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posted by ellenboughn - 19th of august, 2008
You know who you are, Generation Y. An analysis of Internet and social network use tells me that a majority of you reading this were born between 1977 and 1997. You are the children of the last of the baby boomers and the most studied... More...
My first assignment picture!
posted by baldas1950 - 13th of november, 2012
Wow! Today my image has been approved for "assignments"!!. I'm very happy because, this is the first time for me! So I would like to tell something more about that picture: The rider dressed as Native American, with a gun... More...
Dealing with the sky in landscapes
posted by gmargittai - 25th of july, 2012
When photographing landscapes with big portions of the image being the sky, correct exposure is not trivial. Usually the sky is much brighter than the rest of the image. If leaving the camera on automatic exposure, what usually happens... More...
My favorite way to smooth skin quickly!
posted by nansaidh - 29th of february, 2012
Imagenomic's Portraiture Plug-in, without a doubt, is one of the best new plug-ins I use. Imagenomic’s software provides every creative control I could want, but I’ve found the default settings so accurate that I end up tweaking... More...
How I Took This Photo: Sunbathing Skink
posted by edayrit100 - 12th of august, 2011
There it was, a skink, out in the garden, on a rock, sunbathing as I opened the door to take in the morning. So I went for my camera instead of my toothbrush and fired away. First from six meters, then five, then four, circling... More...
posted by petarneychev - 15th of may, 2011
I have a mobile telephone. It's one of them smartphones, actually. It's got a 5Mpix camera, a 3.2" touch screen, only weighs 135 grams (4.76 ounces, for those using the wrong measuring scale :P) , is white (most of the time), has a... More...
Finding Dreamstime Stock Images to use within my Graphical Designs
posted by richie3001 - 7th of march, 2011
For my first post here in my Dreamstime blog i wanted to mention the one thing that frustrates me the most about stock photos... I would love it if Photographers would not zoom in so much upon their subject. As a raw image i can... More...
posted by eternalfour - 22nd of march, 2010
Morning sun has much softer intensity than later on; pollution in minimal compared to sunset ... Back light in the morning gives a lovely golden highlight for th skin and fur a like.
Skin retouch
posted by jordanrusev - 6th of august, 2009
Here is a another quick and very useful photoshop tip for retouching a skin. 1. First open the picture of-course. I will use this picture for example . 2. Duplicate the layer (CTRL+J) 3. Median filter on the duplicated layer... More...
MikLav skin retouching tutorial
posted by miklav - 24th of september, 2008
I've published an illustrated step-by-step skin retouching tutorial in my blog. The article focuses on how to clean skin effects, and how to do edits like a nose form. Skin smoothing technique will be described separately.... More...
Female body
posted by papuga2006 - 31st of march, 2008
Every day and everywhere it seems that getting us girls some unattainable visage of young, skinny, attractive women that wants to convince us that making something or getting something we will look as they are, that is of course true,... More...
Retouching skin with Photoshop
posted by nightangel666 - 26th of march, 2008
When shooting with models, you can have problems related to the skin. That isn't a problem at all since you can easily fix those little "imperfections" with Photoshop. Below you can find two links of tutorials that show easy and useful... More...
A tutorial to apply easily and fastly a tattoo on skin (Photoshop)
posted by nightangel666 - 23rd of october, 2007
You can see this wonderful tutorial here : It is indeed really helpful to totally change the mood of a photograph. More...
Halloween tutorial (part 2)
posted by tonygers - 15th of september, 2007
Here's the second of the Halloween photoshop tutorials that'll show you how to give the impression that skin is peeling and cracking from the face of one of your models. Enjoy More...
Boost up your sales part 9
posted by dnf-style - 4th of september, 2007
A great way to brush up skinscan be found here. To help you build skins WITH structure but without anomalies.
Add a tattoo
posted by tonygers - 16th of august, 2007
Ever wanted to add a tattoo to one of your models? Thinking of getting a tattoo yourself? Here's an easy and painless way to get great results (at least on screen/paper) by following this great and easy Tutorial Here's some great... More...
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