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Beware of Empty Praise
posted by peanutroaster - 23rd of april, 2012
Maybe it’s a generational thing but I really have a distaste for empty praise. I really cringe at the thought of getting praise for work that I know is subpar. Maybe I’m too hard on myself but I truly believe one can not advance... More...
Anything Is Possible!
posted by racheld32 - 26th of march, 2012
I have been dreaming of becoming a stock photographer for almost a year now, and spent the last 5 months in the Pit of Dispair at not succeeding! I had been trying to get in with some other Stock Photo companies (I know, I know...blasphemy!... More...
Almost $100
posted by peppenero - 20th of march, 2012
Hi! First of all, sorry for my bad english :) I am on DT since 2009, but I had only 30 images online for 2 years. I earned very small money and 2 month ago I decided to be more active on the site so I became excluse . I've uploaded... More...
Level 5 for the very 1st time !!!
posted by archangel72 - 19th of february, 2012
Finally... I'm very happy to announce that, after 2 years spent here, on Dreamstime, my first picture reached level 5 If I only have more of these... ;) Now, my next goal is to produce more quality pictures and upload them... More...
DT popular searching keywords during the last year.
posted by banol2007 - 16th of february, 2012
To get success in the micro stock business we have to take into consideration that different stock agency has different style, approaches & preferences. I did not find information what DT buyers are looking for & decided to collect... More...
posted by fultonsphoto - 7th of february, 2012
Hello to all, I have not been online much lately and have definitely not posted a blog for quite some time now, but hey, thought this was worth celebrating. I finally made over $1000.00 from my small PF and decided to share my success... More...
Two years at DT
posted by jdanne - 31st of january, 2012
Exactly two years ago I started with DT. First I struggled to get "anything" accepted and then I had to wait patiently for my first sale - for months. Now, two years later: - 310 photos online - 257 sales - acceptance rate:... More...
A Milestone Reached.....
posted by calyx22 - 30th of january, 2012
In March, I will have been with DT for three years. Today, I reached the $2000.00 milestone. I'm so excited and happy, I could just bust. It hasn't been an easy journey for me. But I said I would never give up and I haven't.... More...
300 Photos Online!
posted by jdanne - 22nd of january, 2012
After nearly two years with DT I reached this milestone. Here is my 300th photo: It's from the Hanseatic town Luebeck, North-Germany. The whole centre of this town is on the list of the UNESCO cultural... More...
Two calendars
posted by igordabari - 21st of january, 2012
I was quite happy to find two my images (of the same series) used in two calendars issued in Czechia and in Russia: first one and second one More...
6 days between approval and the 1st sale
posted by igordabari - 19th of january, 2012
I have read stories on downloads that had been happened in a couple of hours after approval. Nothing of the kind happened to me, so far. My record is 6 days between approval and first sale. It took place today. Here is the image:... More...
1000 images
posted by bcritchley - 18th of january, 2012
Joining DT in 2009 and getting all/most my first submissions rejected caused me to give up on stock and subsequently left for over a year. Mid 2010 I thought I would have another crack at it and was pleasantly surprised by getting... More...
1000 images online & Happy new year!
posted by cienpiesnf - 9th of january, 2012
Hi @all, I´m happy to tell you that after one year and a half from the previous 500 files milestone I´ve reached the 1000 images online. This is the number 1000 file: This milestone matches with the new year beginning,... More...
Merry Xmas to all in Dreamstime !!!
posted by tmarchev - 24th of december, 2011
I wish you merry christmas dear friends, much success in the new year ....and last but not least we are alive and healthy to enjoy life !!! Merry Christmas!
Early Christmas present - a nice Tiff sale
posted by peanutroaster - 20th of december, 2011
I've had a good day today sales wise. The most exciting one was this Tiff sale: That image was one of the first ones I uploaded. I'll be looking for it on a billboard or the side of a bus I guess. I also had a nice quick... More...
Tip - One Key to Success is Diversification
posted by peanutroaster - 19th of december, 2011
"Don't put all of your eggs in one basket" is an old saying that rings true with micro stock photography. At least in my limited experience. Basically there are two schools of thought when it comes to your portfolio: One is that... More...
How to increase the sales of images with animals.
posted by banol2007 - 18th of december, 2011
The selling of images is hardly difficult, complicated business with high competition. Our success in it is the result of cooperation and good skilled work of DT and contributors as the team. The collection of DT has nearly 500.... More...
My 500th Sale in Dreamstime!!
posted by bdspn - 16th of december, 2011
It takes two years to get 500th download in Dreasmtime. I have started uploading my images about two years ago. But rejection rate was too high and at a particular time they restricted me to upload just one image a day.... More...
Making Photo Shoots Work for You: Pageant Photos and Assignment Entry
posted by aviahuismanphotography - 13th of december, 2011
Hooray!!!I finally had an image accepted in the assignment challenge! The beautiful young lady pictured here is my niece. She needed a photo for an upcoming school pageant so we found a great spot outside in the nearby mountains... More...
2011 in a nutshell - my blatant self promotion and thanks to all
posted by bcritchley - 7th of december, 2011
Well we are nearing the end of 2011, "it's not over yet" I hear you cry but for me the end of December is real busy so I thought I would write this very self promoting blog now. As I write this I have just had my 900th image accepted... More...
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