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Easily upload your photos to multiple microstock sites
posted by huislaw - 28th of august, 2013
Before I start my post, here are some sweet cupcakes for everyone: Do you sell photos on many microstock agencies? If yes, GO to download GO Stock Developed by MyMicrostock & GO Software, it will help to... More...
Noise Reduction Tools: A Review
posted by robinstockphotos - 10th of june, 2013
As a photographer, you always get to encounter situations that are worth capturing but the light is extremely unfavorable. If you have a tripod, you are good to go. But that doesn't always help. Recently while trying to make an HDR... More...
Photoshop Lightroom 4
posted by fishwater - 5th of september, 2012
First, let me explain my experience with post-processing to give you an idea of my skill level. I began with Photoshop 3 with a little instruction from a colleague and upgraded to Photoshop 4 when I had the opportunity a little later... More...
Keywords are so important!
posted by cleaper - 9th of march, 2012
We all know how time consuming keywording can be, but it really is a vital stage of uploading that should be given just as much thought as the taking of and the processing of the image. Yesterday, I had a spare hour and so thought... More...
Noise Reduction Software
posted by akulamatiau - 19th of september, 2011
I always had problems when processing RAW image files especially the ones shot at night time or during low light situation. And of course, a lot of it were refused by DT. We all know that we should try to use low ISO setting to... More...
Manufacturing software company seeks factory floor shots
posted by roberrific - 10th of september, 2011
Submit original images of automated equipment making stuff indoors to A Manufacturing Process photo challenge on Lenzr on behalf of and sponsored by a manufacturing software solutions provider, will license your shots for the firm's... More...
The Photographers Ephemeris
posted by llareggub - 6th of september, 2011
Following on from a blog I wrote last week I would like to write about a great piece of free software that I discovered to help me plan photography trips. We all know hat sunsets and rises have been done to death here on Dreamstime... More...
Adobe´s Lightroom
posted by starblue - 29th of december, 2010
Hi to all! I hope that you have a wonderful festive time! Today I will be very short :-) Do you use Adobe´s Lightroom? It is a wonderful software. I love it! Here is a nice article about a new version of Lightroom. Perhaps you can... More...
Finding your images on internet
posted by alexhor - 8th of november, 2010
At the beginning, I just want to put a disclaimer that this is not sponsored article and I don't have any interest relations with the software creator or their business. Just want to share my discovery to those who didn't know about... More...
What program for illustrations ??
posted by bobsphotography - 11th of february, 2010
I was just wandering wich program is the best to use for illustrations. I am totally into photography, but my wife wanted to start doing illustrations. So it would be great to know what kind of program is the best to start with.... More...
posted by cristalloid - 31st of january, 2010
As you all know, keywording takes much time. Is there anybody who knows if there is an software that does this time consuming item automatically? Or a software that can generate and save complete sets of keywords for re-use? Best... More...
Different software have different quality images
posted by liubaohua - 12th of january, 2010
Hello, everyone! I do not know which software are you use to adjust your raw files, I used adobe bridge to adjust them at the beforetime. But recently, I used the phase one to adjust raw files. Now, I will talk about my feelings... More...
How far can it go?
posted by jalama1 - 30th of september, 2009
I was reading in the message boards about illustrations. What are they? How to create one? What software to use? etc. Photoshop is the software I use to post process my photos so, I decided to make an illustration using PS. I uploaded... More...
Ramadan Shopping, got some software.
posted by creativei - 31st of august, 2009
This Ramadan is really been great, even spiritually its been great, Masha Allah. Well quite happy as I have upgraded to latest Adobe Creative Suite. Just installed, Adobe CS4 Master Collection (in Mac & PC), then Final Cut Pro... More...
Inkscape-a great asset
posted by matabraham - 12th of may, 2009
I would like to dedicate this post to the makers of Inkscape - the wonderful vector illustrator program that has been a great asset in my creative journey. This along with GIMP,an image manipulation software, forms a free and formidable... More...
Why does this simple picture has so many downloads of my on line photos
posted by luming - 27th of march, 2009
This picture has the most downloas of my online photos in current.It is not shoot by a camera, but it is made by a software named 3D max ,In the picture is only a football on the grassland, and the most importantly is this picture... More...
Give Away of the day
posted by fultonsphoto - 17th of february, 2009
I recently came across an interesting site that gives away a version of different types of software for one day, each day new software if offered for download for free. For those interested check out More...
all done by photoshop!
posted by annieyek - 5th of february, 2009
I really like photoshop. I learned it by myself. At the begining, I thought it only can used for photo editing like changing photo level, contrast, color.. things like that. But, this is also a powerful drawing software.It can come... More...
Let Us Go On A Picnik
posted by maigi - 30th of january, 2009
Have you ever been on vacation, took lots of photos about everybody and everything, and discovered you need your sweet laptop with Photoshop beside you right now to process some of your photos you want to add to your travel blog? I... More...
Picasa 3!
posted by eclecticelegance - 12th of january, 2009
I like to use Picasa, Google's free photo editing software, to put finishing touches on my photos before I upload them. I use it to adjust color temperature, lighting, sharpen, etc. It's easy to use, and I get great results with... More...
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