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Understanding Camera Flash
posted by robinstockphotos - 27th of june, 2013
From one of my recent articles for someone... Frequently wondered points about flash photography (basics and advanced): 1. They say pop-up flash ruins photos. It is true? Yes and no. Pop-up flash eliminates all shadows as seen... More...
I take photos to emphasize the subject of understanding
posted by hanbaoluan - 8th of july, 2012
Many years of photography career leads me to the photography produced love, good shot every photo, want to pay the hard work sweat and wisdom, the following is my photos to emphasize the subject of how a little experience and understanding;... More...
So, you want to be a pro photographer.
posted by seawatch1 - 27th of june, 2012
You most likely want to be a pro and perhaps you already are. But are you a good pro? Or do people cringe when they see you are going to be on a shoot? Here are a few tips that will make you a better pro. Check your ego at the door... More...
Valuable exercise- have a go (free meta data viewer and editor tool)
posted by bevanward - 26th of august, 2010
Ever wanted to know more about what your CAMERA did to your photo? You know what YOU did but there was more? There is the basic metadata (EXIF-Exchangeable image file format, IPTC-International Press Telecommunications Council)... More...
be different
posted by keki - 11th of november, 2009
Kids Who Are Different by Digby Wolfe Here's to the kids who are different, The kids who don't always get A's, The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers, And noses that go on for days... Here's to the kids who... More...
About Good friday and Easter..
posted by billysiew - 2nd of april, 2009
Do you know what is Good friday and Easter all about? Nowaday, even some "christian" tend to forgot the true meaning of Good Friday and Easter. It's all about JESUS! Good Friday: Jesus died for us and saved us from sin. Easter:... More...
Hitting my Stride - Sort of...
posted by hoosierstu - 29th of january, 2009
Now with 31 uploads, I feel I’m finally hitting my stride. Before uploading or taking the photo I now ask myself the question (what others have suggested)... “Will this photo be useful/desirable to others?” I've learned... More...
After entering the meager profit chart database feelings
posted by gserw - 6th of january, 2009
Entered the meager profit chart database three months, had many feeling. Originally is only according to own feeling photography, arrives at here only then to know that must stand in user's standpoint photographs, the artistic picture... More...
Search for suggestion.
posted by sanshams - 29th of august, 2008
Here is one of my sales. I thank the creators of DT, and all the people who help it to became what it is today, and for have given me the opportunity to be aboard. I love to take photos and I'm very happy that so many people can... More...
When a Good Intention turns into a Game!
posted by thefinalmiracle - 9th of july, 2008
Now posting a non-photography blog which I was gonna start anyway. I don't expect a credit for this if non-photography blogs are not given one, but I do expect that this will surely help some people if not all. I am many often asked... More...
Great Wall - the spirite of chinese
posted by nomad1314 - 24th of april, 2008
Jiankou Great Wall. which is well-known for its five characters of “steepness, compactness, queerness, wonderfulness, and comprehensiveness”, is located inGubeikou Town to the north-east of Miyun, Beijing. Jiankou Great wall... More...
posted by plunin - 5th of february, 2008
A couple of words about telecommunications in images. I bumped into this problem when the time came to order a new site for our company. It seems that most designers working on this topic usually slightly misunderstand how modern... More...
Starting out on Dreamstime
posted by amyemilia - 11th of january, 2008
I was so happy to see that 6 of my first 38 submitted files were accepted! Of course a higher percentage would have been better, but I feel like the rejections will help me understand the requirements more completely. A bit of a thrill... More...
Being John Malkovich
posted by photojay - 28th of september, 2007
OK, so I used a false pretense to lure you in, but its not the first time this has happened to you, right? I mean, I know of a company who used one of my friend's perfect stock images to illustrate how much better of an image you can... More...
Cultural Differences
posted by maigi - 7th of september, 2007
Have you ever wondered, how much your culture may influence the way you understand people of different background? Sometimes when somebody uses too beautiful words, "what a flatterer", can cross our minds, when one don't understand... More...
Where to place it? part2
posted by mailthepic - 5th of september, 2007
One very common thing we often do in lighting is we always get carry away by the joy of adding one light after another. WHY, try ask ourself how much spill light was created by the first, second and ..?..?..The worst is all the spill... More...
It's a matter of PERSPECTIVE!
posted by photojay - 26th of august, 2007
As a 'self proclaimed' student of photography, I have made it a point to mentally critique every image I can reasonably take time to do so. One of the things I notice time and again that I think separates a good photograph from a great... More...
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