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My first sale wow! Exciting
posted by jonatansoriano - 30th of november, 2011
Hi everybody!!After few months, a lot of pictures upload and a lot refused, I finally have 10 pictures online, and my first sail!! Even if its just $0.35 for me looks like victory!! This make me feel great and stronger. Thank you very... More...
2 years with DT
posted by igordabari - 30th of november, 2011
Today my second year with DT is over. It is a good time to have a look back to see what has been done for this second year. So, I have 431 images online +42 which I disabled or donated to free section. It makes 473 approved images... More...
Drinks Are On Me!!
posted by timhesterphotography - 14th of november, 2011
Well no, not really. But now that you're reading... :) So after finally getting my act together about 18 months ago (after talking about it for the previous few years!) I entered the world of Microstock, including Dreamstime as... More...
posted by alexhor - 11th of november, 2011
Howdy, my fellow dreamstimers! It's almost a year since I wrote my last blog article: Milestones in action. Since that, it was read over 1000 times. I hope it helped someone because after publishing that article I didn't follow my... More...
3 years on DT, 1000 sales
posted by meryll - 11th of november, 2011
Today, three years on Dreamstime, I got my 1000th sale. My portfolio exceeds 500 pictures. I like photography and my pictures being sold, I am glad I have been a part of this great community, I like to be a Dreamstimer! I think I will... More...
100 sales.......and stock photography gets more interesting!
posted by driley - 3rd of november, 2011
Seven sales in seven days has just tipped me over the 100 sales mark! It's surprising that, since becoming exclusive, my sales are now becoming fairly regular; sales are in double figures every month. For an amateur portfolio... More...
Why Going Exclusive with Dreamstime Makes Sense For Me.
posted by vcarmstrong - 1st of november, 2011
I am pretty excited. I was accepted as an exlusive contributor! So photography is more of a part time hobby and I have a full time job. I started out with a competitve agency and soon started using Dreamstime. I found I did not have... More...
I finally reached the 200 sales!!!
posted by jdanne - 30th of october, 2011
Today I had my 200th sale. I'm very glad to have reached this milestone!!! Thanks to everybody who motivated and supported me! Here are my four today's sales: All are editorial photos, three... More...
The secret of microstock and the 35c sale
posted by darrinhenry - 11th of october, 2011
Sexy, gorgeous young model soaked from head to toe, tropical ocean sunset, lighting stands weighed down in a rock pool and makeup artist/stylist warning me of large swells – what more could you ask for from life as a photographer?... More...
My first TIFF sale!
posted by pondshots - 30th of september, 2011
I am so excited to see a TIFF sale with this photo: It is one of my best sellers and I am curious to find out what would make a buyer choose a TIFF format? At any rate, so happy to see this. Thanks Dreamstime!! More...
Relative success assessment:)
posted by scaramax - 28th of september, 2011
Todays visit of DT pages made me once again happy - there were made some sales and also portfolio acceptance is getting slightly better for me by the time... ...but - as probably everyone - I´m always wondering, if it goes well... More...
Another milestone falls !!!
posted by archangel72 - 10th of september, 2011
Yippie !!! Yes after 3 months, I managed to to jump from 300 to 400 sold pictures. And one more thing... For the first time on Dreamstime, my number of sales beat number of my online pictures. I know this isn't such a big deal... More...
Second Paycheck, Acceptance ratio: 50,2%
posted by jdanne - 6th of september, 2011
When I started at DT last year ago my acceptance ratio was below ... any discussion. The number was so bad that I don't want to mention it here. Now, after 223 photos online and my second paycheck I finally crossed the 50% acceptance... More...
The first 100$!
posted by dorvard - 24th of august, 2011
Has passed year and four months from the moment of the first my sale. And here! The first 100$ were brought to me by the image of sold 08/21/2011 17:52 It is the big progress and stimulus for the further work since it on a step has... More...
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (and Keep Uploading)
posted by edayrit100 - 11th of august, 2011
Have you been waiting forever for that first ever download? Or perhaps you've been stuck with download number 10 or even 100. Maybe some of your photos just haven't been downloaded at all. Do you feel like throwing in the towel?... More...
200 Photos online!
posted by jdanne - 10th of august, 2011
Finally I reached the 200 milestone! I'm very happy to make this goal. Thanks a lot to Dreamstime!!!
3000th Image Sold, 1500th Image Online!!!
posted by walleyelj - 4th of august, 2011
A couple weeks back I reached two big milestones - my 3000th image sold, and my 1500th photo in my portfolio! Kayakers receiving instruction was my 3000th sale- My Dad holding a huge Lake Ontario Slamon was my 1500th image accepted... More...
2000 Sales _ Ok, so can I upgrade?
posted by ratmandude - 3rd of august, 2011
It is with great pleasure that I have today marked off another of the BIG milestones that I have been hanging for, for some time now … 2000 sales! Rather fitting that is an image from within the series of images that were... More...
July 2011: Best Month Ever
posted by hotmidhun - 3rd of august, 2011
"There was an increase in Sales" would be a huge under-statement. Frankly, I had not experienced Sales in DT. Joined in March, got my first sale in May, but that was just 1 for the month (name sake I believe). June was generous... More...
My Best Month so far
posted by jdanne - 30th of july, 2011
July was my best month so far: 25 sales and 35.40$ earnings with just 187 photos online. Never before I had such a successful month! Here are my overall best sellers: Action,... More...
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