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Drabble: Doctor, doctor
posted by secretnarrative - 30th of january, 2014
The doctor examined my wound. He dug and probed, and I was glad when he stopped. One would think he was kneading dough. When he saw my ‘English Poetry from Chaucer to Rossetti’, he revealed a little of himself. Eyes alight, he quoted:... More...
posted by inyrdreams - 24th of december, 2013
CHAIRS Chairs! you cry, your voice raised excitedly and more then slightly teasing. Oh-my-god! A park bench! And it's blue! You laugh as I roll my eyes, but i'm quick to raise my camera and press the shutter-always compelled to... More...
Drabble: Meet The Family
posted by secretnarrative - 27th of september, 2013
Dan’s sister is blonde, but her brows and lashes are genetically dark. The children are refreshingly normal. Not too goody-good, just right, like Goldilocks’s third taste from the trio of bowls. I relax a little, tackling traditional... More...
3 days from acceptance of an image to first sale
posted by neilmachin - 25th of july, 2011
This was something of a record for me. Having only a (very!) small portfolio I was quite accepting the 'fact' that an image would need at least a month after being accepted before it would be download. This image blew that rule... More...
Give It Your Best Shot!
posted by jeniicorv8 - 25th of february, 2011
“It won’t be long for our friend Lina, do you think you can help me put together a slideshow tribute,” says the email I received today at work. As I sit her sorting through the photos I’ve collected of our friend Lina... More...
rediscovering keywords
posted by tan510jomast - 3rd of april, 2010
Hello DT world... HAPPY EASTER ...HOLY PASSOVER...PEACE Carmen's April Fool secret to search is still hot on my mind especially with reference to keywords. I also recall Carmen pointing out to me to be less articulate with... More...
Photoshop keyboard shortcuts...
posted by littlemacproductions - 1st of november, 2009
Do I love these shortcut keys in Photoshop (CS4)... Yes I do! There are a couple of keyboard shortcuts I have been recently introduced to. Better late than never! To undo an effect I used to use the Ctrl Z key combination and... More...
My experience about making the ETR shorter
posted by namowen - 17th of july, 2008
ETR, Estimated Time until Review, is a boring term for newbies. It's usually more the 100 hours how can we tolerate this. But don't worry about it, after a long time practice, I have already can handle it well. Here is my experience,... More...
Things I Am Trying To Improve Upon
posted by noonie - 2nd of july, 2008
I have been here almost a year now, I didn't get much on for the first few months but things have been going well lately. My family and friends have let me photograph them and I've also done a lot of other things. I have read the... More...
Illustrator Quick Tips
posted by shuttlecock - 15th of february, 2008
Do you know that by pressing Ctrl + H you can toggle show/hide selected path. This is useful to see your artwork without the selected paths obscuring your view, especially useful when coloring your objects. Do you know that... More...
Mastering Illustrator
posted by maigi - 20th of november, 2007
I decided to take free Illustrator CS Classes to learn to use my program better. First lessons were painful, just has been my previous working with my program. It's like searching screwdriver from cluttered garage. Yes, if you are persistent,... More...
Useful photoshop shortcuts Part 3 ( Edit)
posted by one8edegre - 24th of october, 2007
Edit ===========================Alt+E Clear (selection) ---------------------------Delete / Backspace Color Settings ------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+K Copy ----------------------------------------Ctrl+C Cut... More...
Useful Photoshop shortcuts Part 2 ( Tools)
posted by one8edegre - 17th of october, 2007
Path / Direct Selection Tool -----------------------------A Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool----------------B Crop Tool -------------------------------------------------C Default Colors --------------------------------... More...
Useful photoshop shortcuts PART 1
posted by one8edegre - 15th of october, 2007
while using photoshop if you are using short cuts it not only speeds up your work process , but leaves you to concentrate more on your work. Here is a list of exceptionally useful shortcuts for using photoshop that might come handy... More...
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