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Spring is coming
posted by fengshang520 - 21st of february, 2014
Spring, rebirth, there are too many new things moved us waiting for us to capture. Starting it, press the shutter happy in an instant freeze.
Chaos in Washington DC
posted by indy2320 - 18th of october, 2013
By now most people have probably heard about all the chaos occurring in the Washington area in the last few months.With the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard,a woman being killed by police near the nation's Capitol building and... More...
Goverment shut down? Debt ceiling?
posted by oliver7perez - 1st of october, 2013
Another Government shutdown? Debt Ceiling looming.. Healthcare is important for all of us. Some of us are lucky to have insurance. It is time to think about those who do not have it. Hoping we... More...
Tripods, the one accessory every microstock photographer must have
posted by mike2focus - 19th of august, 2013
This subject has been touched on a few times here in the forum. But the importance of this subject warrants a refresher article on this important subject… One of the most important photography accessories, if not THE most important,... More...
How to get loooong shutter speeds.
posted by honkamaa - 24th of may, 2013
Hello guys! This post is for beginner photographers out there who are interested in getting started to experiment with long shutter speeds for landscape or any other photography. The question answered in this post is "How do... More...
Lesson 4: shutter speed, and how it works alongside aperture
posted by kimdeadman - 19th of october, 2012
It’s time for another blog post following on from my previous discussions on photography basics. As always, this is to celebrate having another handful of photos accepted on Dreamstime. I have now made a massive 42 accepted images,... More...
Wildlife and Movement First Try
posted by artalis - 10th of august, 2012
I set myself an assignment the other day, to capture animal movement with my new sigma 70-200 2.8 OS lens and new Canon 7D. Being fairly new to photography and exploring my new kit, I was eager to get some decent shots. Put the camera... More...
Basic Exposure in Photography
posted by parkinsonsniper - 4th of june, 2012
This is the triangle of exposure, informing about the basic rules of exposure in photography. Shutter speed (time value), aperture value and ISO effects the exposure of the photograph, they also have some side effects. I draw this... More...
Sometimes it's NOT about the shot......
posted by psalm113v9 - 10th of july, 2011
We have wanted to see a shuttle launch for years and this past week we had the chance. Packed a bag took all three cameras tripods lenses laptop.... Along came our daughter and her 13 and 4 year old daughters drove 10 hours... More...
introdutction of Chinese shuttlecock
posted by keung1616 - 9th of june, 2010
Chinese shuttlecock is a traditional leisure sport in china. It was invented more 500 years ago. the Shuttlecock is made of paper and feather. participants are required to kick the shuttlecock and keep it in the air. it is suitable... More...
Learning about exposure
posted by imaengine - 7th of june, 2010
If you’ve been wanting to venture out of the Auto mode on your digital camera and experiment with it’s manual settings there’s some tips that you might find useful. There are three main elements that need to be considered when... More...
Still learning
posted by dmccale - 22nd of march, 2010
Still learning after 3 years with SLR.I hope I never stop!!!! Sense I am an amateur and recently got a new camera. I have been in search of new ways to improve my work. I found this web site and thought I would share it with you.... More...
Oh dear! What can the matter be…….
posted by shutterbestiole - 13th of march, 2010
Hi! I'm an avid photographer and photography is my part time hobby. I've been an active DT member since 2008 and have currently reached 50 uploads in my account. Recently, I have noticed several problems that I’ve faced in DT whereby... More...
Underwater photo tip: higher shutter speed!
posted by ligio - 8th of september, 2009
This august I was in Red Sea and I did an early morning dive in the bay near the resort. With my Canon G9 digital camera and flash YS27DX I had a lot of troubles because of low shutter speed. So I tried to use high ISO values (more... More...
good morning people :)
posted by amikphoto - 26th of july, 2009
Hello. My name is Alex. I'm from Russia. I'm sorry for my English - it's not good enough. I decided to write some here just to open my soul :) I'm new in stocks. I've earned 12$ for now. (133 photos uploaded). I would say dreamstime... More...
Dealing with shutter speed
posted by alexhor - 14th of may, 2009
Already two of my articles came up under useful articles. It just means that, aside of many expert photographers, there are enough starter users who recognize those basics valuable. A few words today about shutter speed. Lets just... More...
ISO aperture setting shutter
posted by lazar_x - 22nd of november, 2008
For the exposure to be correct, there are three variables that must be balanced: ISO speed : This is sensitivity to light of the sensor array. It defines the total amount of light that required. It is sometimes referred to as... More...
The texture of the flower
posted by j6789 - 30th of april, 2008
In the end of august 2007, I got to environs to shut and the weather of the day is not good without sunlight. In side of a pond I find this flower and its texture, color is very nice. I had shut it.
An interesting experience of photography for travel
posted by j6789 - 29th of april, 2008
In the end of september 2007, I went to Shanghai in China for a meeting of science. This is a science meeting of hospital management and my paper was ppublished in the book of this meeting. In one day's dusk,I take the Nikon D80 go... More...
Got light trails?
posted by arenacreative - 15th of february, 2008
Abstract light trails are some of my most favorite shots - there's nothing like playing with slow shutterspeed.
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