencies buy... More...
SR - EL is a good bussiness???
posted by casadphoto - 10th of july, 2009
What do you think about the "SR - EL. I don't know. I want your opinion?? Is a good bussiness?? I see various users, anyone sell, others no. If is good sistem to sell photos, how calculate the prize??? Thanks and peace for alls.... More...
2000 Games - Lessons
posted by mani33 - 8th of july, 2009
Hi everybody, I just finished playing 2000 games, 2nd ranking at the moment, but the issue is not about a competition but what we learn from DT's mini school! I'm an illustrator not a photographer (Unfortunately!) but I also had... More...
Another milestone :: 900$
posted by emicristea - 28th of june, 2009
Last year when i told to my friends that i want to sell photos on stock websites they said that i will not earn much thing. But one year past, my portfolio was extended and the sells were grow up. So, now i cross the 900$ level.... More...
Views, uploads, downloads...
posted by alexhor - 4th of june, 2009
For some reasons I was involved in discussions about recent changes on DT search engine and views counter. Recently Ken Cole write an article about the subject. Read it here: Are High View Counts an Indicator of Success. You can also... More...
Sold at first visit
posted by davide69 - 3rd of june, 2009
I have never seen because I'm in Dreamstime only from few months, but today I sold a photo at its first visit, is it a record or happened to others too?
Getting the right direction
posted by alexhor - 2nd of june, 2009
My learning about photography is still in baby phase. Comparing accepted and rejected images i get the clue. I just can not do the right image which will satisfy me (at the first place). To fill the gap I recently started to play with... More...
posted by alexhor - 29th of may, 2009
Let me share some thoughts with you. I found myself trapped in waiting through the whole process from shooting to sell, to see the results, so I can analyze if I am doing it right. Now I see it kind of wrong. I guess it may begin this... More...
Approaching Level Two
posted by karenkh - 27th of may, 2009
I have recently noticed that one of my photos has had 4 downloads and is now approaching level two!! That's very exciting to me as I am still very much a beginner and have so much to learn. I wonder what it says about the... More...
Looking from buyers side of the table
posted by alexhor - 26th of may, 2009
Today I was thinking about stock photography buyers. Is this important? It must be, it affects sales. That leads to the point that at stock agency every contributor must think in advance. My first bunch of images was mostly rejected.... More...
The cultural and economic impact of our images
posted by claudiofichera - 26th of may, 2009
Dear Community: I´m very happy to post and sell my works by Dreamstime page. This enterprise to make possible to expand our professional and artistic life, carrying our images around the worlds. But we know that many of us, beyond... More...
Imaging the keywords
posted by alexhor - 18th of may, 2009
I don't know if anyone covered that subject but here is my few cents. In stock photography we are familiar with the term "keywording the images". Pretty hard task to do. Sometimes even hard to figure ten descent keywords. With time... More...
A year of DT - measuring sales growth
posted by bradcalkins - 28th of april, 2009
Spring is in the air, and we're starting to see some buds forming. I had to bring them inside for this shot to get away from the snow we are still having! Spring is a good time for my one year DT anniversary. I've definitely met... More...
posted by mani33 - 28th of april, 2009
Hi everybody, I just arranged my photos in Collections. Can any one please tell me how to get 5 users within my Collections so we can get more selling? Or at least what is the best way to take advantage of having Collections!... More...
Exclusive sales
posted by aginger - 24th of april, 2009
Today's suprise is two new sales from my exclusive images - thank you!: In my opinion, exclusivity is not the best way on any stock sites. Maybe some of you will disagree, but I think I'm not good enough for exclusivity. :)... More...
What Images will sell in UAE this summer, Unofficial Assignment
posted by creativei - 14th of april, 2009
Calling all International photographers, here is a small tip what images people in UAE will be looking for this summer as there are some big events going on. One such event is Arabian Travel Market. Grab you gears and go out to and... More...
soooo what's your brand?
posted by tan510jomast - 3rd of april, 2009
ok, we all know that human beings are totally creatures of habit. if not, i am missing something when i go to the supermarket to see people pushing their way to grab the same candies, carpolish, detergent,etc. granted there... More...
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