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Make your images pop with blending modes
posted by tamarabauer - 19th of april, 2011
If you're like me, sometimes what comes out of your camera and onto your monitor isn't quite what you had in mind when you took the photo. Sometimes the image might look a bit flat or dull, despite playing with curves or levels in Photoshop.... More...
Creating a cloud brush
posted by rolffimages - 6th of april, 2011
Creating a cloud brush LINK Here is a simple yet easily adaptable method to make puffy clouds for your projects. We will start with a brush about 400 px in size, with a hardness of 0% and spacing of 25%. These settings can... More...
Chromatic aberration
posted by tamarabauer - 4th of april, 2011
Chromatic aberration appears in photos as "fringes" of color along boundaries that separate dark and bright parts of the image and can be most annoying. Even with Canon L glass and a reasonably high end camera, I'm still faced with... More...
Clone Stamp tool
posted by davulcu - 23rd of march, 2011
As we all know infringement is a problem in Microstock business. Therefore we always need to delete the marks , brands , letters or signs in our images to avoid from copyright infringment. Here is a simple tip to achieve this... More...
Purple fringing
posted by davulcu - 17th of march, 2011
Since many lenses can not focus all colours to same convergence point, Chromatic Aberration becomes a major problem for many photographers. If you are shooting in RAW mode , you have the chance to get rid of this fringing in your... More...
Action writing in PS, Easier post-processing
posted by billdayone - 13th of march, 2011
Hi all, Its very early in the morning, so a cup of coffee is in order. In the spirit of DT, I would like to make myself available, for any help that I can, about doubts with Actions in PS. Definition of an Action in Photoshop:... More...
Picture in use #2
posted by rzs - 5th of march, 2011
What a nice surprise:) A few hours ago, I found another picture from my portfolio published on the internet. They used my picture in a Photoshop tutorial (wow!). Here is the link I'd like to share, if you want to see: Photoshop CS5:... More...
Improve at photoshop.
posted by fra73 - 22nd of february, 2011
I recently watched Photoshop Top Secret, a very good tutorial. It had helped me improving. It is not very recent tough. I was wondering if there is a similar tutorial that explains how to properly use the new functions in PS5. Thanks... More...
Portrait action set for photoshop
posted by jayfish - 17th of february, 2011
Hello this is my first blog and it a bit of shameless self promotion I’ve built an action set for Photoshop which you can down load from my website www.jasonsalmon.com and until 27 Feb 2011 it's free. The action set builds a set... More...
How to convert Rastors into Vectors using Photoshop
posted by morganoliver - 8th of february, 2011
I really want to start incorporating 'real' vectors into my portfolio. With research I am starting to understand the differences between rastor files and vectors. 1- "Raster files, or bitmaps, utilize pixels to create an image.... More...
Horses and techniques
posted by aginger - 6th of february, 2011
By way of introduction, I'm not keen on horses. They are lovely, beautiful, great animals, but I've had no chance in my life yet to keep myself close to them. In spite of this, you can see many photos about horses in my portfolio. No,... More...
An easy way to remove stray pixels in Photoshop
posted by alistaircotton - 30th of january, 2011
We all hate rejection. No matter how thick my skin gets I still hate getting images rejected by stock agencies. Sometimes though, it’s all for a good reason and something great comes out of the whole learning experience. Yesterday... More...
Fallen angel
posted by tea - 28th of january, 2011
Yesterday i sold this picture for first time... For making this picture i spend one night and some time for compiling in photoeditor, also i used real fire for steps and for background, but picture not popular, may be just bad idea?... More...
A rejection should equal motivation
posted by kmfraz - 17th of january, 2011
After writing "Don't give up" I felt like giving up. I stopped submitting to dreamstime, but not due to lack of confidence. It was due to some unforeseen circumstances. Now I'm able to continue what I began, create and submit.... More...
Summer adventure
posted by kimson1972 - 10th of january, 2011
....even if it just now its dark and cold we come closer to the spring for every minute...
ta ta ta taaa... my first M
posted by halilin - 5th of january, 2011
finally, four months after my first milestone...
New personal collection - Shopping
posted by grisho - 4th of january, 2011
I have just created a new collection with shopping images. I've to say a huge thanks to my wonderful and patient models :) Enjoy : Shopping
Gold Market!
posted by mani33 - 30th of november, 2010
Just thought of sharing this image in use... Decorating the front of a small shop in one street of Lisbon for Gold and buying values... Click here to see the final results... Of course with all the shop info removed! Hope... More...
Another milestone reached - 100 sales!
posted by shopartgallerycom - 28th of november, 2010
After eight months with Dreamstime I am very pleased to announce today my first 100 sales. A big THANK YOU to all the clients who baught my images and a big THANK YOU to Dreamstime! The no. 100 is this one:... More...
Pure White Backgrounds: What a leason I learned!
posted by morganoliver - 21st of october, 2010
Of course isolating an object on a white background, I always try to touch-up on Photoshop. I'm still learning all of Photoshop's amazingly helpful touch-up functions but this one is the latest lesson learned. Only after my "Budget"... More...
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