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  • Illumination!

    by smartview27 | 7th of October, 2009

    A great idea came out to light today! In the night of Halloween all Dreamstime community will have to think to our success (success for Dreamstime team, photographers, designers, models…) in the same time, at the same hour…let’s say 22 p.m. GMT. If you agree,... More
  • For beginners

    by smartview27 | 6th of October, 2009

    Write an article! It is very interesting! Even if you don’t know you can write it! All you have to do is to talk with your images, to tell us about them. Also you need a few extra ingredients: a little bit of talent, a natural gift in writing, love for people and nature!... More
  • reached my first 100$

    by Intrepix | 3rd of October, 2009

    Recently I got my first 100$ together which makes me very proud. So I take this occasion to write my first blog entry. My sales here keep on getting better. So I am looking forward to an exciting time and promise to show up in the community more. See Article
  • Level 2

    by smartview27 | 27th of September, 2009

    My first level 2 photo! I am very Happy with it! I remember that this little girls were very happy working as models! Cheers! See Article
  • I have arrived!!!!! 50 at last!!!!! Watch out world.....or not

    by Mark_seberini | 26th of September, 2009

    As a 3D artist, I think (and I stand to be corrected here(and probably will be)) that the execution of imagery from start to finish (depending on the subject matter of course), takes quite a bit longer than conventional photography. So the ability to churn out images en masse... More
  • My neighbour story

    by smartview27 | 25th of September, 2009

    I will tell you a story. A true story. I wish it never happens. It is about my neighbour. You know…knock, knock…it was nice to talking with you…you may came again anytime you wish, anytime you want… So, my neighbour: a successful man in medical sales. Than he... More
  • Tips for Submitting Successful Stock Photos

    by Rebeccaosborn | 24th of September, 2009

    Ok, so I'm not THE most successful stock photographer in the world, but here are a few tips i have picked up whilst being involved in this fab world of stock photography! Concepts Spend time before you go on a photoshoot thinking about what you want to convey with... More
  • 12 monkeys

    by Jonkio4 | 23rd of September, 2009

    Hooray!! At this moment, I have "12 monkeys" (actually they are my images :] ) successful climbed through the editor's ladder. They are ready to have fun. Hope have a fruitful result. Cheers! See Article
  • How to Produce Stock photos?

    by Photopucket | 17th of September, 2009

    Hi Every one ! I want tell few words for encouragement to all of you about photography. Every Photographer Initially will take the blemished photos because of not knowing the photographic skill fully. Day by day little by little the individual is knowing the photography... More
  • 2000th Image Celebration

    by Jkerrigan | 1st of September, 2009

    It’s been just over 2 years since I signed up with Dreamstime and started uploading pictures. Although I haven’t sold as much as some, I’ve learned a lot and improved my skills. My point of this first blog is to celebrate my 2000th image upload which also happens to... More
  • Finally!! USD 200 earnings!

    by Cienpies | 22nd of August, 2009

    Yeap, It´s done!! Last months have not been as succesfull as it supposed to be. Sales have gone down perhaps due to summer time or who knows...but a few minutes ago I finally reached the second pay of USD 100! In 165 downloads I sold two Extended licences... More
  • Photo for free?

    by Saniphoto | 11th of August, 2009

    In my blog I recently posted about the photo for free strategy. Here in Dreamstime, as in other agencies, is quite popular the marketing technique to give a photo (or more photos) for free in exchange for portfolio visibility and possibly future sales. My point was to... More
  • 3,000 Photos!

    by Travismanley | 24th of July, 2009

    I just recently added the 3,000th photo to my portfolio. I can honestly say I thought this day would never come. I signed up with Dreamstime back in late 2006 and it was the first stock site I signed up with after buying my first DSLR, knowing virtually nothing about... More
  • Go get it.

    by Mrstakeishaj | 21st of July, 2009

    My mom always told me if I wanted something to "go get it." These at the time were simple things such as something to drink, a snack or something of hers I wanted to borrow. But now I see it a bit different. If I want this business of photography to succeed, I must go... More
  • Reached.....1000 uploads

    by Imagestalk | 10th of July, 2009

    I'm really happy and a bit proud of reaching 1000 uploads on dreamstime! Hope it will turn into a 1001 soon ;) See Article
  • Yes Yes

    by Alvinku | 10th of July, 2009

    Today I've successful got one user to download my photo... it is a good start... Yeah~~ @0@ See Article
  • Why some submarines sell?

    by Gmargittai | 1st of July, 2009

    Greetings, I am like most of you puzzled about what sells and why. I have here two pictures I took before I even thought about stock photography. They got accepted nevertheless. While one of them was getting at the beginning a lot more hits (the one through the window)... More
  • The thumbnail effect on successful sales

    by Saniphoto | 20th of June, 2009

    The thumbnail size is a very important factor to consider in your microstock strategy. If you look at your images at the thumbnail size, compared with all the others on the page, you will guess at once if your image is going to be a good seller. It stands out? The main... More
  • Views, uploads, downloads...

    by Alexhor | 4th of June, 2009

    For some reasons I was involved in discussions about recent changes on DT search engine and views counter. Recently Ken Cole write an article about the subject. Read it here: Are High View Counts an Indicator of Success. You can also check discussion thread on message boards.... More
  • Are High View Counts an Indicator of Success?

    by Kcphotos | 3rd of June, 2009

    There have been several message board threads and discussions regarding views. At the moment, there is one fairly intense discussion ongoing because of a change in the way Dreamstime counts views. One of the arguments is that views are important for beginners as an indicator... More

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