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  • How quickly this site is improving my photographic eye...

    by Acesarek | 9th of November, 2007

    Most people don't deal well with rejection, especially not when it comes to their "art". But the truth is, its the rejection that can push us to become better at a quicker pace. For the most part, I'd say I'm a self taught photographer. I had a back ground in filmmaking... More
  • Finding opportunities for stock in what seems to be not

    by Fertographer | 8th of November, 2007

    I was at a shopping mall one day to try my hands on shooting some runway shots. It was my first and probably last as I got bored of it. It didn't mean a thing to have the faces of the models and clothes I won't buy kept in my harddisk. At least that is me. Haha So,... More
  • First Blog Post- fighting chance

    by Tritooth | 7th of November, 2007

    I am not sure what to put into this blog. I think it will be about the shoots that I go on and the day to day of being a stock/freelance photographer, trying to eek out a living in a small US city. I will try to update it a couple of times a week. Right now I have galleries... More
  • Hibernation

    by Fertographer | 5th of November, 2007

    I can't wait till 9nov. That is when my exams will finally end. These past few weeks I have been so stagnant from shooting that I can only envy picture after picture that is being uploaded here. Browsing through new photos only make my fingers itch more, so ever eager... More
  • Connecting Creativity & Commerce

    by Iofoto | 31st of October, 2007

    Stock is a business based on creativity. Knowing what subjects to shoot and how to diversify your collection is paramount to creating a good income from stock photography. At the recent PhotoPlus in New York City, I was privileged to be on the "Do It Yourself Creative... More
  • I'm going to Disney Land!

    by Astargirl | 30th of October, 2007

    Well, not quite Disney Land actually, but I am moving about an hour north of Mickey's homeland. I just got a job in Florida and I'm excited about it and about the new stock photo shots I'll be able to get there. I'm about 1 1/2 hours from the beach, so I'll have more opportunities... More
  • Stock vs Fine Art

    by Maigi | 21st of October, 2007

    Today I discovered another feature, that distinguishes between a stock photo and a fine art photo. I was visiting British photographer Nina Ludwig's digital photogallery and just had to stop to look at this photo. It's amazing, how much room there is left for imagination.... More
  • Going to Las Vegas tomorrow

    by Mdilsiz | 11th of October, 2007

    All right... I am going to Vegas tomorrow, and wanted to see if I can get some tips from the locals or any others who have gone to Vegas. Were there any pictures you took and found to be great value? or Were there some pictures that you wanted to TAKE but didn't... More
  • Helping hand

    by Shadow69 | 11th of October, 2007

    I had quite a few months of fairly decent sales (well, relative to my past sales, nothing comparable to other people's sales on this site though), October seems determined to cut me down to size... only 3 sales so far this month. Oh well... maybe next month my sales will... More
  • Photography - are you appreciating?

    by Fertographer | 2nd of October, 2007

    Photography is an art, correct and yes. We appreciate what is around us that is why we take photographs of them. However, I realise that in the process of achieving the final product and art piece, we lose the instantaneous appreciation of the subject. For example,... More
  • Extracting from a scene a stock photograph

    by Fertographer | 2nd of October, 2007

    I am not sure how many people out there belong to the same boat as I do. I don't have strobe lights, models, studio to work with. My main source of stock photograph are plucked off the street during my street shoots. Namely landscape, street abstracts and maybe some macro... More
  • New in stock

    by Oculo | 1st of October, 2007

    I have over a month in stock photo market, in DT I sold 3 pictures, I think "it´s not bad for the beginning". This week I grow up my stock I have 50 pics I will shot other 50 I hope sold more :) My first sold picture See Article
  • Stock minded - boon or bane

    by Fertographer | 30th of September, 2007

    Since I started to contribute photographs to dreamstime, I see a change in my shooting style. Sometimes I wonder if I am deviating from a passion to one that is becoming a slight liability that I keep thinking that I shoot for what can sell. My 'deleting' habit continues... More
  • The beauty of this Trend

    by Mailthepic | 30th of September, 2007

    When stock images started its a heaven to Editor and Art Director. Everything are no further away from the click of a button. On the other hand for commercial photographers like us, its a bit more like nightmare .Drop in business are certainly a Yes. This Trend are moving,... More
  • The Friday blog: what's the difference between pictures and photographs

    by Nikitu | 28th of September, 2007

    Did this question ever come to your mind? What is the difference between a picture and a photograph? I consider pictures to be all those images we take out on vacations, family reunions, meetings with friends, snapshots that don't require us to think of the composition,... More
  • Street photography as stock photography

    by Fertographer | 27th of September, 2007

    Like mentioned under my profile, I'm a street person by nature. The things I shoot, the subjects I have, are usually picked off from the streets where I shot. From a small country like mine, landscapes and breathtaking sceneries hardly ever appear or come by. Sometimes... More
  • Your Camera, RF & RM

    by Thefinalmiracle | 27th of September, 2007

    NOTICE : The fact remains that better the camera, the more approval ratio you have and more sales as well, but I am writing this blog from my experience and analysis. When I hit the stock concept on google, it wasn’t microstock. It was about RM (Rights Managed) Stock... More
  • Flowers, puppies and babies

    by Astargirl | 26th of September, 2007

    I have to keep reminding myself that art photography is not the same as stock photography. The two do overlap sometimes, but often a photo that sells well here, would get torn apart as a work of art. I'll never forget the one major rule in my photography classes in college.... More
  • Composing photos

    by Dcwcreations | 23rd of September, 2007

    I am new to stock photography and am really enjoying all there is to learn. I started to compose some objects to make the scene rather than take a photo of what's there. This of course opens up a whole world only limited by our imagination. Yes the whole point is to... More
  • Brightqube - see David fighting Goliaths!

    by Achilles | 20th of September, 2007

    The David fighting Goliaths! Power to the people! A news leaked out yesterday. A beta site was revealed, you can see it here, before the official press release. It is called BrightQube. I must confess I don't know why, but I can guess: it has a clever navigation and a... More

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