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Copyright or Copycat?
posted by ellenboughn - 19th of september, 2007
“If I have seen further (than other men), it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants,” is a quote attributed to Isaac Newton in reference to his dependency on Galileo’s and Kepler’s work in physics and astronomy. There is... More...
My silly grudge against DT
posted by robinstockphotos - 11th of july, 2013
As a new contributor here, when I was in the first 50 uploads on DT, I was uploading stuff I should not have. I had always considered a beautiful red rose photo I had shot as my best ever shot. I uploaded among the very first uploads... More...
How create an collection for reportage
posted by alphatango - 11th of march, 2012
Hello guys, could you explain me how create an collection for complete photo reportage ? Thanks :)
How to create a set of similar photos
posted by andrews71 - 22nd of february, 2012
Hello to everybody I need an information. One of the photos that I have uploaded have been refused beacuse I have uploade too many photos on the same subject or from the same series. And DT suggested me to create sets of similars... More...
New News or Old News in DT?!
posted by elianehaykal - 18th of february, 2012
So, did you know that if you click on the tilte of a photo, it will let you find similar photos based on the title? Is it public knowledge or did I just discover yet another thing in DT? I can't decide whether it's better (with examples)... More...
Strawberry season...
posted by llareggub - 19th of may, 2011
It is a fun and glorious time of year for me, our first crop of the year is coming into fruition and we are over run with strawberries. I tend to take the approach of not checking the DT catalogue to see if what I am already... More...
Opening ANOTHER but friendly blog about similars
posted by billdayone - 6th of april, 2011
I´d like to investigate with the user community, the contributor community and the admininistrative community, the ideas / confusion that surround the concept of similars. I can only reflect on my own confusion, as a creator on... More...
not very similar in their similarity?!
posted by icefields - 22nd of march, 2011
Just my two cents in the whole similarity discussion: not a proposal, just a reflection about it and some possible practical ways out of it. It's just that lately I noticed 2 batches of similar images can be very different regarding... More...
wisdom behind rejecting too many
posted by tan510jomast - 1st of april, 2010
Those of you who has followed my blog will know that most recently I have attained my first Level 3 image . This is the one shown here aside . I also noticed that as the Level increases, the earning for each download increases... More...
Summer vs Winter !
posted by billysiew - 10th of march, 2010
I found a picture that was very similar to my picture. Same angle and the only different is My picture was taken on summer(day time) and other's picture was taken on winter(I guess)(night time) Have a look: I noticed that... More...
Similar images refused... good!
posted by arielmartin - 12th of december, 2009
A while ago I had one of two images refused because they were two shots of the same subject with just small change in the angle of the shot. I was dissappointed, even angry! Those two images had been accepted everywhere else... how... More...
Similar images - how to upload and how much is too much
posted by achilles - 2nd of september, 2009
Very often, good images are refused based on similarity issues. Contributors submit technically perfect (and usually sellable) images and get frustrated when they are refused. Imagine a boy laughing photographed. One... More...
Similarity - thin line between smart and excessive, or how less can mean more
posted by sangiorzboy - 25th of march, 2009
As we all know, the ever-growing database reached a point where each serious contributor must analyse his/her portfolio and see what sells and what doesn't. We wanted to get Big and we got Big together, offering a vast variety... More...
The Similar Categories Option Is Gone? PLEASE Bring it back.
posted by arenacreative - 24th of march, 2009
Today I just noticed that in the unfinished files area there is no more option to choose from previously used categories. It is still available after you click on an image, but that drop down list only shows the last 10. I always... More...
Looking beyond the viewfinder... photography and the arts.
posted by angelaostafichuk - 14th of march, 2009
ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! STEP AWAY FROM THE CAMERA AND LISTEN UP! Those of you who have been living within the confines of only your camera viewfinder, all others form of art are alive and well. From dance, to drawing to... More...
Fairy seven
posted by mildegard - 2nd of december, 2008
Making of my own set of characters was the idea that led me to creating my fairy seven. I saw lots of illustrators there that have remarkable characters drawn in different situations and poses. And I thought this to be good for... More...
Shall I search before shoot
posted by walkingsinger - 6th of december, 2007
Usually,when i have a good idea,i just make a plan and shoot with pleasure.But this has just changed after I registered here on dreamstime.I will search the web to make sure that it's a unique idea not being covered yet.I don't know... More...
Duplicate Woes
posted by thefinalmiracle - 27th of august, 2007
When I registered on DT, photography grew from a passion to business. I started shooting like hell & once by mistake I stumbled on a Google link showing me in the busiest contributors list. I never knew something like this existed.... More...
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