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vector silhouettes tutorial
posted by alionaz - 24th of september, 2010
Hi everyone! Today I will discover the secret "how to make vector silhouettes". Let's start: 1.Open your image on photoshop. 2. With quick mask or other tool select the object or silhouette. 3. Create new layer without diselect... More...
Businessman in shopping centre
posted by julia161 - 17th of september, 2010
I just wanted to share with you my joy about finding a new model, Petr. This guy is very easy to work with, loves being photographed and looks natural in any pose. Here is a part of our first series "Young businessman in shoping centre"... More...
Photography in the Digital VS Film Era
posted by photoshow - 7th of september, 2010
Elsewhere online a respected Micro stock Photographer who has been in the RF stock business nearly as long as I have was talking about the great Cartier Bresson and in that discussion he mentions what a great eye the man had and the... More...
How to get rid of lens fringing and chromatic aberrations with PS
posted by titania1980 - 28th of august, 2010
Hi would like to share my little knowledge about eliminating those awful and refusal-reason lens fringing on some photos (usually red and green colors by the edges of tour objects). I have made with my snow photos. I took a lot of... More...
I enjoy the look and feel of GRUNGE
posted by mikefoto - 23rd of july, 2010
This technique offers me the ability to add texture to inherently textured elements of some of my images. It all depends on your Photoshop skills but you can apply this technique as you feel best suits your image and ability. I have... More...
Photoshop User - Image of the week
posted by dsabo - 25th of june, 2010
Hello Fellow Dreamtimers, I am writing for the first time for 2 reasons. First, if you have never heard of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) you should check them out at www.photoshopuser.com For $99 per... More...
My newest toy
posted by patl - 14th of june, 2010
I finally invested in Photoshop CS 5. It is the greatest and much more user friendly than my old version, CS 3. I took a few HDR photos to try it out (see them below). One is an HDR photo of a shripm boat that is sitting idle at a... More...
How to get a great sky
posted by trottola - 12th of june, 2010
Today I'd like to write a useful blog; so I hope what I'm going to write will be a good tip expecialy for newby and for the ones not so able with photography. To take a good picture one of the most important things is the light.... More...
My 2 Cents
posted by cammeraydave - 3rd of june, 2010
Well I have wanted to post something hopefully ....useful. I have been with Dreamstime for a couple of years now and must say I seem to "fit in" here. I enjoy the community feel. Also Dreamstime seems to be well managed and respect... More...
New Photoshop CS5?
posted by rzs - 6th of may, 2010
Hi people, I just want to ask you, if you have first experiences with this new edition of Adobe Photoshop. Especially, is it worth it to upgrade from CS4? What do you think?
When you can't take a photo!
posted by ebamo - 3rd of may, 2010
Are you someone like me who chickens to hire a model, or can't find any sibling or friend to help in that; but you wish you can translate your ideas into images??.... I've fulfilled some of my relish to do so by learning through some... More...
My first Photoshop tutorial
posted by mildegard - 13th of april, 2010
Recently I made my first Photoshop tutorial. It is about a simple way of turning sketches into paintings. Take a look how simple pencil drawing became a magical spider tree :) Have fun) From sketch to painting More...
Photoshop actions
posted by davulcu - 6th of april, 2010
After practising in Photoshop I learned that Actions are real time savers. Yes ,there are many short cuts like CTRL + C, CTRL + V for copy and paste ( like many windows based applications as we all already know ) . But a better... More...
"Softlight" A quick way in Photoshop to add pop to your images!
posted by nansaidh - 1st of april, 2010
A quick easy way to add that "pop" to your images in Photoshop is to adjust your layer mode to softlight. To do this, first create a duplicate of your original image in your layers pallette, then at the top left hand side you'... More...
I can still use Photoshop for my creativity
posted by chunshine - 31st of march, 2010
As some of you will know I am recovering from an operation to my shoulder which is restricting my photography somewhat. Last week I spent a lot of time reading the news and researching ideas. Then I re-read a Photoshop book that... More...
making this picture sell
posted by eternalfour - 25th of march, 2010
I took this shot of lettuce while rinsing in water, then I desaturated everything except for the lettuce that I saturated using photoshop to add further impact and contrast. Is there weak demand for such a picture, or should... More...
Refining edges
posted by davulcu - 21st of march, 2010
There are several ways of refining edges. One of them is to modify selection area and brush the excessing parts. Just click select > modify in the menu and you will see the all of the options in Photoshop such as contract , feather... More...
Playing 3D some!
posted by mani33 - 24th of february, 2010
Hello Guys, Lately I'm trying to play with some 3D programs but still couldn't settle my mind about any of them as I keep dependent to photoshop for high quality finishing (blurring sharpening, textures & lights)! So what I do... More...
Easy HDR Effect technique
posted by tanyae - 18th of february, 2010
I'm sure you know about HDR. Just in a case, you can find information on Wikipedia. Here I'd like to share an easy HDR Effect technique that helps to improve your existing photos just with some clicks in the Photoshop. It is not... More...
Polarizer filter and blue sky
posted by sebikus - 8th of february, 2010
Sometimes you can forgot a polarizer filter or simply you don't have it. If you have photoshop, you can do beautiful sky difrent methods. I would like show one of them today. You put picture in photoshop and make copy of this layer.... More...
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