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posted by harshvardhan - 27th of march, 2013
I know there are lots of photographers out there like me who worked very hard to take a shot and loved it the most. But when reviewed it on their laptop or PC before submission to the site, felt lack of DETAILS in that shot and went... More...
Simple image editing (for buyers)
posted by robinstockphotos - 17th of march, 2013
I have noticed threads in the message boards from buyers who want to do simple things but don't know how to. So that is what this article is about. If you are a contributor, please skip this. I'm sure you know much more than the basics... More...
Sale number 200 !..
posted by baldas1950 - 9th of january, 2013
With this sold image my sales have reached 200! It was taken in the village of Santa Gertrudis, located in the hinterland of the island of Ibiza. The image falls into a category of pictures very simple, but I think very effective... More...
My way to be simple
posted by jackbluee - 11th of november, 2012
This month is my third month with DT. I've got 6 sales totally. Five sales happened in this month. The images sold are very simple. I agree that simplicity sells. We all try to be simple. It is difficult. I figured out a way to do it.... More...
Concept of Simplicity
posted by jdanne - 7th of october, 2012
One of my favorite concept is: SIMPLICITY. Keep it - stupidly - simple. Of course, such photos will never get an award nor will be accepted for assignment. They are neither first class nor fine art nor really charming. But they are... More...
Tips for novice tripod users
posted by chanevy - 9th of september, 2012
I never used a tripod until I started shooting stock. I made some silly mistakes when I started shooting with one, and some of the tips I have read for my photo class include silly things that I managed to get right. This is a compilation... More...
The key word for keywords is: Simplicity
posted by mark6138 - 3rd of may, 2012
Wherever I have information available about the terms used by buyers to select an image they have invariably used one of the simplest terms in my keywords list. Recent sales for me that highlight this include the terms 'gravel path'... More...
Keywording in DT
posted by zarg404 - 9th of december, 2011
You can help other contributors by suggesting key word for their pictures. It is very simple to do it. Just go to any picture in Dreamstime. And then just above the keywords related to the picture, you can hit "Suggest". Then you have... More...
How to make a simple "home made" studio
posted by matijakeber - 5th of july, 2011
I will tell you how I made my "home made" studio which cost me not more than a few euros. This is not a professional studio but you can make good enough shots that sell. I have a 3×3 meters of space (it's studio for small objects)... More...
Rejoice, no choice!
posted by bradcalkins - 22nd of june, 2011
I'm currently reading a few books, including one called the 'Paradox of choice'. One of the themes is that too much choice brings negative side effects. People seem to want choice, and to exercise their freedom to choose - yet when... More...
Wishes for my portfolio
posted by silent47 - 27th of april, 2011
Things seem to be simple when you see someone else's portfolio and like what you see.You think: I can do this"but in fact is very hard to do. After hours of search for inspiration we realize that we are never satisfied with our work.... More...
Simplify to Sell Stock
posted by eric1513 - 19th of october, 2010
Photographers and designers have the same goal: to create and/or utilize powerful images that make money. One thing that sets successful photographers apart is that they know that a simple image is almost always the most powerful image.... More...
3D Renders - When is it big enough?
posted by avion49 - 21st of august, 2010
As 3D artists, the size of the render we submit is totally up to us. All we have to do is to be willing to "put up" with tying our computers up while the image renders. This can take anywhere from mere minutes (the Marlin only took... More...
Simple but strong
posted by raindrop - 19th of july, 2010
Simple but strong If you think it is difficult to earn some money try not to think so hard. Ok, you must think of course but usually all the good ideas are also the easiest ones. You can just try to think what people may need and... More...
Finding inspiration
posted by treasurehunter22 - 6th of may, 2010
A few days ago, someone asked about where to get inspiration. To me, there are a lot of places. I've been a DT buyer for 4 years...I haven't bought a lot -- about 120 images, mostly of which are used in a medical-type newsletter. I'... More...
Life should be simple
posted by jianbinglee - 18th of april, 2010
When we came to this world nothing. With a daily growing, we continue to study and learn a lot. But it is also a burden. Know, the more it will consider the more joy will be less and less. Simple life and successful career which... More...
rediscovering keywords
posted by tan510jomast - 3rd of april, 2010
Hello DT world... HAPPY EASTER ...HOLY PASSOVER...PEACE Carmen's April Fool secret to search is still hot on my mind especially with reference to keywords. I also recall Carmen pointing out to me to be less articulate with... More...
Pictures that do sell and do not (personal experience)
posted by mildegard - 4th of february, 2010
By this moment I have 242 sales, which include different types of images. There are some facts I've found... 1. Artistic pictures like these above that took a great deal of time usually sell very bad (and mostly - by subscription)... More...
Home Made Food (photography)
posted by amitai - 20th of october, 2009
Food photography definitely isn't an easy profession. It demands vast investment in equipment, a great sense of composition and creativity, and a never ending effort to find new ways to make your dishes look like you can eat them... More...
Simple vs complex
posted by olyashevchenko - 30th of july, 2009
As I do mostly illustrations, I'd like to share my ideas on this subject. When you think of an artwork or series, one of the issues you need to consider is the following: - How simple (or how complex) should my illustrtation be performed?... More...
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