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Superfast DT!
posted by cheese365 - 23rd of january, 2014
We all have to wait patiently for our images to be reviewed. I had just finished uploading and submitting my images for admin approval (or rejection) when I noticed the images had been given approximately 17 hours before reviewing.... More...
Assignment submit
posted by gogindzer - 30th of may, 2013
Hi everyone, I've just reached the limit of 50 images online and thinking about submitting one of the images to the current assignment - Security and protection Can someone please tell me if images I already have online in... More...
How to increase acceptance ratio of submitted images
posted by mangalika - 17th of september, 2012
Well, this discussion might be specially helpful for beginners. I wanted to share what I learnt from my initial experience and some of my friends who are with DT for long time. During initial days many people might have sufferred to... More...
Controversial: To Resubmit or Not After a Rejection?
posted by morganoliver - 1st of august, 2012
I have seen many DT newcomers with questions and seeking advice. Not to say that I am the best person to bring up this topic, with my 51% acceptance ratio, but DT allows you to resubmit a photo after being rejected for a reason. There... More...
Preparing Photos for Dreamstime
posted by nigelspiers - 18th of october, 2011
Before I submit any image to Dreamstime these are the steps I take: 1. First I select the best photograph of each subject series based on composition, lighting and sharpness. If it is not sharp already I don’t consider submitting... More...
Quality versus quantity versus time
posted by bradcalkins - 9th of may, 2011
From my engineering background I find the quality versus quantity discussion interesting. What seems to be missing from the discussion is a third variable: time. It is kind of meaningless to talk about quantity versus quality as if... More...
Interviewed by Breakfast Stock Club
posted by wordplanet - 31st of january, 2011
I've been submitting stock photos for a while now but didn't really start adding to my portfolio until late last year, and once I began submitting regularly I saw a big jump in sales. I've found it helpful to join a few forums including... More...
posted by charlydamart - 3rd of september, 2010
Someone knows if is possible to submit an image already accepted as an assignment? If it is... how?
Uploading a RAW file
posted by nikmd - 30th of may, 2010
Hello, I was wondering if there is an additional benefit of uploading in a RAW or Vector file when submitting images. " Should you have an additional format (vector, RAW) to upload for this file, you can continue here." Being new... More...
Starting at Dreamstime
posted by serenethos - 25th of march, 2010
Today I finally uploaded my first 20 images, then reviewed them, edited some keywords, shortened some titles to less than 50 characters, figured out the rights and submitted them. It took since March 4th, 2010 when I joined until... More...
Where to get started in stock photography ...
posted by mwp1969 - 23rd of february, 2010
My stock photography blog has a useful timeline documenting my own experiences and lots of helpful information and resources for those new to submitting to stock. It has been recently updated so you might want to check it out ...... More...
How to Upload and Submit Images at Dreamstime
posted by countedsorrow2 - 10th of february, 2010
Uploading photos at Dreamstime.com may seem daunting at first, but it's easy as can be once you know how! Even if you are already proficient at uploading photos, you still might want to check out the KEYWORDS section... More...
Ten Plus Up!
posted by goodcontent - 25th of july, 2009
Hi All, I have eleven images up! One was rejected because of a typo, resubmitted and it was accepted. Spelling in crucial in the descriptions if you want your images accepted.
seven up yipeio!
posted by goodcontent - 10th of july, 2009
888337 I started many years ago with a couple of images, and gave up. Checked back recently and one image had generated earnings. I have resumed submitting images with a new goal of trying to get +++$100.00 in sales. Then the next... More...
Managing files for submission
posted by zenotri - 26th of may, 2009
How do you manage your files for submission? I have created a folder called DT & then sub folders: Pending Accepted (I love this folder) Rejected (much fuller than I would like) Resubmit. Every time I submit an image I load... More...
I'm baaackkkk
posted by denisebeverly - 25th of february, 2009
In my last blog I was trying to decide whether or not I would close my account. I don't have a huge portfolio but still I had put effort into it and hated to completely lose the time and work. After prayer and consideration, I enabled... More...
If at first you don't succeed
posted by fultonsphoto - 2nd of february, 2009
A question was raised recently in one of the blog articles I read, whether or not a rejected file should be re-submitted once it had been rejected. The image shown below was one of those images that at first, was rejected, and then... More...
At Last!
posted by fultonsphoto - 12th of december, 2008
At last, after many attempts at flower submissions I have finally had one accpeted. I was starting to believe that in order for one of my flower images to be accepted it would have to be of ed's choice standard, and although it... More...
Express myself
posted by dani74 - 11th of december, 2008
Many of my photos submitted, are rejected for various reasons, but this time, the image of my old flute was accepted immediately... perhaps I'm starting really understand what is meant for "images that exceed the technical quality... More...
Keywording when ideas don't come...
posted by southernstar71 - 19th of november, 2008
Piggybacking on the excellent blog article by Ellen Boughn about keywords, I thought I'd share a technique that I use for keywording when inspiration runs low (probably because I used it all to shoot the pictures, lol!) and that may... More...
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