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  • 3,000 Photos!

    by Travismanley | 24th of July, 2009

    I just recently added the 3,000th photo to my portfolio. I can honestly say I thought this day would never come. I signed up with Dreamstime back in late 2006 and it was the first stock site I signed up with after buying my first DSLR, knowing virtually nothing about... More
  • Go get it.

    by Mrstakeishaj | 21st of July, 2009

    My mom always told me if I wanted something to "go get it." These at the time were simple things such as something to drink, a snack or something of hers I wanted to borrow. But now I see it a bit different. If I want this business of photography to succeed, I must go... More
  • Reached.....1000 uploads

    by Imagestalk | 10th of July, 2009

    I'm really happy and a bit proud of reaching 1000 uploads on dreamstime! Hope it will turn into a 1001 soon ;) See Article
  • Yes Yes

    by Alvinku | 10th of July, 2009

    Today I've successful got one user to download my photo... it is a good start... Yeah~~ @0@ See Article
  • Why some submarines sell?

    by Gmargittai | 1st of July, 2009

    Greetings, I am like most of you puzzled about what sells and why. I have here two pictures I took before I even thought about stock photography. They got accepted nevertheless. While one of them was getting at the beginning a lot more hits (the one through the window)... More
  • The thumbnail effect on successful sales

    by Saniphoto | 20th of June, 2009

    The thumbnail size is a very important factor to consider in your microstock strategy. If you look at your images at the thumbnail size, compared with all the others on the page, you will guess at once if your image is going to be a good seller. It stands out? The main... More
  • Views, uploads, downloads...

    by Alexhor | 4th of June, 2009

    For some reasons I was involved in discussions about recent changes on DT search engine and views counter. Recently Ken Cole write an article about the subject. Read it here: Are High View Counts an Indicator of Success. You can also check discussion thread on message boards.... More
  • Are High View Counts an Indicator of Success?

    by Kcphotos | 3rd of June, 2009

    There have been several message board threads and discussions regarding views. At the moment, there is one fairly intense discussion ongoing because of a change in the way Dreamstime counts views. One of the arguments is that views are important for beginners as an indicator... More
  • My first check !

    by Nightangel666 | 26th of April, 2009

    I didn't know some of my images would have such success but I'm very happy to say that I've received my first payment from Dreamstime. When I registered at first, I just wanted to try selling some pictures but I didn't know I could really get money from that, ie get to... More
  • Subject matter composition vs Success levels

    by Ratmandude | 24th of April, 2009

    Today I am wondering what others are thinking … I don't usually approach my photography from a point of view of "will it sell" … I usually am more concerned out getting the composition that I am trying to get … for ME. But I wonder if i should not be so precious... More
  • Image 100 online!!!

    by Cienpiesnf | 8th of April, 2009

    Hi everybody, After being a member since August 2008 i really started uploading images last January it tooks me about 3 months to get this milestone! I am very grateful to all buyers and DT team. Image nº 100 is a "Dollar dress hanging in a perch" illustration... More
  • Setting goals

    by Saniphoto | 6th of April, 2009

    In microstock goals setting is a vital part of the process. Goals channels your energy in a clear direction. With goals you have somewhere to go. Realistic goals examples can be: - monthly upload of an X number of images - weekly shooting of a number of X photos -... More
  • Spring photography

    by Starblue | 5th of April, 2009

    When somebody asks me why I love photographing and creating images, I always answer: "Because I love to play with light and colors". Spring offers a big opportunity to play with both of them. As for spring, I love to focus on white and green. This year I plan to make many... More
  • 100 sales!!

    by Cienpies | 30th of March, 2009

    Hello everyone, we finally achieve this milestone with the following images: The 100 sold image is a mother playing with his baby girl and the number 101 is a group of fresh colorful fruits. We would like to know what do you think about our online portfolio,... More
  • Angels in photography

    by Starblue | 30th of March, 2009

    Recently I´ve started to focus my creative energy on mystical and esoteric topics. Mysticism and esoterism have been always a big part of my life and heart. I think this is the reason why I´ve got several very positive comments from clients about my spiritual and esoteric... More
  • Yes, I did it!

    by Complexdesignpl | 16th of March, 2009

    In February I've crashed the borderline of 10 downloads per month. It's so impressive! ;-) As many times as I was so close to that line and... I had to wait until now. It was very frustrating and it's still unbeliveable for me that it really happened. I'm so excited!... More
  • My first little goal with Dreamstime

    by Aitan75 | 7th of March, 2009

    Oh yes it's all true...I achieved the 10 sales with these last two sales: (first sale) (second sale) Oh I know that this isn't a great success but I started uploading on September 2008 and I upload very very slowly because of my job (too job, too stress :):):... More
  • One Year Anniversary!

    by Marilynv | 26th of February, 2009

    Hello! This is my very first blog, so I hope I figured this out and you can read this! This week I'm happy to celebrate my one year anniversary here at Dreamstime. Wow, the year went by super fast. I guess time flies when you're having fun! Here are a few... More
  • Short horoscope for all signs

    by Starblue | 23rd of February, 2009

    A few days ago Sun has entered in the last sign of the zodiac circle – Pisces. On March 20, Sun will reach the end of Pisces and will enter in the first sign of zodiac – Aries. Sun will start another journey through all the twelve signs and we will celebrate not only... More
  • Sports pictures

    by Asklar | 21st of February, 2009

    I have been on Dreamstime since last July and haven't had tremendous success with my uploads. I tend to get a lot of comments like "Image is out of focus" or "Too much noise". I have been trying to fix these issues but it is still proving hard. Although I have had my hardships... More

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