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  • New stock fashion word or soon to be reality: Midstock

    by Dnf-style | 19th of September, 2007

    Midstock or better said stock photo's sold for between 10 to 100 dollars instead of 1 to 5. The word midstock is so fashionable new that they did not even yet decide on the proper definition yet. It comes, very rudely spoken to this: The big expensive stocks will realize... More
  • The Empty Picture

    by Espion | 19th of September, 2007

    I find taking pictures for stock images a rather different discipline from what I was used to. For instance I would never have taken this picture, if at all I call it a picture. It says something for sure, but it is not something that is substantial or significant,... More
  • List

    by Sophiesourit | 19th of September, 2007

    In order to have few organization concerning the year coming I was thinking about the different events running along the years. From now : - halloween - christmas - new year - winter holyday - valentines day - saint patrick - mother day, father day, grandmother day... More
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 16

    by Saniphoto | 16th of September, 2007

    I love minimalism and this splendid image with simplicity express the feeling of winter. It is just wonderful. I do not need too many word, it speaks for itself. See Article
  • Photography inside your home.

    by Pirate59 | 15th of September, 2007

    Many people find going outside into the big wide world a requirement for decent photography. Travel photos, landscapes, sunsets waterfalls. As brilliant as these genres of photography is, there is also a strong creative element to be found within the home. There is... More
  • When I get some time free

    by Sophiesourit | 12th of September, 2007

    When I have some time to spend I like to surf through the microstock to see image from the other. I pretend it is for inspiration, but in fact that is also to travel... I'm amazed by the quantity and variety of images that I can see. Concept, countrie, fields, city,... More
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 11

    by Saniphoto | 11th of September, 2007

    I am a photographer but also a creative and visual artist so I can appreciate and enjoy doing from time to time 'illustration's kind of images. This one I like so much because of the simple but effective contrast between gray and orange and the highly dynamic angle. Excellent.... More
  • Isolation and the use of white space.

    by Pirate59 | 9th of September, 2007

    Hi everyone. Ive noticed a fair few of the really great isolated images (objects by them selves) have something in common. They all have a really strong white area. Background at times can as important to perfecting an image, as the other criteria. ie composition,... More
  • How I view my stock customers...

    by Photoboykane | 7th of September, 2007

    My favorite art director always started a project with a detailed description of our target audience. We never talked about lighting, backgrounds, models, or even budgets until it was very clear to the entire creative team who we were aiming to reach. Although I'm presently... More
  • Spot on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 10

    by Saniphoto | 7th of September, 2007

    This is one of the most convincing images I have seen lately. Wonderful representation of our dependence on oil. Again I want to underline the simplicity. Two elements (earth and oil pump) and a good composition-concept. A kind of image that I keep in my folder, for inspiration.... More
  • Spot on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 9

    by Saniphoto | 7th of September, 2007

    Here is all in the simplicity. White computer keyboard and the right red key with Help text. Simple and effective. Great concept. There is all what I dream for: the simplicity and the message. See Article
  • Spot on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 8

    by Saniphoto | 6th of September, 2007

    Maybe is not the most original idea in the world, it recall someway something we have seen already. True, similar conceptual ideas abound now in stock. Anyway it's simplicity and the fact it is just a still-life photo (I means, is not a montage) made me think it deserve a... More
  • Spot on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 6

    by Saniphoto | 5th of September, 2007

    This a is wonderful and clever idea! The pepper with a zip (in fact is a successful image) was good indeed. It require surely a good ability in Photoshop, but shows how digital can help to make true good ideas. It should be always in this way: have a nice idea, then use the... More
  • Spot on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 5

    by Saniphoto | 4th of September, 2007

    This kind of illustration-collage I like for two reasons: the good interpretation of the concept and the composition. The blue tonality add to it the right feeling. Occasionally I like to make also such kind of illustrations, so this is maybe why I'm attracted by this (successful)... More
  • Dreamstime vs. Traditional photography

    by Achilles | 4th of September, 2007

    In a recent survey we have asked buyers who used traditional agencies before finding Dreamstime, specific questions regarding their experience. The questions were chosen after reading several articles written by analysts of the traditional industry such as Chris Ferrone,... More
  • Spot on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 4

    by Saniphoto | 4th of September, 2007

    Here is another of the kind of images I love the most. Creative, humorous and witty. A simple business-financial concept (growth) very well interpreted. And the red color give the perfect touch of contrast to the scene. See Article
  • Spot on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 3

    by Saniphoto | 4th of September, 2007

    What I love of this photo is the clever usage of monochromatic tonality. Usually you see images of new year celebrations using bright colors, this one is made with a new (and in my opinion tasteful) feel for this topic. a refreshing view of a common theme. More
  • Spotlight on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 2

    by Saniphoto | 3rd of September, 2007

    This is one of the first images that I have seen and appreciated at Dreamstime when I joined. I was looking around to get an idea of what were the kind of images most downloaded and saw this nice photo-methapor. (Only later I found it belonged to the CEO of Dreamstime,... More
  • Spotlight on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 1

    by Saniphoto | 1st of September, 2007

    I like this kind of images, highly creative and with a twist, because it communicate a (serious) message with fun and cleverness. One can choose to represent anorexia with a crude image or with a metaphor. In this case the metaphor has an added value because of the squeezed... More
  • using old / vintage photos for stock?

    by Israeltunis | 31st of August, 2007

    anyone know what the policy is for using vintage photos? in particular vintage photos with people. I have acquired a large box of family photos [+1500]. many of these are from the 1930's - 1950's. most are of my grandmother and grandfather and family members. There are some... More

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