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Shots That Take Off. Shooting Air Travel
posted by ellenboughn - 6th of april, 2007
In the next two months I'll be traveling across the US more than once, going to Alaska and to several destinations in Europe. Travel destination images are plentiful but what about images of travel itself?... More...
My First Assignment Work Accepted
posted by yorgy67 - 7th of march, 2014
I believe, I got it accepted, because road and travelling are deep in my soul. I live and breathe it. Here is my first, ever accepted assignment shot. I dedicate this small achievement to my beloved wife (on the picture), who... More...
Your friends' mobiles carry your next referral sale!
posted by achilles - 10th of october, 2013
I'm looking at our Mobile photos category where we've added all images shot with a smartphone - feel free to browse it yourselves: Mobile phone shots It looks like these photos are getting better and better. Processed, pixelred,... More...
Isolate while shooting!
posted by ilposeidone - 9th of october, 2012
hi my friends I was thinkin' about my last images, some isolated pictures of different things and subjects I've taken to test my new lighting equipment. I've realized that i have not processed them with photoshop beacuse they don't... More...
Images in dim light
posted by alexsleepy - 3rd of october, 2012
A couple of years ago, when summer started I decided to go out for a stroll with my camera after I finished work. After running around the city center shooting buildings, like I usually do, I landed in the central square a took a break... More...
Beauty Lighting - by JP Caldeano
posted by yogiproductions - 6th of june, 2012
BEAUTY LIGHTING With beauty lighting, I try to get my light sources as large as possible. One of the things I say over and over is, the larger your light source is in relationship to your subject, the softer the light. So for beauty... More...
My first studio shot
posted by peppenero - 17th of april, 2012
After so many years, I've done my first shots in a studio. We had only 30 minutes , it wasnt planned and I made only 30 pictures. Now i started to upload them, I have 4 online now. What do you thinkabout them? The model was my sister... More...
How to take macro shots - the cheap way
posted by radub85 - 7th of december, 2011
Hello this is my first post on the blog here, and i decided to explain something about how to take macro shots, without a true macro lens. Because i have a Nikon camera i will exemplify with some accessories for Nikon. You can take... More...
Ahhhh… August!
posted by jeniicorv8 - 1st of september, 2011
What an amazing month it's been for me! This month marked my 20th wedding anniversary. Coincidentally, the family also went for what happened to be my eldest daughter’s first intercontinental trip—we went to the Philippines,... More...
posted by brianarbuthnot - 31st of august, 2011
WOW,sold a shot for $25.33 today,hope its not a mistake.Biggest sale to date,,,,whats yours?.....Brian.
4 and a half years online!
posted by titania1980 - 8th of may, 2011
I have noticed that I joined here on septembr 8th 2006! so it's 4 and a half years online! But I didn't start to upload seriously until august 2007... (the enormous amount of rejections on my first days discouraged me) And time... More...
The Process of Creating a Stock Image on the Fly
posted by wisconsinart - 19th of november, 2010
A professional photographer, when doing commercial photography, will know in advance what the shot will be. He plans the shot either in his mind or with paper and pencil, figuring out the composition and lighting, along with any consideration... More...
Polar bear shot in Moscow zoo
posted by piscari - 13th of november, 2010
Stupidity has no limits. I'm sorry about that. Detailed written here I'm not sure it was him. But this is one of the two bears that I saw there 2 years ago. These animals there are very few because the Arctic climate has changed... More...
posted by annaskahill - 11th of november, 2010
After some hard work getting new shots and uploading them to the site, I was rejected, every single one. Any advice on what I could do to make my work more successful? Here are some admitted images to give u an idea of what i like to... More...
A New Sold of a Full-Length Shot
posted by black-white - 10th of november, 2010
Several days ago, a photo taken in a heavy industry park about the topic of air pollution was sold again. This was its 5th sold. The photo was shot in winter around 3 years ago. I used a full-length lens which with 70-200 mm range... More...
Back From Vacation
posted by williamardrey - 15th of august, 2010
My wife, my son and I just returned from vacation in the Eastern Caribbean. We saw Grand Turk Island, Half Moon Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas. I think we all had way too much fun, but I did manage to take some good pictures...none... More...
Venice is always Venice!
posted by yuritz - 22nd of may, 2010
think you already know what I'm going to talk about,during the last weekend went to Venice for a visit and although I have been there many times before,it's always a great place for nice shots,try something new or just for a walk and... More...
Mistake helps me find my 100th
posted by mstycoon - 26th of april, 2010
Not long ago I had hit a brick wall when it came to thinking of what I could photograph. I was stuck at 94 uploads. I studied the portfolios of others and it was like learning the "abc's" all over again. Some photographers... More...
New milestone
posted by rosedarc - 29th of january, 2010
Happy to have reached over 100 uploads last week, thanks to my new family swimming pool shots!
My new shot
posted by liubaohua - 11th of january, 2010
yesterday, I have shot over 100 images. they are all backgroung images. stone, brick, wood, and tile, etc. and a few other object. I hope that those can be online more
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