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  • Yupeeeeeeeee !!!

    by Littledesire | 10th of November, 2008

    My first 100 $! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it ... I know, I know, I know I'm haaappy .. haaappy!!!! That was a song ... did you hear it? :) Well, that photo is not one of my favourites but it doesn't matter now coz: I'm so excited and I just can't hide it... More
  • New milestone - 500 images approved

    by Littledesire | 6th of November, 2008

    Here is my new milestone - 500 images approved!!!! That photo is my number 500 in my portfolio and it's from Tsarevets fortress in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. I have to say it was very hard and dangerous to take some of the photos because I had to hang down from the high stronghold'... More
  • My first 6 months in Dreamstime

    by Littledesire | 29th of October, 2008

    It’s been 6 months since I’m here in DreamsTime and 8 months since I started stock photography. I’m happy that I’ve reached number 100 sale before my sixth month here! I’m accountant but I love photography. It makes me relax after busy days I have. I have to say... More

    by Littledesire | 28th of October, 2008

    Goooood morning everybody! It's time to wash your teeth :) This photo is number 100 download in my portfolio! And I'm so happy with my first milestone! Just wanted to share my happiness with all of you! And I want to say THANK YOU to all of you, my friends! Keep on this... More
  • Reaching a milestone

    by Southernstar71 | 17th of October, 2008

    I finally got there. 50 uploads. It took quite a while (almost a year in fact), and at a certain point I'd given up hope altogether, but I got there. The most important thing, though, is not reaching the milestone, it's the path you travel on. For me, it meant learning... More
  • Yeees, I did it !!!

    by Littledesire | 12th of October, 2008

    I'm sooooo happy right now !!! I did it! I have my own website! And I did it all by my self! I'm visiting web design lessons and here is the result: my site It's not too much BUT for me (as a beginner) it's GREAT! It's not finished yet but I'm working on it and I think... More
  • Another Wedding Season Over

    by Retina2020 | 8th of October, 2008

    I love shooting weddings for friends and family. Weddings are so beautiful and emotional and brings a feeling of joy. Sadly in colder climates, weddings tend to slow down in Fall. Weddings is a good place to think about stock photography. First of all the models and objects... More
  • All my ducks in a row

    by Denisebeverly | 2nd of October, 2008

    Well I think I have done it, all my ducks are in a row now. My exclusive status ended two days ago. I have recouped all funds lost to that status ending, including the $6.00 I was in the red when that took place. I suspect I have some friends who bailed me out. thank... More
  • 1st Month of Being Exclusive

    by Retina2020 | 1st of October, 2008

    At the end of August, I decided to be an exclusive contributer to Dreamstime. It took me a long time to make this decision. I'm still relatively new to stock photography. I've been here for almost 1 year. At the beginning, I thought the best way to fund my hobby was to... More
  • Things that make you go hmm

    by Litifeta | 30th of September, 2008

    I guess so many of us are looking and wondering and waiting to see what all this scandal in Wall Street means for us. Can we, the ordinary folk even contemplate the measures by which these people must analyse the risk involved in essentially betting in billions of dollars,... More
  • Scanning for stock

    by Bradcalkins | 30th of September, 2008

    I have managed to get an image accepted that is scanned from some of my old slides. I lived for a year in Bangladesh and took quite a lot of photos there, as well as during some travels in India. Scanning is a little frustrating as you have to deal with a number of issues:... More
  • Three Years Microstocking

    by Bright | 27th of September, 2008

    Hello :-) This short blog will cover some thoughts about microstock market. It is also my first (test) post. By the way I'm writing this 2nd time from scratch, I just lost all the content previously written here, as I did not enter any tags. So learn from it, and... More
  • Around the World on Microstock!

    by Holgs | 25th of September, 2008

    After a few months back in Australia, I’ve set off to face the world again on another global adventure. The difference this time is that I’ll be aiming to fund the trip entirely from micro-stock earnings. The first part of the journey will go through Asia where I'... More
  • 100th Sale

    by Lifesazoo | 20th of September, 2008

    I was pleased when I got home today from one of my photography outings to see that I made my 100th Sale. This is the lucky shot: Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. It is a picture of the Drum Bridge and the reflection in the water creates a... More
  • Loving Dreamstime

    by Lifesazoo | 19th of September, 2008

    I joined up on Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 and was really not sure if I would make it or not as a member cause so many other Stock sites turned me down instantly because of my photography style. Animal photography is my main subject of shooting and all the other sites said... More
  • How to improve my collections

    by Littledesire | 12th of September, 2008

    Hi all! I've just done my first collections (and first blog)! I would want to know how my collections are done and how could I improve them so that they could work well. Should I have done something else? Include more photographers? You know I'm new to stock photography... More
  • My Microstock Workflow from A to Z!

    by Yanc | 4th of September, 2008

    Hello fellow microstockers! I thought I would share with you my latest blog post at Yanik's Photo School! I just posted part 1 of my workflow. I picked my brains to make it as complete as possible! Check it out here! Yanik More
  • Creating versus taking

    by Bradcalkins | 4th of September, 2008

    Most of the time I tend towards taking images of the world around me, but sometimes I also have concepts that I want to turn into an image. Watching my son playing with some nesting dolls I had an idea last week, and this was the result. It is a cool feeling when you have... More
  • Digital Workflow

    by Talanis | 2nd of September, 2008

    Many tools can be used and everyone probably have his own workflow to process their image. Here is what I developped over the last year. First, I'm on a Mac and using Aperture as my main cataloging and basic retouching tool but all that can be done with other software... More
  • Pick it and Stick with it!

    by Studioceja | 21st of August, 2008

    I have found that sometimes an object in a scene becomes more important than the person.... I ran across this phenomenon at the beach. Here you can see that even thought the scenery is quite magnificent the subtle color of the pink dress stands out very much. Therefore,... More

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