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  • level two image

    by Bigpressphoto | 9th of May, 2008

    my wine blog A level two image on my anniversary!Today I reached the goal I spoke about in my last blog, not only are my uploads still more than my downloads but this image above reached level two, and three or four others are knocking at the door after only a few months... More
  • Have found one using of my sold photo

    by Tolbxela | 4th of May, 2008

    This is my best selling photo on Dreamstime! It was used in Greenpeace's presentations of Chemical Reaction Project: (attention large PDFs!) My Voice Navigating REACH I would appreciate very much if some of my buyers tell me, where were my photos used! More
  • The mystery of what sells

    by Davidgarry | 22nd of April, 2008

    Like many other contributors on this site, I have placed some of my images on other stock sites to get as much coverage as possible of the stock agency market. This inevitably means giving up Exclusivity on some sites, but that is something I'm prepared to do for the moment.... More
  • Hi I am new here

    by Palabra | 14th of April, 2008

    Hi Dreamstime members, I'm new here at dreamstime. So I am still finding my way around here. But so far I really like the interface and the handy 'Management Area' Best regards, Monique This is just one of my pictures. My portfolio So far More
  • Best seller still waiting

    by Petersjokvist | 8th of April, 2008

    I started with shooting animals in the forest and flowers on ground a couple of years ago. just for fun, then I found out that you can sell your pictures on the internet. So I decided to try that out to, because the pictures i got on my computer was kind of old and taken... More
  • Learning What Sells

    by Jclardy | 27th of March, 2008

    I'm still new here, and being a full time student unfortunately does not leave me that much time to shoot stock photography. One thing that has helped me is figuring out what buyers want. There are many good ways to do this, mainly by looking at the top sellers for the month,... More
  • Has anyone successfully SOLD THE RIGHTS using SR-EL?

    by Studioceja | 10th of March, 2008

    150 and counting, I think I'm finally on a roll! As a college student I find myself exploring my options. I have been traveling around quite a bit and taking photos everywhere I go. I have been into photography since grade school, now I am exploring microstock. I opened... More
  • Top sellers

    by Papuga2006 | 6th of March, 2008

    I research the each DT category to find photos/illustration with largest number of downloads. You should read this blog with images, so see this blog. In category Abstract the best one is downloaded 578 times it is red velvet theatre curtains more like a background to potential... More
  • Collages

    by Timehacker | 3rd of March, 2008

    I use to travel a lot, so I have a lot of image collections from various cities, many of them already online at Dreamstime. I was wandering if someone has some experience with collages. Is it worth it to take several photos, let's say 4 images of Washington landmarks or... More
  • lately its been good going.....

    by Kaphoto | 14th of February, 2008

    its good to see your images being downloaded on daily basis, It is encouraging, and surely everybody who is like me, slow in uploading soon will realise, that if they dont upload images, you are loosing on those $ you would have made, I got this idea to get help, hire a person... More
  • About Full Exclusivity

    by Hakansenturk2005 | 12th of January, 2008

    I wonder that if a photographer can he/she sell her photos in another stock photography agency's website. I wonder that because i see the same images and same users in other sites and they sell the same images. Are those photographers full exclusive ? What does full exclusivity... More
  • This photo selling stuff is alright!

    by Leetorrens | 12th of January, 2008

    While the new year is fresh and it still feels weird to write 2008 instead of 2007, my partner and I have come to the conclusion that selling photos is one of the easier ways we earn money. Why? 1. No customer service! While I love my design clients, they all require after-... More
  • music by stock

    by Dnf-style | 18th of December, 2007

    Did you see the newest trend being set by one of the first and biggest stocks around (can't mention name here). They are selling licensed music. How far will it go? See Article
  • Knowledge is power

    by Lexschmidt | 10th of December, 2007

    Try to use the technique the camera gives you. But don't forget to play. Everybody is taking shots from its own perspective. This makes a great diversity of pictures about one single item. After a few years expanding my hobby, i'm still learning and starting a course... More
  • never jpeg again

    by Walkingsinger | 29th of November, 2007

    I'm a newbie,but I hope the follows helpful.I must say that i'd rather camera jpeg before,simply because it's easy to check the image or overview.Maybe it is the experience of using dc that contribute to this habit. Usually i adjust a pic with photoshop,but i found it... More
  • Going Exclusive?

    by Tnotn | 12th of November, 2007

    I am trying to decide if I should go Exclusive or stay 'out' and continue to sell with a number of different site. Currently I have the option to go exclusive with two different site and I have been weighting the decision; Is it better to be 'in' with one site or 'out'... More
  • Making Hot Pictures

    by Espion | 23rd of October, 2007

    No, no I don't mean making a sure commercial hit. I was referring to making still life pictures of Habanero chilies. I realised no two chilies are the same. It is almost like photographing people, where you try to eke out the essence, or part thereof, that is the... More
  • Recording Diamonds and Rust

    by Syncsun | 10th of October, 2007

    As i like this song, i want to use my camera to record the diamonds & rust in my life. See Article
  • Any Picture Can Sell

    by Espion | 10th of October, 2007

    I've come to think this is so. No matter how many times a thing have been shot - even to its death literally :-) - there can always be something different in each, from all the millions of pictures of the same thing. For example, two oranges. You can isolate them,... More
  • First few sales

    by Pirate59 | 8th of October, 2007

    Ive been here for about a month now, and am really glad to announce that i have had some sales =) I basically believe that everyone loves their own photos and thinks they should sell. Its hard not to be biased towards yourself. But when someone else actually hands over... More

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