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Photo without post-processing
posted by aginger - 27th of april, 2009
Have you ever submitted a photo for stock site without any modification? Without hard times spending with Photoshop or noise reduction software? Every time I push the button of my cam, I dreamed about that I can catch the moment,... More...
Tips & Tricks to create Panorama Images
posted by creativei - 9th of april, 2009
Panoramas are becoming easier to accomplish these days thanks to Adobe photoshop. This software easily allows digital photographers to stitch together separate photos taken in succession. I developed this interest during one of the... More...
Useful tips for HDR photography
posted by summerrain - 29th of march, 2009
I am in no way a HDR expert, not even a photography expert. But I have had some very useful discoveries and lessons help me create some great photos and I thought I would share some:) 1, Multiple exposures. This one sounds... More...
Buildings Are One Of My Favorite Subjects
posted by aughty - 22nd of march, 2009
Growing up as a kid in the big city, I always wanted to build tall buildings. I took drafting in high school and was going to go to college and become an engineer or architect (actually graduated with a BA in film and video).... More...
A touch of surrealism
posted by summerrain - 13th of march, 2009
There's millions of ways to add a little surrealism to your pictures. I have found that adding just a hint of it can work wonders on just about any photo. I'm going to mention some of my favorite ways to do it. You have to experiment... More...
Video Clip From Stock Photo Lighting Workshop
posted by photoshow - 13th of march, 2009
Here is a quick 2 minute look at some of the action from the recent Rinder / Deal Workshop at Vegas Vision Studios Click on HQ on the player to get the high deff version of this video To stay current with the weekly workshop... More...
What's the best isolation method?
posted by dcwcreations - 4th of march, 2009
If you hang around long enough in stock photography sooner or later you will start to get some isolated shots to add to your portfolio. I have read some very interesting methods that people use and many of them have excellent results.... More...
Vegas Vision Studio Photo Lighting Workshop Series
posted by photoshow - 3rd of march, 2009
Vegas Vision Studios is happy to announce the launch of our new Wednesday Night Lighting Workshops. Every Wednesday we will open the studio up from 6-9PM for a small group workshop specifically targeting a single lighting... More...
Free Photoshop User magazine
posted by studioceja - 18th of february, 2009
Hi everyone, Like many of you I am a big fan of photoshop, if you register here with the photoshop users group: Free issue of Photoshop User magazine You get a free issue of Photoshop User Magazine. I'm sure you'll get the occasional... More...
Moody pictures, adding some drama
posted by summerrain - 15th of february, 2009
Anything can be made into a moody picture. Even a bright summer day. It's of course easier if your picture already has some natural moody elements such as stormy skies, windy landscape, or impressive light. There's tons of ways to both... More...
What do you use as a white background?
posted by awizard - 12th of february, 2009
I heard several versions: just any white floor, paper, or a piece of textile. In any case, there are pros and cons. Some of them I use personally. Floor: blinks can appear as a result of a lamp reflection. On the other hand, there... More...
Color above the shadows
posted by mildegard - 9th of february, 2009
I don't know if it will be news to you, but want to share anyway. While drawing in Photoshop I always preferred placing color first and adding shadows, midtones and highlights next. One friend gave me an idea to try it vise versa.... More...
all done by photoshop!
posted by annieyek - 5th of february, 2009
I really like photoshop. I learned it by myself. At the begining, I thought it only can used for photo editing like changing photo level, contrast, color.. things like that. But, this is also a powerful drawing software.It can come... More...
Better pictures- quick
posted by summerrain - 17th of january, 2009
1. Balance the light. Uneven lights and shadows can make a good photo look "unfinished" and distract the eye from the actual subject and meaning. I almost always balance my picture using shadows at the edges and the majority of the... More...
don't offend your wife in this way
posted by lieska - 15th of january, 2009
My wife bought me sweater as new year's gift, but it seemed it not fit for me so well in the mirror. I said to her it was not very good for me to wear it, I told her if she wanted to buy something like clothes, we'd better go shopping... More...
Black and white with a twist
posted by summerrain - 6th of january, 2009
Few things can be as striking to the eye as a beautiful black and white picture. It's simplicity at its best. There's a few things you can do and experiment with to find ways to add even more beauty and character to your art. I am going... More...
posted by eclecticelegance - 5th of january, 2009
I have been using PhotoPlus software to edit my photos that I upload, and have really liked it! It is a TON cheaper than Photoshop, and probably quite a bit simpler to use, which is good for me because I am a newbie. :) The... More...
Realistic manipulations
posted by summerrain - 26th of december, 2008
Having manipulated photos for quite some time now I have picked up a few tips and decided to make a "tutorial" about the most important steps of creating realistic creations. Imagine having a picture of a person that you want to move... More...
My Menorah picture..
posted by billysiew - 22nd of december, 2008
Just online for less than 2 weeks, now already got 7 downloads with only 21 views. Originally, there was no light. I added the lighting effect by using photoshop. Thanks for powerful photoshop software!
Dreamy photos
posted by summerrain - 21st of december, 2008
One very lovely effect that I sometimes like to use to enhance certain pictures, such as romantic pictures and children portraits, are different dreamy effects. There's more than one way to achieve this and there's also many different... More...
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