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Why don't increase the level of subscription?
posted by andrews71 - 21st of september, 2013
I think that the price of selling in DT should be reviewed by management. For example, my last 20 picture sold just 4 are with credits and 16 (!!) are with subscriptions at 0.42$ each I can comprehend that we earn on volume and... More...
Ideal image size
posted by vilaimages - 27th of april, 2013
Hello everybody, I'm sure this must have been discussed before in this Forum, but I could not find the answer I am looking for. I began processing my photos in a different way and as a final result, I end up with a bigger file (more... More...
Does size matter?
posted by peanutroaster - 1st of august, 2012
They say size doesn't matter. It's all in the technique. And while I'd hate to complain about a sale there are two size issues that irk me. Let me know if you agree, disagree, never thought about it or if I'm just being irked... More...
size matters ?
posted by egonzitter - 9th of april, 2012
I use a sony a-700 with 12,2 megapixels at the moment.Is it an advantage to have more megapixels (bigger format / full frame) or perhaps a disadvantage if you have pictures twice as big for having better sales ? More...
Adding a sense of scale
posted by tamarabauer - 20th of february, 2012
I love to shoot landscapes - I'm fortunate in that I currently live in a very scenic Australian State where landscape photography is a must. At times, it's difficult to convey a sense of scale with an image - I know the depth and... More...
Clothing sizes - A good idea?
posted by mariaam - 26th of november, 2011
I had the idea to draw an illustration with all clothing sizes that are available. Starting at xsmall and going to xxlarge. I draw t-shirts and then I made a colorful set of the sizes. I used strong and harmonic colours as you can... More...
Mind the size
posted by grisho - 10th of may, 2011
I just wanted to share a personal observation with the rest of the contributors. Maybe a lot of you are already aware of this but I guess some of you are not. So, it's about the maximum size we should save our images/illustrations.... More...
Dreamstime has larger comp images
posted by flowerpistol - 20th of january, 2011
I am a contributor as well as a customer. One of the benefits of using Dreamstime is the nice, large comp images they provide. It is very helpful. As a graphic designer, I frequently download comp images to see if they will work in... More...
3D Renders - When is it big enough?
posted by avion49 - 21st of august, 2010
As 3D artists, the size of the render we submit is totally up to us. All we have to do is to be willing to "put up" with tying our computers up while the image renders. This can take anywhere from mere minutes (the Marlin only took... More...
888 images online ! I am happy. How big is your portfolio?
posted by fotodesignjegg - 11th of march, 2010
Hi all DT photographers. I started at Dreamstime in April 2009 and today I have 888 images online. The figure itself is crazy and forced me to make the first blog entry. This is my image 888. I am sure that at the end of... More...
Maximum Size Download!!
posted by karenkh - 9th of march, 2009
I got a nice surprise when I logged onto DT today. After having 47 views on it, someone downloaded this photo in the maximum size! That's a nice way to start your day. Big THANK YOU to the wonderful person who purchased... More...
Megapixels tell a difference
posted by saniphoto - 5th of february, 2009
Apart from obvious lack of experience and technical ability, there may be another reason why beginners usually have lower RPI (return per image): camera file size. (return per image for who doesn't know yet, is total sales amount... More...
Diffraction Limited?
posted by bradcalkins - 20th of november, 2008
I've been looking into a new body and have decided not to go with the latest Canon 50D. I'm turned off by the high file size, but also because we seem to be getting into territory where more megapixels are making some things worse.... More...
posted by afagundes - 8th of november, 2008
Let us analyse how to explore the differences to emphasizes your ideas. DIFFERENCE Difference is about using different visual elements to emphasize the idea the photographer wants to express. DIFFERENCE ADDITION - ACCUMULATION... More...
The 1st extralarge size picture has been downloaded
posted by bigjiang - 1st of november, 2008
This picture is one of my favorite in the meeting room theme, while what makes me very excited is that today it's been downloaded as extralarge size! I'm wondering where it is being used but it's hard to know:( anyway, I'm very pleased... More...
posted by afagundes - 25th of october, 2008
Rhetoric is the the art of using communication in an effective and persuasive manner to influence the thoughts and actions of others. Its heavily used with images in advertising, so I thought it would be nice to share with you this... More...
Working with Full Figure Models
posted by notebook - 8th of september, 2008
Have you ever tried to make an effective, great, full-body shot for a plus size model? A-ha... not such an easy task! Logic of working with full body shots of plus size models is quite different, and challenging. While head shots and... More...
The secret to upsizing photographs
posted by litifeta - 13th of august, 2008
Please note that it is unacceptable to upsize photos you submit to Dreamstime. This information is for your personal use. Perhaps you need to upsize a photo to let’s say: 48mb. The simplest and easiest way to upsize is to read... More...
Your image max sell value
posted by httin - 7th of december, 2007
I want to find out more on Dreamstime's customer what preferable image size or price they usually needs. Today I got $4 sold on this image with maximum size downloaded. This is the highest selling price I got after the 12 sold images.... More...
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