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100 Sales! — in less than a year …
posted by ratmandude - 25th of december, 2008
Today I've noted that I've passed the 100 mark with 101 sales, as at 18th Dec 2008. WHOOOOHOO!! I'm super pleased — :) Thanks to all those that have downloaded my images … BTW: It would be great to know where/how they... More...
ironic that a neon pig is my most popular image by far. Oink!
posted by taragolden - 10th of december, 2008
who ever would have guessed i find dreamstime success in the form of a neon pig?I am actually a semi vegetarian and eat mostly raw food. It goes to show that your own interests/beliefs could be completely immaterial when it comes... More...
My Second Level 2 Photo
posted by bugsy - 5th of december, 2008
After 5 months of being a more serious DreamsTime photography I have reached my 2nd level 2 photo. To date I have been quite satisfied with DT. As I continue to slowly upload more photos my revenue seems to be increasing slowly... More...
Hang In There!
posted by cmarshall717 - 3rd of december, 2008
To all you newbies out there, or those of you wondering if you will ever reach your first payout, hang in there. I first started uploading to Dreamstime in September of 2007. So, you looked at my profile and said to yourself, "Hmmmm,... More...
50!!!!!! YES!
posted by asklar - 28th of november, 2008
After 4 months I finally made it to 50! I am so excited. I have never done stock photography before but I am finally getting the hang of it!!! Check out some of my new pictures. Next goal..... 100!!!! I also hope to get more downloads.... More...
1400 photos!!!
posted by ongchangwei - 28th of november, 2008
Today i successful got 1400 photos online in DT. I joint DT 14 months already, average one month upload 100 photos. Hope next month can got 1500 photos online. OCWO Creation
Finally reached 1000 downloads
posted by pureradiancejennifer - 17th of november, 2008
I have been with Dreamstime for just over 2 years now. Each month I see my numbers growing when it comes to the number of downloads I receive. Today I have reached a milestone of receiving a total of 1000 downloads. I am still trying... More...
Two views and one download!!
posted by cienpies - 12th of november, 2008
Hello everyone, this is one of my first photos I upload to DT with a model release.........Two views and one download!! I´m really happy with my older baby success! If you have time please let me know what you think of my images!... More...
My first Editorial!
posted by asklar - 10th of november, 2008
I got my first Editorial Image approved! Happy Veteran's day! I am excited about my new found knack for taking editorial pictures. Wish me luck!
Why is isolation a key to success ?
posted by artaniss8 - 25th of october, 2008
What is ISOLATION. It reffers to isolated objects in a photo or illustration. Isolated images get more views and more sales. Why ? Let us remember that most of the buyers are designers. Most designers probably put your downloaded... More...
Luck of the Blog???
posted by keki - 21st of october, 2008
Yesterday I wrote how close I was to reaching my target of 50 - and in that same breath - 3 more images where accepted which brought me up to 52! I am so happy! :)) my lucky images are : which is my first Christmas image accepted... More...
Simple can be Good!
posted by marilyngould - 18th of october, 2008
Hello everyone, I had an accomplishment today, it will most likely be very insignificant to most, however for me it lifted my confidence and I wanted to share with those of you who understand that even the smallest success can put... More...
8 To Be Great - Secrets Of Success
posted by maigi - 26th of september, 2008
I saw Richard St. John's video on TED.com today, where he talked about eight secrets of success. This talk is from 2005, but nothing seems to be changed in those 3 years. :) St. John mentioned 8 traits, what help us to succeed in our... More...
Success (mostly)
posted by bradcalkins - 25th of september, 2008
After almost six months on Dreamstime I am very happy with how things are progressing. It takes some time to get the hang of what will be accepted, what will sell, etc. There are some surprises along the way, like finding out what... More...
Another milestone - 100 images uploaded
posted by omegatransfer - 12th of august, 2008
I am glad to share with you my last DT success - I have already one hundred images in my profile ready to be bought! Love to shoot and contribute, so feel free to browse my portfolio, especially through "Bulgaria - As I Saw It" collection... More...
100 Up, Onward & Upward
posted by ratmandude - 18th of july, 2008
Yeah BABY! Today I've reached a mini milestone … In the middle to late February this year [2008] I started uploading some pics to Dreamstime ®. I set myself a goal — that I thought would be a tough nut to crack — to... More...
The Record for Successive Rejection
posted by namowen - 27th of june, 2008
My record for successive rejection is made yesterday morning. The number reaches 21. I was shocked and disappointed when I saw this. I could feel that my confidence was losing. Fortunately, I have 25 photos accepted in the afternoon,... More...
Muse and a magic wand.
posted by 7a - 20th of june, 2008
I have added in this world of a few magic. The muse inspires writers, businessmen and beautiful women. She helps. She prompts ideas. Let the muse will bring success and to you. More...
Exclusive Photographer application submitted
posted by denisebeverly - 4th of june, 2008
It's in the hands of the administrators. After nearly 2 and half years of wandering around I am back to dreamstime exclusively and I hope my application will be approved. I know exclusive status isn't for everyone but I think it... More...
First Sales and Their Importance
posted by petarneychev - 27th of may, 2008
No, this brief article is not about the first sales altogether and how they make you jump up to the ceiling and blow the windows out with screaming... ;) My goal is to point your attention to one of the statistic numbers which, as... More...
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