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Slow Food
posted by ellenboughn - 9th of april, 2008
Best sellers among food images are those of fast food dishes, especially hamburgers and fries that are used on menu boards and in the many articles about the joys AND dangers of fast food. But now there is a movement in the opposite... More...
Sales progress
posted by helgidinson - 5th of february, 2014
When I start here in DT, the 1st year was soooooo slow, took me a year to reach 13$, imagine that!!.. Another year pass, I reach 100$ miles stone...feels great. But now , it's a lot better I reach my 200$ mark in about 3 mos...averaging... More...
Slow month Feb'13. Why???
posted by henrymm - 28th of february, 2013
Dear all, February has just ended. But no sale for me. Is it just happen to me only? How about you guys? But I hope that this is a kind of Up and Down situation as long as Stock photography is concerned. So I won't give up and... More...
Your examine and verify cycle how!
posted by hanbaoluan - 4th of february, 2013
Really want to know. A recent photo examine and verify how the speed of you? I feel I recently uploaded photos examine and verify speed special slow, and DT commitment is totally different, news photos 10 days also not examine and verify,... More...
What happened to my sales ?
posted by cooper5022 - 29th of october, 2012
At the end of October I look back at the current month and wonder "where did my sales go"? This has been the lowest sales month for me in nearly 2 years, certainly for 2012. Now I don't sell $100s of images every month, but I have... More...
Slowly but surely
posted by phildaint - 31st of december, 2011
I'm relatively new here and probably have the worst online files to sales going but i plan to keep running with it... Since i started taking photography seriously at the beginning of '09 i have just dumped all my pictures onto various... More...
August - Dragged onward to BME Status
posted by hotmidhun - 18th of september, 2011
It is mid of September, and this post might have come out slightly late.. Better late than never. August month was OK. DT could barely swift through the challenge and drag onward to make August the BME.. Though it is still the... More...
slowly Tortoise
posted by dengqingke - 7th of june, 2011
the Tortoise let time slowly.
A slooooooow start.
posted by markandrewphotography - 1st of april, 2011
Hi folks. Well, 2011 has been a very, very slow start. So slow in fact, I'm able to include within this blog the total number of images uploaded since the new year began. However, it is by no means an indication of how the remaining... More...
Slow down and observe
posted by digitalreflections - 26th of october, 2010
In this fast paced world we sometimes forget to look around us and see the numerous oppertunuties for stock photographers slow down and look around. You may see things that would make a great stock photo. More...
Online 30 photos!
posted by jianbinglee - 25th of may, 2010
Online 30 photos.Posted commemorate. Very slowly and serious!
Slow month
posted by cooper5022 - 15th of january, 2010
Is January normally a slow month for sales? I have had zero so far this month in spite of uploading around 40 with a 94% approval rate. Maybe my bird/nature photos are not something being bought on Dreamstime? Any other nature photographers... More...
Weekend Sales
posted by fultonsphoto - 12th of december, 2009
I have noticed on this and other sites that sales really slow down over the weekends. I just wanted to let the buyers know that I have absolutely nothing against them downloading my images over weekends, really its fine with me... More...
I haz a sad face
posted by denisebeverly - 1st of july, 2009
My sales are slow..totally my fault... haven't been submitting lately. but...I haz a sad face because my last two sales are subscriptions. Lowest either one had ever earned was 50 cents waaayyyy back in 2007. The highest... More...
Slow Uploading
posted by alecbrown - 26th of april, 2009
My recent uploading rate has been extremely slow!! After having several images refused I have lost my enthusiasm to upload. I am still taking photographs as it is my hobby and passion but I find it difficult to sit down and upload... More...
Why oh Why?
posted by astargirl - 12th of november, 2008
Why is it that every single time I near the $100 payout mark my sales slow waaaaay down? I've been selling 1-3 photos almost every day for awhile UNTIL I had earned about $95, and then...almost nothing. I'm less than $2 from payout... More...
Bubble Burst
posted by michael29 - 2nd of november, 2008
With what has been happing in the world with credit crunch I wonder if any one has notice a slow down in sales with stock? I have not sold a lot or have been with Dreams time a lot of Years just would be interesting to know. However... More...
Slow food collection, Italy and around the world
posted by bigpressphoto - 30th of april, 2008
I live in the country where the "Slow food " concept originated, Italy. living in Italy So after Ellen's challenge on her blog, I decided to start uploading some of my slow food images and organic produce images. I had a few accepted,... More...
Pressing Onward
posted by rgebbiephoto - 6th of march, 2008
Well, it's been a hard journey the last week or so. Not only was our production crippled trying to work out the trojan virus, but our sales stopped across the board. Maybe it's just this time of the month, I noticed last month a decrease... More...
Got light trails?
posted by arenacreative - 15th of february, 2008
Abstract light trails are some of my most favorite shots - there's nothing like playing with slow shutterspeed.
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