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  • Fill a gap or niche

    by Studioceja | 15th of August, 2008

    Not to long ago I needed an image of a Mariachi for a poster.... right away I went on dreamstime and to my surprise found a very limited selection. Most were of some silly looking guy and others of a young boy wearing a sombrero (Interesting images but this is not a Mariachi)... More
  • Another milestone, my 100th image approved.

    by Sstedman | 13th of August, 2008

    Just today I hit the 100 uploads point, I actually went over at 105. Here are a couple of my latest images. Any feedback would be appreciated. There are 2 things that have made a difference for getting more pictures approved and increasing my approval... More
  • From school....

    by Studioceja | 7th of August, 2008

    The following images were just approved; They are rendered illustrations of projects I designed in Architecture school. I find it awesome that I can submit them on Dreamstime. Its nice to see that they may someday be used for multiple purposes.... More
  • Setting Goals

    by Lifesazoo | 30th of July, 2008

    I became a member of Dreamstime on May 12, 2008 and did not know what to expect since I had already been turned down by other stock sites for only taking pictures of animals. After my first set of pictures started going through the review process on May 21st I realized that... More
  • What catagory?

    by Studioceja | 30th of July, 2008

    I have many unfinished files waiting for me to fill in, keyword, and sumbmit. I am pondering what approach I should take? They are illustrations rendered out of 3D models I created. Any suggestions? Heres some examples: sample-1 sample-2 More
  • The things microstock has bought for me

    by Litifeta | 29th of July, 2008

    Like most of us here, I have been playing with cameras for 20 years or so, a passion, and an expensive hobby. So when I joined Dreamstime all the time ago ... end of 2006 ... I really did not know what to expect. My first sale came in the first week. I had the enormous... More
  • Assignments, Assignments! The GOOD and BAD!

    by Studioceja | 8th of July, 2008

    Ok ... so I submit my images to this weeks assignment: up-Very-close I think I had the opportunity to submit up to ten images and sure enough I did. I was not surprised when they were refused/rejected. I was sad because I was very fond of my images :-( However, upon a later... More
  • 100 stock photos

    by Boostlee | 25th of June, 2008

    I had my 100th photo approved yesterday. It's exciting to be the first milestone in DT. And my acceptance ratio keep increasing month by month. It's over 50% on June. I'll keep shooting and uploading. Hope that I can build a great photo stock within 2~3 years. My best... More
  • I am new!!

    by Judydean | 19th of June, 2008

    I have uploaded 3 pictures!! It has become apparent that my collection of images are not really appropriate for stock - which is sad, but also exciting as I must now go out and do something about that!! I have been taking photos for fun for many years, and have, since... More
  • Opportunity knocks but once...

    by Bradcalkins | 12th of June, 2008

    One of the things I like most about stock photography is that it encourages me to consider any subject that I might not otherwise consider. I had some engine trouble last week, and rather than being worried about the actual problem my first thought was to grab a picture... More
  • i find blogging useful because..

    by Fertographer | 11th of June, 2008

    of the free credit i get. That very credit i got i effectively used it to purchase photos which my friend needed for her project. I need not convert any earnings yet I am still able to help out by providing the picture as needed by my friend. While I cannot create the... More
  • The beginners Guide to microstock photography

    by Rinderart | 10th of June, 2008

    The Book Is out and now available for online Viewing. This book is a Year and a Half project and covers everything a beginner should Know or have questions about.The help you succeed In Microstock. If interested Go to Here are the table... More
  • Fractals

    by Patballard | 9th of June, 2008

    Right at the start of this blog, let me say this out loud and proud, "I'M A FRACTAL ARTIST!" Sorry for all the shouting. Fractals seem to be such an orphan art form on most of the microstock sites. Other sites that I've been on actively discriminate against fractals. Dreamstime... More
  • The State of the Business

    by Patballard | 6th of June, 2008

    As a newbie to stock sales, I've spent a lot of time lately doing research on microstock blogs. I've learned so much from more experienced photographers willingness to share what they know about selling their images with those of us who are newer to the business. Thanks guys!... More
  • In Addition - Stock Addiction

    by Thefinalmiracle | 2nd of June, 2008

    Our lives are always driven by our passion for success – a relative term. It can be success in career, love, spirit or in the celebration of life itself. In all the struggles leading us towards success we are often stressed and get addictions. Whatever the addictions, drinking,... More
  • using a tarantula as a model

    by Taragolden | 26th of May, 2008

    i had an unusual film shoot last week with a bull snake and a tarantula. I was shooting for a stock footage site, and thought id pick up a few stills for dreamstime as well. My friend Chad, pictured here, had Rosie the rose haired tarantula as a pet. Its s little strange... More
  • Introducing myself and some results of my best hobby

    by Xalanx | 15th of May, 2008

    My name is Catalin Petolea, I am from Romania. As a day job I am senior software developer working for a large company. And as everybody can guess, photography is one of my hobbies. The most important one, I would say. In fact, I'd exchange writing code for photography... More
  • advice requested on stock video footage

    by Taragolden | 8th of May, 2008

    hi there.. i wonder if some of you have had experience shooting stock video footage as well.Im just starting to explore it and would very much welcome your tips and advice.. do you find that the subject matter that is popular is much the same for stock photos? thanks tara More
  • Microstock - the mp3 of photography?

    by Achilles | 3rd of May, 2008

    A few years ago, music was available to masses through record producers only - vinyl or CD, the support didn't really matter. The producer started to act as a director, setting trends, creating stars, shaping new generation' addictions based on his own vision, creativity... More
  • We are `only` amateurs!

    by Achilles | 3rd of May, 2008

    There's a frequent discussion that tries to give an answer to what makes a professional, what defines it and what sets it apart from the amateur. It's almost a cliche, like the image that worths as much as x words (substitute x with your own choice). You... More

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