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First image accepted
posted by celiaak - 12th of december, 2011
I am so happy! My first image was accepted only after 4 others refused! This are my first steps on stock images, I feel I have a lot to learn, but it really made my day worth! Thank you Dreamstime! Here it is: More...
First sale on DT
posted by peanutroaster - 4th of december, 2011
I'm up to 121 sales but back when I started this photograph taken at a balloon festival was my first sale. This snowman is my most recent sale. My most downloaded image is this background: More...
Poppa Needs a Brand New Lens
posted by peanutroaster - 1st of december, 2011
It's now December and if the world of business is anything like my former corporate life, this is the time of year when department heads are asked to "use it or lose it". Year end budgets are always strange animals in the world... More...
Pantyhose and Stockings Photos Required
posted by caseyroz - 11th of november, 2011
looking to buy pantyhose and stockings photos for a website. Any professional that can do or able to initiate a project?
3 years on DT, 1000 sales
posted by meryll - 11th of november, 2011
Today, three years on Dreamstime, I got my 1000th sale. My portfolio exceeds 500 pictures. I like photography and my pictures being sold, I am glad I have been a part of this great community, I like to be a Dreamstimer! I think I will... More...
The "sub season" is finally over
posted by jerryway - 8th of november, 2011
"Sub season" is a new term I invented just for microstock. Think about the rainy season - it sucks, and you get a lot of rain day after day when it comes. The "sub season" is just like that - it comes when you get a lot of sub. sales... More...
What i was and what i got
posted by justmeyo - 2nd of november, 2011
Today for some reason i said to look through my portfolio and search to see what photos i've sold more and which not .But doesn't matter that to much because i saw something that i liked more ...i saw sold photos from each session... More...
BOOO! Happy Halloween !!!
posted by tmarchev - 31st of october, 2011
Halloween Historian Nicholas Rogers, exploring the origins of Halloween, notes that while "some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called... More...
The best camera is the one at hand - testing the Lumix LX5
posted by peanutroaster - 27th of october, 2011
How many times to we see a great shot and wish we had our camera with us? I purposely bought a micro four thirds camera (Lumix DMC-G2) knowing that I'd most likely have it by my side more often then a full sized mirror DSLR.... More...
Milestone - first 100 smackers
posted by peanutroaster - 17th of october, 2011
Ok, I reached that favorite milestone of any newbie to the world of microstock photography - that first paycheck! Its taken me about four or five months of a lot of work, dedication, learning, gas money, learning and equipment purchases... More...
Google - Do no evil?
posted by peanutroaster - 13th of october, 2011
Google is famous for its motto "do no evil" but when it comes to copyright protection individual creators, I would argue they are in league with the devil. Google Images allows one to search the web for images based on keyword... More...
The secret of microstock and the 35c sale
posted by darrinhenry - 11th of october, 2011
Sexy, gorgeous young model soaked from head to toe, tropical ocean sunset, lighting stands weighed down in a rock pool and makeup artist/stylist warning me of large swells – what more could you ask for from life as a photographer?... More...
First milestone reached, 100 uploads
posted by addingwater - 7th of october, 2011
Eventually achieved 100 uploads, learned a lot from being accepted and being rejected, in focus, wb, composition etc. Will try my best to get to my 2nd milestone ASAP. Next task will be how to improve the skills to finally improve... More...
80% acceptance ratio for september!
posted by trottola - 30th of september, 2011
As many contributors on Dt I begun with 0% acceptance ratio! The very first time has been quite difficult to understand what microstock is and which images could be stock oriented. This month has been the best of ever in acceptance... More...
Microstock = Microloans
posted by laroach - 28th of september, 2011
A year ago I decided to donate whatever funds I made from selling microstock images to women entrepreneurs in third world countries. I do this by lending money through microloans at Kiva.org. Each loan helps a woman who is working hard... More...
Something lost...lives on in stock
posted by bradcalkins - 22nd of september, 2011
Over the last 4 years of doing stock photography I have photographed many a household item. Several of those items have subsequently been lost, stolen, sold or broken. For some reason I find it satisfying every time I get a sale for... More...
Positive perspective
posted by petin - 8th of september, 2011
Last week I sold my first PE-L. Nice surprise for me and beside my latest earnings I would not be so pesimistic regarding microstoc future, as I could read recently in some blogs. Of course, the gold time has been probably gone, but... More...
Interesting stock rank badge
posted by arvacsaba - 7th of september, 2011
Today I played some stock rank and after a few games I received this: Printscreen Probably it was a bug or something like this, because after another game everything was normal. But I really liked that blue badge. Does this really... More...
Donated images for the free section
posted by epstock - 26th of august, 2011
Hello Friends! ep stockphoto has donated images for the free section, enjoy! ;] have a good weekend! ep stockphoto team
Why Dreamstime don't sell video footage?
posted by shkyo30 - 25th of august, 2011
Yes, is it a good question, no? ;-) There are many (and many!) microstock websites, but how many sell video footage? I only know three of them! It's a really less offer for customers... and for contributors! Personnally, I make... More...
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