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  • Spotlight on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 1

    by Saniphoto | 1st of September, 2007

    I like this kind of images, highly creative and with a twist, because it communicate a (serious) message with fun and cleverness. One can choose to represent anorexia with a crude image or with a metaphor. In this case the metaphor has an added value because of the squeezed... More
  • using old / vintage photos for stock?

    by Israeltunis | 31st of August, 2007

    anyone know what the policy is for using vintage photos? in particular vintage photos with people. I have acquired a large box of family photos [+1500]. many of these are from the 1930's - 1950's. most are of my grandmother and grandfather and family members. There are some... More
  • What future for the (micro)stock photography?

    by Saniphoto | 31st of August, 2007

    With digital cameras now so available to anyone, and sales that account for millions of items worldwide, the number of people that start photography as hobby or profession is obviously increasing. I don't think that with the oversupply of images there will be space for... More
  • What do I want ?

    by Pescarus | 30th of August, 2007

    The Stock gives you what it thinks you want, and you think that you have to want what`s on the stock. What you will chose, or what you will publish on the stock, if you forget the terms and conditions, might be something that will be approved, might be something... More
  • Different approach at stock photography

    by Saniphoto | 28th of August, 2007

    When my wife noticed that Dreamstime agency, where I was selling images taken with my Canon powershot (yes, my first 20-30 images accepted were taken with a point and shoot! After that, only Nikon reflex) she decided to take part in the game too. Not for the money, just... More
  • My story at Dreamstime or how to became a better stock photographer - 5

    by Saniphoto | 27th of August, 2007

    PART 5 subtitle: where I am now. You can do it too! This 2007 year is particularly fruitful for me at Dreamstime, because I have found my way to better manage the digital work-flow, nicely increasing acceptance ratio, sales and my personal satisfaction. Ergo my Ego!... More
  • Targets n' Milestones

    by Thefinalmiracle | 26th of August, 2007

    As I was never a photographer, stock was a word related to investment and my countries financial position as well. I never knew that something like ‘stock photography’ was a term even when I was a regular browser of xxxxx for my general pictorial browsing. I was always... More
  • My story at Dreamstime or how to became a better stock photographer - 4

    by Saniphoto | 24th of August, 2007

    PART 4 subtitle: more submission tactics This time I want to add something again about the submission of images, that is maybe the most important subjects for who want to be a better stock photographer in the microstock era. I have already explained in last article... More
  • How did you start with stocks?

    by Natie | 22nd of August, 2007

    I was reading other members' articles here and an idea came to my mind: how all of you began working with stocks? I know that many of us are not professional photographers or illustrators, and we have various kinds of education and professions. What was the starting point... More
  • Microstocks like an addiction

    by Lukasztymszan | 20th of August, 2007

    I sell my photos on several microstocks. Dreamstime is my best one because of a good interface, planty ways to get useful information and lot's of possibilities to meet and keep in touch with other photographers. I had good and bad months with my sales but when it's just... More
  • Stepping on the path of stock photography

    by Fertographer | 20th of August, 2007

    I must admit I am not the best photographer out there not am I giving the best submissions for sale. Yet I must say stock photography changed my perspective at taking photographs. In the past I took so many photos, keeping them was good in a way but for a whole collection... More
  • digital art

    by Darkenrahl599 | 17th of August, 2007

    Art & commerce have never been so mathematically married as Swiss artist Sala's project, One Thousand Paintings. With more than 750 of these simple and elegant number canvases sold (the majority, 350 or so, to Americans), for increasing prices tagged to availability, Sala'... More
  • I think I just missed out.

    by Jrtmedia | 17th of August, 2007

    I own twenty five shares of a stock called PCC. I checked it this morning at around 10:15 AM Central Time. It was down to only two cents per share! PCC had been around $12.50 or so yesterday. And when I checked the stock again in five minutes, it had gone back up to $12.25!... More
  • My story at Dreamstime or how to became a better stock photographer

    by Saniphoto | 10th of August, 2007

    PART 1 subtitle: how I discovered the promised land I think the title pretty explain itself. In these articles I will be telling you my personal experience at Dreamstime, in the hope to be of help for some newcomer. In the next parts I will explain my direct experience... More
  • Hope to learn stock shoot

    by J6789 | 8th of August, 2007

    I am a newbie and I am interesting in shoot,but the stock shoot is new technic for me. If possible, I hope there are articles to be learned in here. If you are a expert of stock shoot and I hope to find your article. Of course, if possible I hope these article to offer... More
  • Reducing cows pollution with garlic

    by Lindigo | 1st of August, 2007

    By 2050 livestock population is expected to double. Nowadays practices are not sustainable because they generate far too much pollution, so new practices and technologies are needed to produce better food, in bigger quantities with less impact on the environment. Cows... More
  • Can you live off of your stock photo earnings?

    by Jrtmedia | 26th of July, 2007

    Most photographers dream of the day when they can give up the day job and focus one hundred percent on their photography. But how hard is it to actually do? I've often wondered about this, so I did some research. Everyone's cost of living will differ, but most people probably... More
  • Creative ideas for stock pictures

    by Palangsi | 24th of July, 2007

    Hi, Greetings from Singapore. I worked as a tourists photographer and also has a small business called Handwriting Analysis. I am currently doing research into what kinds of stock sells best. These ideas are from a book called People shots that sell - How to succeed in... More
  • Before Submission - Useful Tips

    by Petarneychev | 18th of July, 2007

    In this article I'll try to point out a few really basic tips for post-processing before submission, which I trust will be helpful to those of you who are newbies to stock photography. Others might also find them helpful, and if you're well experienced in the areas which... More

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