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Build Your Brand
posted by ellenboughn - 25th of november, 2008
Dreamstime success depends on many factors beyond an exciting and diverse portfolio. Building a reputation for a particular style or special subject niche creates a ‘brand’. As designers become familiar with your work, they will... More...
Special Needs
posted by ellenboughn - 27th of november, 2007
The idea that we need to focus our lenses on people with disabilities and special needs came to me while reading Daryl’s Lang’s (PDNPulse) post last week. He mentioned a new book by the well-known portrait, celebrity and ad photographer,... More...
Microscope and macrophotography
posted by yl413100419 - 3rd of september, 2012
The microscope capacitates small objects to be observed. Under the microscope, bacteria, even those with no flagella, often bounce about in the water. And you can find anything interesting. Taking a photo with the microscope is not... More...
Looking For Advise
posted by sunguy - 15th of december, 2011
Greetings I am looking for advise from some of you old timers on this site. I joined DT last July and have gone exclusive, with 72 images on line and 10 sales. For stock, is it better to specialize in a few areas of subject matter... More...
Today is 2011 2011 !!
posted by billysiew - 20th of november, 2011
Today is 20112011(ddmmyyyy) A day in history. Why it is so special? Because for next year is 2012 2012 and no more double year appear for this century, 20132013, 20142014,.... do not exist. Most important, today is also my birthday!... More...
Working on local speciality
posted by morgancapasso - 26th of june, 2011
i Start to work on immage of tipical speciality of my area, food and products i noticed you can found tons and tons of staf to prepare,, in differenting setting as well. I tink i found e new calleng for my self iwill keep posting... More...
A special day , five 1s !
posted by billysiew - 11th of january, 2011
Five 1s : 1/11/11 11th of January, 2011 This day is a special day, it will only happen for the next 100 years.. The current assignment also due on this day.. I am so glad that my assignment file has finally been accepted. At... More...
Nature Photography Day - June 15
posted by aginger - 15th of june, 2010
The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) has announced that June 15 is the first observation of National Nature Photography Day. Special date first appeared in the 2006 edition of McGraw-Hill's reference work Chases'... More...
Happy Birthday !!
posted by jameskho - 28th of april, 2010
Today is a special day for me - celebrate with me as I have my first image to achieve a level 2 status : Thanks all who buy this image, I am glad you like it. I wish all, whose birthday fall on today, a very blessed and happy birthday... More...
posted by dmccale - 6th of april, 2010
I wrote a post a few weeks back about my special model (my daughter).I was not going to share her secret, but after all the kind response on her photos. I decided I should. Therefore, here is her most hidden secret .She is a... More...
Diversity vs Speaciality
posted by fultonsphoto - 16th of september, 2009
I read once somewhere here in the DT blogs that a good photographer should be able to take a photograph of anything and make it look great. That said this brings me to the point of this blog - its more of a quiz to which I hope to find... More...
Developing a Style
posted by destinyvispro - 12th of march, 2009
I admire the submitters at Dreamstime who have committed to developing their art and skill. I often look at other people's work and try to learn from it. Unfortunately, this cuts into my productivity but fortunately, when I do learn... More...
Special Visual Angle for Photo
posted by toneimage - 12th of february, 2009
The 2 images attached are my favorite ones not only because they are quite explicit but also because they are my products in another angle of view compared with the big quantities of landscape pictures. Actually, from the beginning... More...
Touched by Animals
posted by lifesazoo - 20th of november, 2008
Growing up I was never able to have a pet of my own do to allergies which some times still affect me today but I know which animals are ok and which animals I need to stay away from. Now that I am an adult I do own two cats which I... More...
Seasonal submission dates
posted by talanis - 14th of september, 2008
When do you usually submit your photos for seasonal events? Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter? Summer, Winter, Fall shots? Snow, fallen leaves, beach shots? I usually do this 3 to 6 months before the event/season. I started... More...
A little milestone : my 500th image on DT
posted by moth - 6th of august, 2008
I had several images being reviewed all through today and at the end of the day the total number of my uploaded pix comes to a nice round 500 ~ :) So today is a special day to me, and I'm glad this image is the magical 500th... More...
Tang-Hulu, a kind of special food in China
posted by crazyufo - 9th of may, 2008
I probably was not a very romantic person, compared to see sunset or sunrise or walk on beach in the seaside, I still prefer to sit together with my lover to eat Tang Hulu, it is not only eat the flavor of acid or sweet but more... More...
special's occasion
posted by morgancapasso - 9th of march, 2008
Special occasion and special moments like festivity and holiday are another perfect moment for creating stock photography images. Valentine's day birthday anniversary weddings and other just for mention few of them are the highest return... More...
Antialiasing and 3D CG
posted by apsvp - 1st of november, 2007
Hello, I hope this blog will be useful for you. Last night I was exploring with 3D just for fun. Anti aliasing can be extremely time expensive, if we want quality. Here you can see the semi-aliased edges. Nevertheless,... More...
Special needs
posted by psalm113v9 - 13th of august, 2007
This is a subject near to my heart. My 8 year old granddaughter has CP & Autism, a feeding tube, and trouble communicating. She walks with a distinct gate and sometimes wears braces. She loves to swim, jump on the trampoline, play... More...
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