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What I Did This Summer .or. How Stock Photography has Changed my World
posted by karenfoleyphotography - 20th of september, 2012
I think there is something magical about this time of the year on dreamstime. Maybe I'm a bit of a voyeur, but I love to browse through random porfolios to get a peek into how my fellow contributors spent there summer holidays... More...
posted by dudau - 18th of september, 2012
So, you have the tools, you have the skills, you have the time. What else do you need in order to be successful in stock photography? The concepts! Concept photography is the best selling stock photography. But which concepts to shoot?... More...
Halloween Stock Photography
posted by peanutroaster - 14th of september, 2012
One of my favorite seasons is coming up. Fall with its country fairs, crisp air, colorful leaves and of course Halloween. Halloween has become the second largest celebration of year in America, after Christmas. Each year Americans... More...
Infrared images and the Fuji X-Pro 1
posted by tangjans - 3rd of september, 2012
Not long after the Fuji X-Pro 1 was released, infrared photography aficionados found that with a few hacks, the system could yield very decent infrared images. Around the same time as well, I was researching if I could replace my current... More...
Waiting for Sales
posted by peanutroaster - 16th of august, 2012
One of the mistakes newbies make (I know because I was once one myself), is thinking that they have the greatest stock photograph ever, upload it, sit back and wait for the sales to pour in. Its like waiting for the phone to ring... More...
Is the end of microstock near?
posted by luis2007 - 12th of august, 2012
Is the end of microstock near? It probably is. The day photographers will not be able to pay for the their computer connection is near and I try to explain why: Agencies database are getting bigger and bigger to compete with each other,... More...
Life is what happens when you're paying attention to something else...
posted by dnavarrojr - 11th of august, 2012
When I got my DSLR a couple of years ago, little did I know the life change that would occur. I bought a Canon DSLR that also shot HD video, mostly for Microstock. I really needed experience in using it, so I signed up to do a 48... More...
MicrostockItalia: new group on Flickr dedicated to Microstock world
posted by gennaro86 - 2nd of august, 2012
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm happy to announce the opening of a new group on Flickr: MicrostockItalia. http://www.flickr.com/groups/microstockitalia/ The new group is dedicated to the world of Microstock, with the possibility to compare... More...
Does size matter?
posted by peanutroaster - 1st of august, 2012
They say size doesn't matter. It's all in the technique. And while I'd hate to complain about a sale there are two size issues that irk me. Let me know if you agree, disagree, never thought about it or if I'm just being irked... More...
New to all this and I need advice
posted by axelldotcom - 31st of july, 2012
Hey everyone. I'm new to the stock business, but I really like photography, and I want to make it in stock. I know I have a very small amount of images uploaded, but can you tell me how long was it for you to make you firs sale? And... More...
Milestone - first $1,000
posted by peanutroaster - 16th of july, 2012
Now here is a milestone worthy of marking - I just reached my first $1,000 in sales. This month also marks my one year anniversary with Dreamstime, 600+ sales and 1,354+ uploads. And importantly my acceptance rate has gone from about... More...
Change licence of uploaded images?
posted by sindorei - 16th of july, 2012
Hi, I uploaded a couple of images from my latest trip. since wasn't paying attention and I uploaded them as editorial instead of RF, how can I change this now that they are online?? Thanks. More...
my new collection...called "collage&assembly"
posted by sasanka7 - 11th of july, 2012
Hello! I just started my new collection for you
BIG in microSTOCK tips and tutorials
posted by kikkerdirk - 2nd of july, 2012
Hello All I'm very proud to announce the launch of my brand new website. It is still in development but already contains quite some interesting articles. Topics go from basic over advanced microstock to photography and a whole lot... More...
Imagination and Originality
posted by wisconsinart - 1st of july, 2012
Imagination and Originality As the stock industry over-saturates itself with the same types of images and concepts, it will be key to come up with new ideas in order to stand out and maximize portfolio potential. Using your imagination... More...
My Story, 1 year, 400 on line, 150 sales
posted by vcarmstrong - 28th of june, 2012
My microstock story started a year ago, I suppose one could argue that it started when I first picked up a camera, but for this story a year ago was when I opened an account with Dreamstime. I started my journey, just as this baby... More...
Nokia 808 Pureview - Never miss a stock photo moment?!
posted by retina2020 - 28th of june, 2012
I've been a photography enthusiast for decades and have seen photography advance over the years. However with the launch of Nokia's 808 Pureview smartphone, photography is going to be changed forever. Anyone that has studied photography... More...
Updates to Pinterest Terms
posted by peanutroaster - 7th of june, 2012
Pinterest is a new and quickly evolving entity. Basically an infant social networking site trying to find its place in the world. One of its biggest challenges is dealing with copyright issues and finding a way to make money.... More...
Daydreaming about hot air balloons
posted by peanutroaster - 4th of june, 2012
It's been down pouring for the last three days here in New England but I'm looking ahead to one of my favorite local events, the Quechee Hot Air Balloon and Craft Festival held each year in nearby Quechee Vermont near Woodstock... More...
SpiderPic - Another case for being exclusive
posted by peanutroaster - 3rd of june, 2012
I recently sold this crazy photo of myself (I was dressed up for a charity event with a disco theme) and I was really curious to see where it might show up. A Google images search took me to this site called SpiderPic.com and there... More...
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